Moby - Hope Is Gone Lyrics

You look like the man I knew once or twice
So pale, so lovely, your eyes black like ice
You look like the man I've seen here before
So tired and alone with your wasted alone

Leave me now, just leave me now
Close the door, all my time's run out
Leave me now, leave me now
Time is gone, all my time's run out

You look like him, same dark black eyes
Oh, just last year I watched him die
You look like him, quiet and alive
I've left behind pain, I've left behind life

Leave me now, just leave me now
Close the door, all my time's run out
Leave me now, just leave me now
My hope is gone, all my time's run out

Leave me now, just leave me now
Hope is gone, all my time's run out

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Moby Hope Is Gone Comments
  1. Brian Smith

    I always thought this song would have been suited to Bowie.

  2. Elen

    You look like a man
    I knew once or twice,
    So pale, so lovely,
    Your eyes black like ice
    you look like a man,
    I've see here before,
    So tired and alone,
    With your wasted allure
    leave me now,
    Just leave me now,
    Close the door
    All my time's run out,
    Leave me now,
    Leave me now,
    Time is good,
    All my time's run out
    you look like him,
    Same dark black eyes,
    Oh just last year,
    I watched him die.
    you look like him,
    Quiet and alive,
    I've left behind pain,
    I've lived behind life.

  3. Terry Hintz

    i've left behind pain; i've left behind life.

  4. Zaven Karafelyan

    Night z 2.retro.

  5. Thunder Storm

    The bset music ever is made by Moby

  6. false_nostalgia 7

    this song reminds me of space for some reason.

  7. Yellowbox0

    anybody know anymore music like this ?

  8. NeverStoppedSinging

    I can totally picture someone committing suicide to this song.

  9. Галина Радкова

    The the f*uck are you, 10 unpeople?!

  10. paul Flynn mr clean ni

    Reminds me of my sister una she suffers from a split personality but a real kind person when well

  11. mrfungo

    Her name is Hilary Gardner. She is a NYC vocalist, originally from Wasilla, Alaska.

  12. paul Flynn mr clean ni

    Just class keep it coming moby

  13. Krzysztof L

    Perfect !

  14. Mala Zenica


  15. 1234 abcd

    @deeedeeexy Sheriff John Bunnell sings this song. Look him up.

  16. deeedeeexy

    Who sings this? I love her voice.

  17. Melonapettrucia

    he is simply perfect in every way.

  18. Dena Khademi

    @MrDJRaulDuke smokey eye make up and silver eyes.....
    I've imagined that before ^_^

  19. Rubenmon1

    This sounds like something in a movie where like a guy and a girl get back together and have make a soft censered love scene or something.

  20. mistara1

    This is one of the best harmonies of music in last 10 years.

  21. Gaya Agur

    thank you moby

  22. Dena Khademi

    every morning i wake up to a very pale sunrise. The soft blue sky that starts to appear resembles his eyes....and this song is like his voice...may heaven never regret their choice to take him in and may "he" know I still love him so much...he didn't need to waste his life and die early

  23. zoupi

    @sexycurly I'm so sorry my friend. i know there's no words to describe your feelings. I have a dog and always i worry about it. Cos i know the feeling....i lost a dog years ago...I had him for about 14years..., be strong my friend.

  24. LennyV

    everyday like this..

    Zaven Karafelyan

    LennyV wow

  25. Renata Subic

    my dog died yesterday and that s how I feel right now :((((

    Alejo Sánchez

    Renata Subic feel you

  26. AERO1776

    This song kicks my ass every time I listen to it.

  27. bbosch

    @skiiuy28 emo

  28. sunnydale22

    What a lovely song...

  29. chiccuch

    @popmovies Hi, it's Hilary Gardner

  30. skiiuy28

    this is my theme song........

  31. CJ Smith

    dude the only problem i have with your videos is you stretch them out for twice the length or this one is about 1.5 min longer than the song..rlly? take out the excess ty

  32. Ned Hed

    I love this song :D So peaceful.

  33. mrfungo

    The singer is Hilary Gardner.

    She is currently the featured singer in Twyla Tharp's "Come fly Away", a new Broadway show of Tharp's choreography and Frank Sinatra's music.

  34. andrzeita

    beautiful song ( :

  35. Sophia Davison

    who sung this song?

  36. hielo13

    :'( so beautifull music so sadly lyrics :'(

  37. blueseasparkling

    beautiful, artist that speaks to the quiet part of me that is me

  38. Rivera1010

    This is somthing i would play in a cafe

  39. Samariaeyes7

    it gives me the heebie- jeebies...

  40. iva na

    like always you little idiot...surprise me great artist...come back to Buenos Aires /+

  41. scandowegianpean

    second favourite track on the new album :)
    so pale.. so lovely...