Moby - Be The One Lyrics

I'll never see what you wanted ... love,
I was the hell that you needed ... oh,
I was the one when you needed ... love,
I was the one when you needed ... love.

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Moby Be The One Comments
  1. Impossibur Ducklov

    This is it. There is something why each of us was born. Moby was born to make this. underrated masterpiece

  2. Chris Allen

    Apparently I just watched the next three days ahh 🤣🤣🤣😝😝😝😝

    Alex Gian

    Chris Allen Oh

  3. Cvija

    I still miss you even after these years

  4. Dmitry Buldakov

    ..such a deep lyrics... essence of relashionship in 4 lines..

  5. tronco anaranjado


  6. Jo Temerario


  7. Jo Temerario

    Immenso MOBY

  8. Pocahontas Xx

    2019 someone ?🧐

    prabhat singh

    Not many people i suppose

  9. Fritz Meier

    One of the best music-video I have ever seen. congratulations to the movie-team and actress. Eastern Europe is one of the most creative zones at the moment. Greetings from Europe.

  10. Любен Петков

    Знам само, че Любовта е Рай и Ад...

  11. Любен Петков

    Приятели - мисля, че сте оцелили десятката от топ 10 - момичето не е красиво - но е Страшно Чаровно - И ТРЯБВА да бъдем ВИНАГИ СЕБЕ СИ...( не знам английски )

  12. AlwaysCarryABible

    Im just here because i love good music. Fuck the fucking dates. Moby, tomorrowland 2009.

  13. Любен Петков

    Както е в песента..

  14. Любен Петков

    От Мен агресия няма и никога няма да има - но не можем ли всичко да направим като сарите хора - с любов и уважение...

  15. Любен Петков

    Български говор съжалявам - но две сме в едно- не добро кучето дето вие в мен -не е добро -две сме в едно

  16. Любен Петков

    Аз не вярвам в църквата - Но вярвам в мен - аз ъм едно и също..

  17. Любен Петков

    Както VULGARIS end Bulgaris

  18. Любен Петков

    Също е от мъжки род и означава самия теб..

  19. Любен Петков

    мен означава за тебе или за себе си

  20. Любен Петков

    Най истинската песен - от Живота.. ЖЕЛЕЗНИ СТЕ И ПРЕКВАСНИ.... Вече знам ИСТИНАТА ЗА МНОГО НЕЩА и най вече за самия МЕН.. МЕН е Българска Дума Не Американска..

  21. Bruce Horn

    In my experience Video do not add much to a song. Often they detract from the song. This is one of the rare instances in which the video actually enhances the (which was already good) song.

  22. Larry^

    Tyle lat to oglądam i dopiero teraz odkryłem, że za tym stoją Polacy :) Gratulacje!

  23. Атеш Раззаков

    Хей где сиски

  24. Alex Saulter

    Definitely one of those songs that says so much by saying very little. Hits at a certain nerve, I guess. Not sure if that makes any sense.

  25. Камен Калчев

    Love this from first SEE ! !

  26. Stephanie Reynolds

    This song is so good. I remember being in the mental hospital and this song got me through. Now that is how you know it's a good song.

  27. arrogantbøý T_T


  28. Zake Zake


  29. Stephen Marsland

    Great tune!🤙🏻

  30. Scorpion

    My cellphone was recording this, now he's a cyborg

  31. Corgan Earnheart

    Who else found m0by through a badass move called the next three days.

  32. stef joker

    я блин хочу увидеть этого парня ,что поёт

  33. stef joker

    30 секунд

  34. Greg Giraudet

    premiere vois que je vois une fille se rhabiller
    elle a du être payée avant...

    Greg Giraudet

    j'aimerais trop en etre une!

  35. Michael Dixon

    Sadly I can't deal with tracks like this from Moby. Repetitive vocals, painful use of vocoder and generally an average track that goes nowhere. Not the best.

  36. fatcalibour

    Amazing girl.just watched this video to see her beuty.


    It's too bad about the wig though, because her real hair is nice enough.

  37. Mantas B

    Masterpeace !!!

  38. Nick

    Gusina is very hot kobieta.

  39. Barry White


  40. Jana Elizabeth Sekelski

    Great song!!

  41. jasmine23pvz

    2018 <3

  42. Meja

    love it still

  43. Laura Torres

    I will love this song and moby all my entire live, perfection.

  44. Daniele Melo


  45. kumasi dwalo

    the next three days

  46. Zakaria Essack

    Wasn't this a fan made video for mascara by deftones?

  47. Robert Young

    The genius that is Moby...

  48. arturo Moreno

    Buena cancion que te hace ser fuerte en esta vida...

  49. Victor Pasqual

    love really lovely xxxxxxxxxxxxxx i love lea she is the one

  50. Simon Le buon

    bravissimo Moby

  51. anaalst

    Lusting after this female

  52. Tajir S

    I shazamed this song from the last three days movie . 😍😍

  53. Paulo Sérgio Music

    Very Gooooodddd!

  54. Ben-Laden Bernanke

    You only see this Polish chick here. Watching women's tennis, the One you see Aggy Radwanska is the Polish version of Patty The Daytime Hooker on My Name Is Earl and some guy married that a few weeks ago. Weird world.

  55. Maria papa

    I wanted the videoclip to end with her not moving backwards but normal and reach to the point it started

  56. Haman Awyan

    came here after watching the movie : The Next Three Days

  57. Leo Hernández Lizárraga

    te amo con todo mi 🖤 Moby!

  58. march hand

    esta musica esta de la hostia.

  59. tegs

    who else is here because of The Next Three Days


    delightful kid from 4th and fremont st me!!!

    Charbel Abi Farah

    I.m one of them

    Tito Rios

    Tega just finished

    Nikko Phạm

    Me. 2019. From Vietnam.

  60. Burhan Cerit

    from the movie last three days

  61. K Wolf

    Dangers of desire.

  62. Максим Молодец

    почему до сих пор нет русского быдла?

  63. TiamatXV Xianash

    This song with its accompanying video can be  found in the dictionary of music under the heading  "To be hypnotised"

  64. nana erentira

    moby ρεεεεε - οσο μεγαλωνει τοσο μας πορωνει

  65. Vorrei imparare l'italiano

    I want to see your feet not your head exclamation point

  66. Jose Gerardo De la Torre

    name of the model please?

  67. Drunken Pirate

    her expression is magic

  68. Robert Young

    There's the Stones, the Beatles, and now there's Moby... Thanks for posting this aural gem!

  69. The NightWise

    The next three days * . *

  70. Ericson Peres


  71. Gary Beck

    I like it, though a little repetitive. still good. video kinda leaves one saying ??????

  72. GranRex

    72 horas

  73. Vineca Gray

    Love your work!

  74. delphine michard


  75. Alex García

    Luv it! Played it again and again! :3

  76. Антон Пукин

    Спасибо Moby!

  77. Melania SG

    Smh...218 ppl have no taste in music... very sad for them as they'll never be able to experience the thrill we true music lovers have!!! Electrifying!!!!

  78. Dean Smith

    not very good

  79. andrey solovyov

    в первые 20сек тема сисек так и не была раскрыта,расходимся

  80. Dr Jeleise

    wow awesome

    Dr Jeleise

    Song and video

  81. Carol Torrecilla García


  82. bob dole

    interesting video for the lyrics. she loses everything as she slowly approaches her destruction. she is aware of it, but naively thinks she can be put back together

  83. Daveth 1

    Quick to the batcave

  84. Erik Espinoza

    muy buena

  85. Manuel Olivares

    Is this the chick from Hardcore Henry??

  86. MrRocketscience17

    t Three Days brought me here

  87. AMG 633


  88. George Skourtis

    Moby : Μουσική ιδιοφυΐα


    Πες τα αδερφε μου

  89. Michelle Hlnds

    Loving a sociopath, will leave you feeling like this song does. RUN

    Lori K

    The same thing came into my mind. If you discover that you have a socio/psychopath in your life then run. Get away from him/her immediately & permanently. They can never change.

  90. 三浦祐太郎


  91. 三浦祐太郎


  92. 三浦祐太郎


    Daveth 1



    +三浦祐太郎 so the answer is مش فاهم حاجة شكرا كوكب اليابان الشقيق

  93. 三浦祐太郎