Moby - Shot In The Back Of The Head Lyrics

I told him to go
I shouted:run away
Nobody expected,
nobody expected
Now he's lying on the sand
And the red ribbon around
his neck
And the red ribbon colouring
the sand
I didn't know him
that was Nobody
that was Nobody

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Moby Shot In The Back Of The Head Comments
  1. Eric Goulart

    Quem veio pelo filme "Linha de Ação"?

  2. Cash Davenport

    Wtf David?

  3. ricardo figueroa

    maybe its the sad puppy sound thats mixed in....thats probably why it puts me in a sad mood...makes me ponder life and other things

  4. Jonata ferreira

    O cara ainda tá na ativa.

  5. Calvin Candie

    Darf ich über meine Ledersocken streichen?

  6. Cߎⲇⲇlⲩ Ⲥⲏⲉⲉⲧⲁⲏ

    "Das Voldewort"

  7. TilTisback


  8. Draziw Drow

    i dont remember searching for this song but here the tab is open on my laptop

  9. Revan Ski

    bin nur wegen shlomo sein intro hier ;D <3

    Calvin Candie

    me too ^^




    Gecoverd von Nightcall? (London Grammar/Kavinsky). Da gibt es eine Vorliebe...

    Anubis 420

    Ich hab... so lang nicht mehr richtig gelacht... :D :D

  10. NSQ Перезаливы

    ; ( быстро время летит(

  11. Abril Hdez

    this song reminds me of my best friend that died from an ecstasy overdose...

  12. The Middle Angle Project

    Up this version to spotify please

  13. shinobi hoods

    Sounds amazing reversed

  14. James Small

    Borris Pecker

  15. Faraj Khalid

    charlie countryman running after gabi !

  16. Ceyda Erdoğan

    20 yıldır spotifya gelmesini bekleyenler

  17. Sun Levi

    haven't heard this is a very long time...damn.

  18. Ivan Hollý ivan.willoughby

    2019 anyone? 🙂

    Johnny Cage

    Sure.... i will be always with you

    Headless Heart

    @Robert Malherbe you beat me to it.

  19. Mobile Legends Nation

    Came here from the movie broken city after hearing it in theending scene this song is very unique

  20. ElderHasGreen

    I am sure 200 000 of these views belong to me.

  21. Christel Thomas

    Straight to the center of my soul. Hair raising. Beautiful, so beautiful

  22. Raffaele Costanzo

    Wow !!!

  23. Nino Mediera

    I remember when i betrayed my ex wife for another woman.
    Then that woman betrayed me.
    That's why i believe in karma



    Nino Mediera

    @GrilledCheezeSammich i don't know what or whom you laugh at.

  24. Matt C

    Years ago I played the song backwards and realised the main loop is an acoustic guitar and a little reverb. I wonder when Moby decided to flip it backwards and make this masterpiece.

  25. Nameless Endless

    i dont really know why im still here

  26. Alexander LAENS

    2 genius in 1 mv

  27. propa gandhi

    this needs way more views

  28. deathlist94

    this music is pure beauty.

  29. I. D. Nightmare

    Дэвид Линч наше всё!

  30. PETRA M.

    WOW .... ZEHN JAHRE 👁👁

  31. Kevin Polar

    the girl floating with her head is like a bird, a sagittarius. she fell in love with a cancer and trapped her in a room. he is ruled y the moon which is why his head shapes into a moon. a lot of men go crazy over a sagittarius women. so whoever that was was overtaken by jealousy.

    Mirjam VV

    Noooo she is a taurus ;-)

  32. Ignacio Fonseca

    why this version is so different than the one that is included in the album available on spotify?

  33. furupoweru

    this is your brain on drugs


    18 хотят....

  35. Danny Dukes

    This song.. it embodies an emotion that very few works of art have come close too. Thanks, Moby.

  36. Daniel VC

    Broken City.
    Ending scene.
    Billy Taggart goes to jail.

  37. Elvis A. Presley

    I fucking love this song . The movie , The Necessary death of Charlie Countryman is my favorite movie ever 😍😍 I love it so much 🔥 ... please if you’re reading this comment and haven’t seen it please go watch it , you’ll never regret it



  39. Maryam Sherif


  40. Ozzyosbourne Blacksabbath


  41. Антропоморфный Мечтатель

    I scarryed

  42. Asus McTablet

    This video does not show Moby getting shot in the back of the head by David Lynch.

  43. MJ P

    it opens a door in my mind, and when i peek through....the things i see

  44. Sir Link II

    The nuke scene from Twin Peaks reminded me of the video for this song. It’s obvious why…

  45. Nicolas Nicusor Marin

    "The Mentalist" send me here

  46. A B N E R A Y A L A

    Nuevamente 2018

  47. Tony Webster

    This has been one of my favorite songs for the majority of my life. Great work Moby! Also, great work David Lynch!

  48. Mary Tines

    I like this song

  49. OrangeDogMusic

    Desde que vi "Broken City" estoy buscando esta canción :')

  50. Halme Ferrada

    i can´t find this in spotify :(

  51. MsGeek703

    There's a lot of symbolism in here that worked itself out in Season 3, including human beings deflating like punctured balloons, hands coming out of nowhere and so on.

  52. livesinlimbo

    an all time favourite !:)

  53. Suzana Piazza


  54. victor castillo

    Hola cariño ahora mismo Vi caer un as estrella fugaz era grande su luz muy potente dicen que hay qué pedir un deseo
    Y lo primero que se me vino a la mente le pedí que pronto estemos juntos amor 🐬♥️

  55. victor castillo

    Hola cariño sabes estoy muy contento por tu avance ya veo que estás mirando tu alrededor y te has dado cuenta quiénes son los malos y los buenos .eso me alegra mucho sabes porque por qué te quiero demasiado
    Y mi distancia hacia ti no es qué este enojado solo quiero que aprendas y veas la realidad que te rodea amor yo no quiero interferir en nada solo quiero que aprendas los dones que tienes tú me das un poco de risa como usas palabras qué me hacen reír no de tii sino como te expresas hacia los demás 🐬tu cariño eres muy especial para mí y nunca te abandonare eso te lo prometo cariño 🐬♥️😇

  56. victor castillo

    Muy buen video de Mobi bueno Mobi toda su mucica es clarividentes es lo más sercano a esta vida refleja mucho a la realidad

  57. Paolo Mazzoleni

    Good music❤️

  58. FR Ga

    Broken city!

  59. Wolverine hems

    So no one's here from Broken City's ending creds ?

  60. jesus peña salazar

    que mierda mas horrible-

  61. Alex Harms

    Why is this album not on spotify?

  62. R w

    Y'all may have been shot in the back of the head, but I've been shot in the front of the heart. And it won't stop fucking hurting.

  63. Deep Thought

    This Song is so deep.
    When i was happy, i listened to this Song but i didn't understood the meaning of it.
    When i was sad, i also listened to this Song and i totaly understood the meaning of it...

  64. Ronald Salamanca

    Colombian short film

  65. photological

    Wasteland. #Brasil

  66. Buckle Up, Homestuck

    Nicely done, Moby.

  67. delta9t

    чтобы понять Линча,надо быть... Линчем

  68. Human Being

    Who else listening in 2017?

    Solaris 21 Brancastre

    I listen music before i was born

  69. to nie ma sensu

    All I want is to tell you that I love you, but I am too scared. I love you.

  70. David Buitrago

    I love the animated works of Lynch.. :) And with moby, that's awesome.

  71. Shad0wscale

    I'm crying my face off because I was craving a grilled cheese and only had bread. Many tears will be shed for that potential grilled cheese

  72. inescapable.kiss

    Who else is here from Waste Land? I watched it for a cultural anthropology course. It was a very emotional and empowering movie for me.

  73. Basit Ali

    Somebody should make a tribute video for Chester Bennington with this as the background music.

  74. Luis Banda

    this song whispers loss depression redemption

  75. Florent Devier

    A few years ago i went in grief to Bucharest...Funny story i was supposed to go to Budapest. I met this wonderful girl i immediately fell in love with. But she had a crazy backstory with an ex, i ended up getting shot by her and the guy got killed by the police. But now we're in love together it was worth it.

  76. Fernando Coelho

    Lixo Extraordinário - Wasteland!

  77. Finn McKenna

    This is exactly what I need for my report on "Waste Land".

  78. Kamilla Lira

    why is this not on spotify?

  79. La'y

    Katyń 1940

  80. MadMan731

    This track is from what I feel is his best work.

  81. edzonspipe1

    god i love this

  82. Tour Guide From The Underworld

    19 não é 20, 99 não é 100

  83. Vicky Garcia

    I love this video animation , is perfect ......... Moby is one universe

  84. Daniela B.

    peice of art....

  85. Lô Ô

    me: feels bad
    me: listen to this
    me: cries a lot

  86. Rogerio Cunha

    🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟super songs!

  87. Night Shader

    Amazing...fucking, song... thank you to Charlie Countryman! :D

  88. A Shitty Shitposter

    fucking love this song

  89. kamisweetie


  90. 123LPSOLDIER

    Catching The Sun

  91. [SerDan]

    I want to go to Bucharest


    you sure you don't mean Budapest I hear its really nice there.. :)

  92. AM grumpy

    Love it.

  93. Cristian Bellino

    Am i the only who finds a little 1984 by George Orwell reference in this song?, i mean, the song´s title and the characters from the video

    Thahir Ahmed

    Yeah, everyone should read it, i already downloaded it :-)


    The line from the book was actually "shot in the back of the neck", not head.

    Finn McKenna

    They'll shoot me in the neck, but I don't care.

  94. ann f


  95. creep negative creep

    Why did David Lynch shot moby?


    I am not crazy why not?