Modern Baseball - Bart To The Future, Pt 2: The Musical Lyrics

Some time at home will surely ease my mind
As I leave another state, scared

(What if I was someone else)

Some time at home will surely ease my mind
Paper crown
I'm settled down, tonight
(What if I was someone else)

Some time away could never ease the pain
A rich man, blood on his hands, no stain

(What if I was someone else)

No time away could ever ease the pain
A rich man, would never take the blame

(What if I was someone else)

Piss off, get lost
We don't believe you
Heard all you had to say
I wish that you were far away from me

Piss off, get lost
I can't conceive it
How did you make it this far
Without the seeing all the facts
All that lacks in you

Trump goes to Tucson
The tick, tick, click of the stink bomb
Three weeks time till tour takeoff
And I, turn on the TV
File for divorce from my country
Thrift finds, second-hand lines
Just to say that this guy is a...

Piss off, get lost
We don't believe you
Heard all you had to say
I wish that you were far away from me

Piss off, get lost
I can't conceive it
How did you make it this far
Without the seeing all the facts
All that lacks in you

Drop out!
You're no one we can believe in
Heard all that you had to say
I wish that you were so far away from me

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Modern Baseball Bart To The Future, Pt 2: The Musical Comments
  1. [broken machine]

    Love these guys. Way to call out our awful “president.”

  2. ugadawgs2225

    Misinformed message based on feeling instead of "facts" as they like to say are ignored. But the song sounds great and I enjoy it.

  3. Raymond Bouldaire



    This song just isn’t good, not even from a political stand point

  5. the world

    Also they ripped the riff off of an Adventures song

  6. the world

    It's another "privileged white people make an anti-trump message" episode

  7. Jake D

    All you complaining about them going political, you obviously aren't very aware of the entity that is MoBo. Their twitters have been anti-Trump, they are an anti-Trump band and they are better for it. If Trump supporters want to stop listening cause they got their feelings hurt by a band taking a stand, good, fuck off back to your Russian puppet. Peace out y'all. 😎

  8. Snaga

    it's still fucking modern baseball, piss off about the political message. if you don't like it then just ignore it and listen to the magic 🤘

  9. Ryan Korobko

    Even when they write a song about politics I still find thinking of girls that got away 😂😂

  10. Edgardo A. Pagaza

    Really good song, but you never wanna divide your fanbase

  11. KnockoutWolf

    "that's so typical Bren, all you sing about is girls. Take a stand man, you can find voice that's not haunted by old flings"

    Just a quick reminder of a fantastic Mobo lyric for the people who are annoyed that they wrote a political song, they were just using their platform to speak about something that concerns them for a bigger project. It's pretty different to what they usually do I guess so I can understand why people wouldn't enjoy the song but just shitting on it because of the message behind it is pretty ridiculous to me

  12. GruberRuber

    Guys, he would have probably ripped on Hillary, but I think he values his life(;

  13. RaineTCG

    Funny because they would have been crying about having to leave their band to fight Russia. Pretty fucking hilarious.

  14. serenitykilledme

    There are good people and bad people, their color just happens to be a part of them, but not a part of what makes them good or bad.

  15. Fox William

    Trump is so amazing "LEFT WING SCUM OF THE EARTH" couldn't even think of an inslut.


  16. Roger Reyes

    Well this didn't work huh

  17. Frankie Ashworth

    oh, iv'e never heard this message before

    Frankie Ashworth

    good song tho

  18. Nick Smith

    Lol i voted for trump and still love this song


    Nick Smith Thank you for being reasonable.

  19. Janessa Gonzales

    fffuck yes

  20. jackcantskate

    Why are people saying its dividing the fanbase, Jesus Christ guys it's a song. Who cares what your political views are.

  21. mary

    this saved my life

  22. Taylor Denby

    Everyone is complaining about the song being about politics but the whole point of songwriting is to express yourself and how you feel/what you believe in. Personally I have mad respect for them to make such a bold decision despite the ramifications of possibly losing fans. If they truly believe that Trump is a terrible candidate (which I agree with, but even if I didn't I still would have respect for them) then they are able to write and release a song about it. If that's what they were feeling the day they wrote this then good for them for expressing themselves in whatever way they see fit.

  23. manny zapien

    I love this song. Mobo is my favorite band.

  24. Alex Taylor

    It's easy to write a song against trump. If this song were about Hillary, no one would listen to them ever again.


    maybe because most creative and musical people are on the left?

    Alex Taylor

    Oh of course.

  25. Blake's Adventures

    This song would be better if they didn't name drop Trump. Listen to Death Cab For Cutie's song for this same campaign. You can tell it's about Donald from the lyrics but they don't actually say his name.


    This is MoBo's style, however. I agree with you in some ways, but what makes their lyrics so great usually is that they do not beat around the bush with allegories, instead they say everything as it is.

  26. Bones

    Trump 2016 you fuckin nerds

  27. Jake Burnett

    i don't like political things but i love the "what if i was lost" it's so catchy

  28. All0utWar

    Great sounding song, unfortunate to have it be a "political message".

  29. Crypto085

    This is mediocre at best. and that sucks since Holy Ghost is one of my favorite albums of this year. I mean this song is a mess lyrically, it doesnt have a coherent message untill 2 minutes in and then the message is very generic and not full of the "facts" that they wonder how no one saw. well you should like you know, present them. and musically this is just weak, it sounds like something they threw together last minute for this project. it sounds like a demo that made it on a collab record by accident. Hopefully whatever music they put out next is better than this. Good luck to them in future endeavors.

    David Mitchell-Baker

    You summed up what this is exactly, it's a song written for a campaign in a rush. They probably wrote and recorded this in a day. Stop over analysing a 3 minute song called "Bart to the Future Part 2: The Musical".

  30. MrKleenexDude

    Like the music itself but strange to hear MOBO do something political.

  31. Tony Bravo

    Fucking hate it when bands get political. Sigh, used to think they were down to earth. Fuck it I still appreciate their music but fuck.


    Tony Bravo ok but you do know that a majority of pop punk/punk/punk rock bands sprouted because of political beliefs? a majority of today's artists are inspired by politics

    Alex Taylor

    Yeah, I love Mobo but this shit divides the fans.

    Lorena Aleman

    Unholybeansauce good

    Tony Bravo

    +Hero shimA you put it perfectly brother , couldn't have said it better myself, now these guys released another political song

  32. Borpon

    the whole anti-trump message kinda makes it even shittier imo
    (tbh even if it was anti-hillary it would be equally shit.)
    absolutely hate when bands do this
    but whatever
    at least everything else is great.

  33. Mushtaq Samim

    When your favorite band writes a political song basically shitting on Trump the day before the election... I love you Mobo

    Lexi Spalding

    Mushtaq Samim my saviors

  34. ant3

    Another great song from MoBo

  35. Lexi Spalding

    I love them

  36. 6yanks12

    This is unbelievably good. Wow

  37. KnockoutWolf

    I never knew I needed this until now.

  38. Isaiah Neal

    This so good. They are so good. Thank you so much.