Moby - The Day Lyrics

I try to know when to leave
She sits in the bedroom and grieves
There's a sequence that starts all again
She can't get up anymore with the pain
The combination of these drugs
Has left her hopeless and lost
She wants to count the ways
But she can't count again

I will be right here
'Til all the pain
Just disappear
I will always stay
'Til all this light
Just kills the day

I strangle my words
Once, I tried a thousand times
Slaughtered like Gods
When the silver shines so hard
I tried to poison my life
Always dreaming of the edge of the knife
She always looked backwards
And I can sit here for even ten minutes or more


Oh hold on
Oh hold on
Oh hold on
Just try again


Oh hold on
Oh hold on
Oh hold on
Just try again

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Moby The Day Comments
  1. The Dragonwithin

    i found trance BECAUSE of this song.... music is the key.

  2. Ιωάννης Τάσιος

    Μια πόλη ένα τραγούδι

  3. Chris Richard Chitabwa

    Trance brought me here.. Almost left me in tears when i first heard it

  4. Allyson Gregg

    Allyson M.Gregg

  5. Subham Ghosh

    beautifully painful.... but this isn't the full version

  6. Jade Valentine

    Trance brought me here

  7. Theodisc

    I wish they would float-serve MY tray for me when they serve me my dinner

  8. Ewa Grześ

    Wonder song

  9. Florin Adi

    Great song !!! Thank you

  10. Χοσέ Αρμάντο


  11. cutator

    The movie Trance. Not sure if it was the song or the full frontal nudity of Rosario Dawson walking as this song plays. I was in a Trance: a half-conscious state characterized by an absence of response to external stimuli, typically as induced by hypnosis or entered by a medium.

  12. Diogo Oliveira

    Brasil 2018 alguém ?

  13. Miguel Angel Bonarroti

    De lo mejor que existe actualmente para escuchar. Gracias por tu arte musical. MOBY.

  14. Anton Nemirovic

    Bleu noir?)

  15. František Hromek

    Hot Rosario Dawson !

  16. mathilde verleene


  17. Klaidi 1

    angels kalithea halkidikh

  18. Frèd M


  19. Drew Smith

    Amazing track just AMAZING

  20. laurent flajolet

    En comparaison version Mylene Farmer : bleu noir. Vive la symbiose de Farmer Moby !!!! :)

  21. Márta Somogyi

    Ich liebe dich

  22. richard knox

    to quoute a poem i cat quite remember ' let me die a young mans death, gunned down in a hail of bullets in a barber shop......the rest escapes me' but its funny and quite warming

  23. X X

    clean shaved...trance movie bring me here

  24. up_a_mango_tree

    "Trance" movie brought me here 😁😁😁

  25. WoW Media

    One of the best videos of the last 10 years.

  26. Karmen U

    I was watching the movie Trance. In the middle of the movie started this song... It was so powerfull, and in Mobys style, i just knew it was his. I needed to find this song. 2 minutes later, i'm here, fulfilled. Thank you Moby, for one more fucking brilliant song.

    Ülar Zopp

    Same here :)

    Philippe Nadeau

    The original version of the song is Bleu Noir by french singer Mylène Farmer

    Radim Nejedlý

    @Philippe Nadeau The song was written and produced by Moby with lyrics by Farmer.

  27. Carlos Diaz


  28. RedneckTipsByScott

    Towards the end of the video the "demon" looks like John Malkovich took a small role.

  29. Carlos Diaz


  30. Carlos Diaz


    Márta Somogyi

    Carlos Diaz kés Diazmiaz

  31. David Balthis

    my 1st daughter is battling Pain meds and she Swears that she needs them. Fibro, Lupus,sjogren's, Lifes battle. A Father can and will believe alot, however, a father can FEEL something inside. Maybe it's the battle lasted 16 yrs.The feeling of being responsible does not override the feeling of HOPE that a parent has for his children. Things look different when you COME CLEAN.Dad

  32. Tarot Espiritual

    el dolor de hoy es el amor del futuro...the pain today is the love in the future...

  33. Finn MacFarlane

    Kai Lenny anyone ??

  34. jordi jordi

    Great song! I love your music.

  35. Xminus 1

    I am going in for surgery in two weeks I will keep this song in my heart till the surgery is over and I am back home thanks so much. I will use this song to keep going.

  36. Outlaw Mineral Group

    moby you are awesome

  37. Maria das Graças Ferreira Pinto

    You are special Moby. Beautiful video clip, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Carlos Manuel Nogueira Leitão


  39. Brent Johnson

    Beautiful filmography - it's like being inside of a Renaissance painting. Deeply inspiring.

  40. deema neema


  41. Nope Nothing

    I don't understand why Moby makes songs like "The Day", "Go", "Twin Peaks" ost, etc but is still considered "underground", I must say.

  42. VitrouoZos sevensence


  43. Alfonso MartzG

    This song has just saved my life.

  44. Michalis Charatzoglou

    much better in 1.25 speed !

  45. Vassilis Sigma

    the amazing mister moby

  46. Jo Ju

    Trance movie.....

  47. Busted Flush

    ...cried my fucking eyes out when I found this... my Mom passed 11-04-14 vascular dementia.... I miss her...


    Bless you brother i feel your pain my mum's got cancer and it's killing me to but your mum will always be with in spirit


    sorry for your loss

  48. Jennifer Torode

    I love this song....goosebumps, lump in my throat, I'd be there no matter what for my loved ones....xoxoxo

  49. Luiz Felipe Lima

    Love love love love ❤

  50. Ritesh banarsee

    wonderful very sensitive moby the best

  51. Picona Picon

    Lista para mí tono de llamada!!

  52. Vladimír Kurfiřt

    moby is best

  53. AsLaN Mekhtiev

    Wonderful, thank you!

  54. Kevin Calago

    This song is about the pain of an hospitalized person, and partially about the pain of his family and friends. The hospital is a horrible place for the dying person, who just wants to leave this world.

    richard knox

    'theres a sequence that starts all over again' i think hes refering to cheyne stoking breathing pattern, when you have brain damage you breathe rpaidly for 10-12 breaths deeply then dont breath for around 8 or 9 breaths time, its your body knowing its shutting down, it can be distressing for the family the patient doesnt know

    richard knox

    hospitals should not be for the dying, i wanna die in ma bed with a good Merlot a spliff and probably a handful of sleepers just to make sure

    Nelson Costa

    It is about his grandmother.

  55. lovekitty3

    I listen to this over and over.  Love this song.

    iris magnolia Ledesma

    me too...

  56. jbinside

    Je pense à toi maman, où que tu sois, tu es toujours près de moi.

  57. jbinside

    Je pense à toi maman, où que tu sois, tu es toujours près de moi.

  58. Patrick Ichitawa

    Deeply sensitive and beautiful, thank you Moby

  59. immortalis1001

    Moby, you feature so much of Christian imagery in your videos, yet, you are way too smart to be a Christian so please, be yourself tonight. (yes shamelessly stolen from Eurythmics)

    Randy Boyd

    f### you


    @Randy Boyd You're such a good Christian.

  60. Liam Ramirez

    This music video and identify me much lost my father recently , I just hope that at that time, aya seen his angel, and go in peace , how hard esque i was in another country and junca I be able to fire him.

  61. Flores Em Marte

    Eu não teria outra palavra para descrever este vídeo, se não fosse: perfeito.

    fernando matos

    +Fłørєs єм мαrŧє também a cho  perfeito de arrepiar

    Flores Em Marte

    +antonio salas 👍

    lucimara zela

    +Fłørєs єм мαrŧє Eu tbm acho...

    Flores Em Marte

    @lucimara gabriel 😊

  62. wd harvey

    this song always brings me to tears.

    David PerezYPerez

    Me too also. it has a lot of sentimental thoughts to it.

    Elessar Telcontar

    +David Perez me too, but i can't stop watching it; I've had a lot of tragedies in my life. its balm for the soul.

    David PerezYPerez

    +Elessar Telcontar AMEN to that !!

    David Yother

    Elessar Telcontar it really can be.

  63. zivozinovic

    Heather Graham ...

  64. Pepe Arcano

    I dont get it, this song was uploaded in 2011 and no one in the whole fuc.king world wrote anything?

  65. Ray Taboada Olivella

    One of the best vídeos of Moby. All my life i played music from him.

  66. Thierry GLANTZMANN

    C'est en regardant pour la énième fois TRANCE que j'ai découvert ce Superbe morceau Merci MOBY

  67. Владимир Бухтин


  68. Edson Cardoso

    amigo MOBY custou mais agora ta legal

  69. arev xachatr

    great song!!! heard it from Trance... i am shocked!! good job

  70. Gary Barnfather

    Come too New Zealand bro and too be different too other International artists,please play in Invercargill

  71. Phương Hồ

    omg this song is so beautiful and amazing, i cant explain this pain just feeling like i have lost something important in my life... this is incredible...

  72. Ricardo Torre Isla

    ... every time I listen this beautiful song, my tears start to drop out!!! ... omg ... why this pain inside!!? ... big love to those who are no longer with us !!! ... pura vida :-) (Y)

  73. Cynthia Smith

    My mother is at the ICU at this moment, and the only thing that is giving me some comfort is this song.  I wish she could hear it.

    Suzanna Danna from Indiana

    +wd harvey IMO, Moby's video's can be dark @ times....not his music.

    Suzanna Danna from Indiana

    +wd harvey Sorry for your loss.

    wd harvey

    @Suzanna Danna from Indiana And, I do agree.  His music seems to start up kind of down and lonely, but, closer to the end, it gets inspirational  and emotional.  his videos seem to really work the music to something you might not have heard in the recording.....I like that difference, and I don't usually like music videos.

    stefano giulianis

    Un altro giorno in cui non mi sono svegliata

    stefano giulianis

    Una porta che si chiude

  74. Richard Blackmore

    Almost every time I listen to this I end up with tears in my eyes.

    Wenn Ethicus

    That's weird...

  75. A-lice1994


  76. Prue Christie

    reminds me of david bowie we can be hero's  his voice??

  77. Tennislovingcoffeeaddict

    This song gives me goosebumps still after 4 years.  Moby you are a legend..

  78. William Sousa


  79. snoutout

    Why is Moby singing like David Bowie? This video is awesome, nonetheless.

  80. Damith Wanigasekera

    trance what a film and what timing for the song 

    Jim Bean

    Damith Wanigasekera Trance was a 5 star movie.The 3 main leads was acting at their finest .

  81. 2437MT

    .we live in a world where more and more sin is called good and good is called evil. Inviolable rights and values are trampled on, ridiculed. Bad things and patterns are shown as something glorious. Evil loses, there will be no sin in the universe and the effects of sin as death, niepsrawiedliwość, illnesses, rebellion, hatred, murder, adultery, betrayal, and other ....... Youtube: Archaeological Evidence that Proves the Bible is True _____ Yt : ,,Falling plates "

    The Dragonwithin

    everything proves the bible is not true. logic, reasoning and more are the basics.... wake up and smell reality you fools.


    @The Dragonwithin Says the leftist fool. Stay in denial. Your statement makes no logical sense either. You have no evidence.

  82. Gino Fáctàp

    thank you Trance, this is beautiful.

  83. Abuonprezo

    Very beautiful song... but the video is so ugly

  84. Andrei Popov

    Просто  супер.

  85. Daniel Castrillo González

    Heather Graham is trully an angel. And Moby is GOD!!

  86. Phillip H George

    Well Done Bravo!

  87. kenji pancakes

    I love both The Day and Bleu Noir. I think The Day has a better video, but Bleu Noir has better lyrics. I love both Moby and Mylène though

    Mattia B

    kenji pancakes bravo!!!

  88. Evenios

    best video ever!

  89. Celson Dannembergh

    Great. As always!  

  90. I Don't have any

    Trance anyone ?

    Shirsha Roy


  91. TELIO


  92. Chinpokoman

    This is the most meaningful yet abstract music video I've ever seen.

  93. alspacka

    Uhhgg. Where did Go go?

  94. Vincenzo Marino

    In trance brought me here

  95. Nelson Oyarzun

    Me encanta que gran artista!

  96. ᶊᶖᶐᶈᶙᶈᶈᶖᶕ

    This song is perfect in the movie Trance, when it plays

  97. Stephen Scalf


  98. ana neto

    mody and mylene farmer - blue noir

  99. Gump

    Uma obra de arte uma bela pintura ,  e uma sensação de paz interior. obrigado moby por trazer a nossa paz em um mundo sombrio.