Moby - Wait For Me Lyrics

Mhmm mhm [x5]

I'm gonna ask you to look away
I love my hands, but it hurts to pray
Life I have isn't what I've seen
The sky is not blue and the field's not green

Wait for me [x4]
Mhmm wait, wait for me...
Wait for me [x4]

I'm gonna ask you to look away
A broken life will never stay
Tried to hard and I always lay (?)
Days are grey
and nights are black

Wait for me...

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Moby Wait For Me Comments
  1. tylerthenormal

    I don’t know if he died of a broken heart, or suicide. Either one makes sense. So sad

  2. Lucian Felipe

    Moby eu adoro todas suas músicas algumas delas eu me vejo nelas ! Deus te abençoe e te guarde . Nem tem previsão de vc aparecer no Brasil ?

  3. Cedar Flags


  4. charming nitrogen

    Moral of the story :
    Don't get up from the bed

  5. Tyler Wolniak

    Fear the Walking dead S1 E2 you know it was going down when this song started playing at the end :0

  6. Joss Joss

    I can wait 4 You.

  7. Twisted Wizard

    Watchmojo says this video is sad.
    I think it's stupid.

  8. Stargazar

    Strong Message in this song....

  9. David Aprasidze

    Frank Ribery?

  10. Kevin Sullivan

    I don't have any hearts left either

  11. xmas bird

    *go to sleep*
    game over
    me: *W H A T*

  12. Orion Charlebois

    The video speaks louder then the song.. love you moby

  13. S1904 S1904

    Paul Kalkbrenner brought me here..

  14. Ema Hristova

    Съдби на кръстопът :((((


    40 is my cut off 💀👻⚰️

  16. Стёпа

    Шо эт за хуня?

  17. Hamiisii M.

    Is that Ferb

  18. Adis Singapore

    Why cannot find this version in spotify ... 🤔🤨🙄

  19. Toc poc

    This song is too depressive. I feel really bad listening to it

  20. The Law

    So the guy treats his neighborhood like it is full of enemies, refuses to address issues in his marriage, is unreliable and lies about his experiences to get out of trouble like exaggerating about the wasp, and kills his boss because of rage indicating his anger problems.
    Seems like a terrible person to live with.
    Oh and he treats people like shit like the guy who was trying to be nice in the elevator.
    Seems like people missed what the video represented. He didn’t get dealt a bad hand, he is just a horrible human being.


    I cried

  22. Kenya Gabrielle

    The amount of fucking empathy I got from not only the animation, but the song too. The depressing vibes from this vid in general actually fucking terrified me.

  23. Gregory Freeman

    Sometimes it is just that one exceptionally bad day when you just say "f7ck it all".😪😥

  24. powerpuffgirl46lover

    did all for you, please wait for me

  25. Strange Could be stranger

    despite the very depressing nature of the video and the song it's still a really good song. Just saying

  26. Mykhalable

    Natalie Portman and I used to date too!

  27. satan himself

    Damn is this sad

  28. Jens fahmy

    Watchmojo brought me here

  29. Lotjeuhxx

    Who sings this? Is this billie eilish?

    Draco Meteors

    You really think this trash music girl made music with MOBY...

    10 years ago... ?!


    @Draco Meteors okay😁✌🏻


    @Draco Meteors Moby's a creep, I wouldn't put it past him to hang around with a few more underaged girls

  30. JakeDaPug

    This says a lot about our society

  31. Kemal Sarp Balkır


  32. Michael Fribus

    Exit = Suicide ...

  33. Globalizmas - Keiksmažodis

    He shouldve jumped on her head too

  34. Emilio Bello

    What would have happened if the player clicked Play Again?

    Vlad 117

    No one knows. There is no play again option in life.

    Emilio Bello

    @Vlad 117 ok

  35. BoredUnicorn

    Amyone here after watching watchmojo

  36. lapinafly

    Sad but amazing.. And the song is beautiful

  37. Aeriz

    How can something so deep be so underrated?

  38. cs512tr

    that jump at the end...
    this video strikes many chords..

  39. Jo Joe TV

    Watchmojo brings me here..

  40. josh M

    I saw this on the top 10 saddest videos thing and came here. This is literally what happened to me at the end of last year. I mean obviously minus the giant wasp, killing the boss, and some of the other stuff, but I can totally relate to this song.

  41. ebook hater

    The day I kill myself (finally) this will be playing in the background on repeat

  42. Kudi

    This is actually my life this week.

  43. سجاد محمد

    This is Really Sad. :(

  44. Jack Hamilton Morris

    Mario took a dark turn

  45. MoistyCheeks

    Watch mojo

  46. Капитан Шварц

    That's amazing

  47. long chin man

    yes 1st world bad 3rd world good, africa is very prosperous, go to russia goyim

    Ant zu

    That not what this video is about lol

  48. Your dad

    Shit my heart hurts

  49. Silveryear

    I think we need to step back and think of Thermofobic contronuclear meat tenderisers

  50. Mc Crappy

    M: Master
    O: Of
    B: Breaking
    Y: You

  51. Fish_Be_Fishin

    I actually thought this was a song put over a random flash game

  52. StupidCommenter69

    Man murdered his boss but then the police dropped him off at home

  53. tuhuş tr

    Can't my story

  54. Kaiser Reichtangle

    when your brother eats the last pizza roll

  55. Романыч

    Hello from 2019 year

  56. Lisa Young

    Feel awful for this guy, he deserves better :(

  57. le monke

    someone explain what’s happening

  58. Tarseik

    PlAy DeSpACiTo

  59. Video Stealing099

    U can't run from ur problems
    Ur gonna have to live with that problems that contains suicide too

  60. crybunny

    So. I found this song while watching a countdown of sad songs. and i really like this. some powerful stuff. i've heard of moby before but now i'm actually gonna try getting into his music.

  61. Sir Jizzed


    Northstar Pokeshipper

    You, sir, have no feelings.

  62. DocumentaryDoc

    Slavery alive and well.
    We are the 99%

  63. MisterSpooks

    *Phineas’s Real Father*

  64. Lord Manith

    This is deep. One second your happy, next you loose everything. Your job, then you wife/husband, and then...


    Rage quit

  66. hella_he

    the new terraria game looks sick!

  67. Rocky Leasdale

    Y no on Spotify?

  68. RealDB

    Bro i can speed run this better

  69. Tricus

    Those feels...

  70. Autistic Chili Dog

    The song is trash, the video is maybe less trash

    Raistlin Chesko

    And that is your opinion

    Autistic Chili Dog

    @Raistlin Chesko That's a godamn fact

    Raistlin Chesko

    @Autistic Chili Dog a fact is something that is unanimously confirmed by evidence and peer reviews.

    An opinion is affected by how someone feels about a certain thing

    Facts don't give a shit about your feelings

  71. GreatMasterB1987

    I always cry when the last heart breaks :-(

  72. UhOhStinky

    4:03 Why anyone not talking about this?... 😭💀

  73. Andrei botea

    The only good moby song

  74. tukso


  75. Reece Dixon

    That was well deep

  76. Mauro Padrón

    Ok but how do I speedrun this?

  77. snaut


  78. shaggy

    im 14vand this is deep

  79. The Happy Pyromaniac

    This reeks of the early 2000s

  80. Benjamin Akira

    So is this a gameplay video or music video?

  81. BlueKj

    Top ten saddest anime scenes

  82. From Outside

    Nice song, wideo sucks...

  83. Aresh Aresh

    modern life bad

  84. Phantom Aviator

    All I can say is, pray.

  85. Purple_Fire_99

    I wish it was as easy as... pressing exit and you're gone

  86. meehaulls place


  87. Xclash

    Sad 😔

  88. Juanchovader

    sounds like the walking dead opening

  89. aneresi mescudi

    this reminds me of poptropica

  90. Lord Netflix

    pls game end

  91. Misael G

    Eres un genio Moby! Gracias por tu música, gracias por tu mensaje. Saludos desde México.

  92. I love the outsiders!

    Poor Moby :C

  93. Mitch Mine Shafter


  94. Imagine Existance

    Poor fucking guy