Moby - Where You End Lyrics

Some things fall apart
Some things makes you hold
Something that you find
Are beyond your control

I love you and you're beautiful
You write your own songs
But if the right part is leaving
Turned out to be wrong

If I could kiss you now
I'd kiss you now again and again
I don't know where I begin
And where you end

Thought I fell in love the other day
With an old friend of mine
I was running kisses
Down every inch of the spine

We had the roof down
The sun came shining in
The black fact is...
that I was thinking of you

If I could kiss you now
I'd kiss you now again and again
I don't know where I begin
And where you End

I slept in the sun the other day
I thought I was fine
Everything seemed perfect
Until I had you on my mind

I tried to love you
I did all that I could
I wish that the bad now
And finally turned into good

If I could kiss you now
I'd kiss you now again and again
I don't know where I begin
And where you End

If I could kiss you now..
If I could kiss you now..
If I could kiss you now..

Oh where you end,
Is where I begin.

Oh where you end
Oh where you end
Oh where you end

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Moby Where You End Comments
  1. Jagi Frisbee

    Reminds me of Pet Shop Boys/Depeche Mode.

  2. Das Sasse


  3. Antonio Barroeta

    en el final lo entiendes todo!!

  4. Antonio Barroeta

    en el final!!

  5. Cj143 Pepe

    I dont know why , but everytime i ear this song i always think in my AA love

  6. Academico Vila Isabel

    Looks identical to enjoy the silence. Depeche mode.

  7. Katie Stait

    💕 😭 ♥ Perfection 💕 😭 ♥

  8. Andresa Marina Contart Barcellos

    Again & again... 💕

  9. ZULU69


  10. Hotelmanshb's Moby, need I say more.

  11. R.O.

    Can somebody make a 1 hour video of this song so i dont have to press repeat every 3.5 minute.



    Right-click video and select Loop

  12. Fairydust xxx

    Schloss Einstein Soundtrack😍😊

  13. ONEaudience


  14. César Wolf

    wow no new comment since 2015, well here I GO!.

  15. Fernanda Fontaine

    this son reminds me so much when i used o do coke

  16. Scott Goulet

    Great track. #IndieRaps

  17. Cynthia Smith

    This is perfection.

  18. Messany Recordings

    This is a great track

  19. Anne-Marie Clévenot

    If I could kiss you now....

    D JF


  20. Imran Aliyev

    brilliant song

  21. Dibujito Diaz

    I like this music. I like your new job, Hitman.

  22. Steven Davies

    Indeed. Love you Son.

  23. Sergey Magel

    I LOVE MOBY  !!!

  24. Ariana C. Pernía González

    Moby inspires too many good ideas and feelings... just the perfect artist!

  25. sexyheather1971

    fitting in my life now....

  26. marcozika minecraft

    eu falo portugues

  27. paul Flynn mr clean ni

    Class album can't wait to see you someday in concert in Ireland / or uk pleaseeeeeee

  28. Majime

    youtube is like a female donkey with its nose in the air sniffing at mating season, nuff said

  29. TheAlphaRalph


  30. lewpz

    joke was the feuding between moby and eminem. so... that was the joke. makes more sense than pedobear, imo.

  31. lewpz

    i was thinking more like eminem.

  32. Majime

    o.O he looks like'a q tip.

  33. Z lee

    I love his voice

  34. Major Wood

    I've been Mobylized, just started listening and don't why I took so long.

  35. Iryna Kovalchuk

    Хорошая вещь !!!

  36. VADER666PL


  37. juhoffmanoliv

    Great job...I really love it! Thank you Thank you Thank you.................Come to Belo Horizonte Brazil...

  38. Neil Shanahan

    I love this so much

  39. Ljubodrag Maric

    Almost like Indie Rock :)

  40. Pedro Araújo Marcenaria

    Moby is Moby. Thank you for existing. Regards from Brazil.

  41. rjmmil

    great lyrics

  42. Tony Surphman


  43. Rodrigo Rocha Andrade

    just amazing

  44. koolgool


    I'd agree, but he has no bar-code. :<

  45. rjmmil

    stoopid rider

  46. Guido Bastin

    I love you Mr Moby

  47. Georgiana Murgu

    i love this sooooooong!!!!!!

  48. apc467

    I get how people dont like certain songs but to actively dislike this? hah

  49. Hort Kevin

    who ever those 6 little fucks are that disliked it i will hunt them down and kill them 1 by one.
    this song is amazing how is it even possible that some one considers to not like it¨!!!!¨

  50. cory broach

    i love you... Does it matter who i'm talking to as long as someone hears me?

  51. christopher scott

    The black fact is, I was thinking of you.

  52. sebastian villagran

    que cancion mas fileteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    moby es lo mejor

  53. Daniel Paredes

    i begin

  54. Gabe Newell

    moby - in my heart

  55. shatteredcortex

    @64CRUNCH64 I was just thinking the same thing lol :)

  56. Nav Sin

    @ibricaaa Too many conditions, lol

  57. maxxeclipse88

    I believe Gustav Mahler said it best, "If a composer could say what he had to say in words, he would not bother trying to say it in music."

  58. Dena Khademi

    ಠ_ಠ who disliked this. Pedobear disapproves

  59. rjmmil

    Stoopid rider!!

  60. massammas1

    This song has happened to me within the last week. All of it. Its safe to say its been on replay for a few days.

  61. Legt das Mittelmeer trocken und baut eine Mauer!

    successful conversion of emotion in sonic waves

  62. Bloodfold3

    there is a song very similar to the chorus, also by moby. does anyone know what it is??? ive been looking for it forever :(. the chorus is a lot alike, like the beat of the music during the chorus.

    Lucky Duck

    Did you find the song?

  63. Aidentified

    4 people forgot to check in

  64. BADCOM

    I thought that the guy on the picture is Hitman.

  65. sooraalsalaam

    @42KaKa it would be better if 0 people disliked for every 1 billion people.....but i get u ;-)

  66. Klaudia Tyzlik

    I don't know where I begin and where you end .

  67. Brandon Rowe

    @keily19 A.K.A Hipster. A good song is a good song. Be happy when its famous.

  68. Susan Lindsey

    its all good, its moby yet 2 hear a tune i did not lke

  69. Susan Lindsey

    its all good, its moby

  70. keily19

    @irishpanda2000 That`s why it`s good. In my opinion a famous song is a ruined song. It`s exciting for me to find not so well known songs : ))

  71. rjmmil

    Stoopid rider on tour

  72. Alfredo Ellis

    @admiralbudds i found it on my first try xD..i just typed in moby hotel thinking of you

  73. ToisaWave

    Moby has something special

  74. zdringy

    @247mhm maybe she is/was waiting for you to make a move, don't be scared, if worst comes to worst, you know that you've tried.

  75. 247mhm

    this song always reminds me of the girl I love. I wish she loved me back

  76. 247mhm

    @irishpanda2000 Moby is very well known and acclaimed by the general public. why not be thankful that the mass target market of 13 year old girls don't embrace him. ahahaha

  77. Marcushietala

    47?? Is that you??

  78. Jack Knudson

    i liked the contrast between hotel and play. Play was much more focused on constructing songs from samples and had a much more electronic feel. Hotel sounded much more conventional to me and i think it speaks to moby's talent that he can be successful with both types of music.

  79. Adumb Jensen

    I don't like electro music but Moby is magic, love him.

  80. gurulefas

    so beautiful!

  81. rjmmil

    @baelzabub Epic tune goes great with the video

  82. Mihai Farcas

    @saviourofjazzballet me too

  83. 99MChrisp99

    @irishpanda2000 Moby is one of the best artists in the world!

  84. orange3543

    @69wescomarlboroman lol i found this song off of a youtube vid based on that movie.... weird

  85. Michelle H

    am glad that i found out about moby and his wonderful music.
    i have never been disappointed in any of his songs.
    it's like he knows what really goes on in a person's mind and dreams.
    i hope he lives a long healthfully good life.
    he's one of a kind.

  86. baelzabub

    found this song because of stu-pid riding!

  87. KortexUk

    @Teog1992 so true!!!! lol

  88. 69wescomarlboroman

    Perfect trac for the Movie SHELTER,,,,,,,,,,Beautiful movie.....between love...I could listen to this over and over again.........the same with the movie with my boyfriend....

  89. izzklo

    whats that moby song called where he sings "looooveeee aaaahhh" and theres a fast piano in the background? sorry my bad english

  90. Bjarne Bjokkes

    Why does my heart is best one of Moby. =3 My opinion , anyways. Thumbs up 4 dis one:)

  91. Ashwin Chuckowry

    if i cud kiss u now... i wud kiss u again n again till i dnt know where i begin.... love u zah....

  92. Teo

    hitman agent 47

  93. KittyVanKauka

    Yeah,it is even too deep,does this fuckin' genious always has to dwell on unfulfilled desires,it's soo destructin' and gives no hope or joy at all, this constant dreaming makes me sick.

  94. UtIsGroenEnHetPlakt


    different generation is coming

  95. AmusingYeti

    Im still surprised as to how many songs Moby has made!! Lots of hidden albums and unreleased songs ontop of the known library!