Mobb Deep - Timeless Lyrics

Yes thank God for the Mobb we keepin it alive, Respect to the new comers but respect mines
I'm young spit fire like a flamethrower, H the reason I'm dope now I told him
My brother I got this we got this, Sealed in the bag my bro it's in the pocket (uh)
Fresh from the era of fear and terror, Yeah we major bitch most niggas never
Now look at us now we like a mirage, Up to date everything songs and bars
Caps and hook I front you a 16 lend niggas a few lines, Yeah that's mine this ground breaking fresh
There is no blue print set a few trends, then move on to new shit, All praises through the Infamous 2
Fuck is that shit you rap It's not true We are


Say word I know it's not you frontin, like my hammer not dumpin
These days got my goonies on deck though, with nothing to live for
And let go dead ass in front of police Billy Kid shit with a cold reach,
Henny got me speakin with a slow speech and a sober tounge spit, it so deep
Locked at the bottom, I'm low key, don't want you anymore she chose me
Fuck outta here kissin on the rosary like a bitch on her period that's blowin minds
No rocket science Mobb Deep know we shine, we at war niggas gotta hold the iine
Cowards lookin witted like it's overtime you a force flag stil gonna hold the nine


I know what I am... and right or wrong people will look up to me because they think I am a success... I've got what they've always wanted MONEY... Without it you're nothing Money buys dignity, Poverty is a crime Nobody asked you where you got your dollar they ask you do you have it that idealistic shit won't pay you rent... I don't wanna start philosophizing anyway

Can you blame me I was raised from a cold street, make for a better story what they told me
Sad part this shit is real life, pressure on me nough to break a fuckin steel pipe

Wipe blood on my razor blade, teach niggas how to chill out and make way
When you see me take it easy, best believe me
This the real world nigga not TV
M.O.B.B money over bum bitches, Deeper than the sea floor you sleep with the fishes
When you try my tolerance dumb nigga, I'm a hip hop God
You just a fuck nigga, I do this for reals you wish you could
Talkin like you will I wish you would start a war
Get it on You are not that strong we are


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Mobb Deep Timeless Comments
  1. Alvero Rivera

    This song got me good kid .. had to shed some tears for you P ... ur missed brother 👑 You My Goat P 🐐 nobody did it like you .. NobodY!

  2. jay master

    Mobb Deep 4ever Real HipHop 4ever

  3. Shane Havens

    I was at the Freddie Gibbs shows in 2014 and the DJ was warming it up with music I remember him mixing this song in with others. Dope af!

  4. adeptzol

    This song bring me into tears 😭 RIP... P 🙏


    Acid, Huck and Mike.

    Germany appreciate

  6. Jilvonnae Wilkins

    Rip prodigy his dealth still hurts he was a genius.

  7. Jalen X Blair

    This song is so fucking good. Instant classic. Just glad the Mobb gave us this last group album before P died. RIP to the legend, gone but not forgotten 💯

  8. MaFi4BoY

    17 people are Honorless

  9. Dramacydal EL

    This song sums up their entire career! #Timeless Legendary EMces! Mobb Deep 4 Ever

  10. Leonard Blair

    RIP PRODIGY! .....

  11. jeremiah williams

    We at war niggaz got to hold in line

  12. DIERAPPER ex girl give me dis cd ...2014...MD dont exist no mo

  13. stldsfine

    This dude P was like a distant relative to me no lie one of my hip hop spirit animals

  14. Godscience7 7

    This album is hot as hell, never heard this one I slept on it

  15. H. Town


  16. Andrew Flood


  17. Johnathan

    RIP Prodigy

  18. kurama2083

    What makes Mobb Deep so special is that you can put them in any era of rap, and they would still be great. Rest In Peace to the God. #Prodigy.

  19. VaZ X

    R.I.P. to the dude that always kept it 100 on the mic. There will be a lot of cats that will try to copy your style, but there only be one with your skills, delivery, attitude, etc. Peace to Albert Johnson aka Prodigy

    Alvero Rivera

    Pure Facts! Tha God P ... MY 🐐

  20. CyberHobbo

    R.I.P borther! you have always been here for me i used to listen to yo' songs when i'm down and it sure lifted my spirit so high

  21. Ham24brand

    Actually timeless...

  22. R. Wright El

    My Ipad is full so I only have two tracks of this album, so I forgot about most of these. This whole album goin' in.

  23. Gregory Paris

    RIP prodigy homie flow is deadly

  24. SolDieR of Christ 20Six75

    Soldier of Christ
    What 3sixkilla
    Fuck the dark side
    If u down that shit
    See u on the other side
    As your soul is no more
    Ha ha ...

  25. Randall Pounds


  26. gregsplat8

    Fck Apple Spotify and whatever cuz i can't find this album and it was just on Spotify

  27. Charles Lloyd

    Rip my big brother P

  28. P Flawed

    it's like Eminems Infinite but Mobb Deep....

  29. DannyGreenKP

    All praises due to the Infamous 2

  30. 415 4 a try

    Rest up P

  31. Willie Williams

    Just simply Classic!!

  32. David Nnadiotu

    Rip prodigy ur a True Legend!!!

  33. Musti Kh

    P was a Giant
    Now he is a legend, no doubt.
    RIP KING🕯️🙏👑

  34. Macadamienutz

    Makes me cry.....RIPP

  35. Leo ConsciousVibe


  36. Abstraakt

    Been jammin this tune HARD lately!

    RIP Prodigy! You are surely missed in this Hip Hop world... & in general.

    All we gotta do is press play to keep ya alive, homie!

  37. Phalon Demarco A.K.A. JunkFoodVegan

    R.I.P. "P" priceless kid...

  38. Randall Pounds


  39. Joltin Joe

    Dam P wtf

  40. David Gordon

    hip-hop version of 5 hour energy

  41. Reso Lution

    My favorite riding and chilling song...RIP P.

  42. Amin Muhammad

    RIP PRODIGY 🍾🍾🍾🥂🥂🥂

  43. Blackbuddha

    Rest in Paradise Albert Johnson (Prodigy) .

  44. DDVRKK

    Peace Young God

  45. SlumPritt

    #riP once again #TheInfamous

  46. te fo

    RIP Prodigy


    te fo 🔥

  47. 211bill

    RIP Prodigy


    211bill 🔥

  48. Moni Awe

    R.i.p my brother thanks for all the game peace and blessing

  49. Cesar Pratt



    Cesar Pratt Tru’...

  50. Jake B

    Havoc's drum beats are some of the sickest in all of rap. "Respect to the newcomers but respect minez." MOBB one of the dopest crews to bless the mic. Been listening to them since I was a kid and we are the same age.

    Anthony Cox

    this is the beat butcha

    Mohammed-Bashir Adewale

    no wonder prodigy used this guy for his recent project...

  51. laronn2002

    We need this album on iTunes!


    blaze it man 420 you are so right. It’s nowhere be found on there just like Albert Einstein. SMH

    M W

    naynay4411 they literally deleted Albert Einstein off Apple Music and I don’t even know why

    blaze it man 420

    @M W yo its sad because I have a hard time finding that album anywhere I hope we don't lose it because that album was a classic

    M W

    blaze it man 420 I know man it’s sad but there’s always been people conspiring against P. Even in death they still tryna tear him and his infamous legacy down

    blaze it man 420

    @M W I know why im trying to cop all the CDs asap


    Mobb Deep! Too kewl for the radio or what??

  53. Joseph Miller

    enter gem city

  54. Joseph Miller

    enter timelessness

  55. joefilo

    Finally a mainstream-ish rap album that is dope. Hav's still got it on the beat-side too, and this was the first Mobb album since Murda Muzik where Pee was on point. and those tracks remastered from the original infamous demo are fucking the truth. I just wish they remastered Paddyshop, and I wish Hav didn't fuck with the horn on The Bridge. Mobb will always be timeless and priceless tgo, that much is FOR FUCKING SURE

    Kosmo Kramer

    Beat Butcha produced this

    The Roof L

    joefilo Beat Butcha

  56. RnBCutz

    This is some Eastcoast shit, killing the game, fuck the mainstream shit


    Checc out Havoc + Alchemist! Gotta be hip hop release of the year. I hope that's what the next MOBB album sound like! Total anti-mainstream grimey Eastcoast hip hop good shit!

  57. Nich Massimoni

    mobb deep yessssssssssss this is real hip hop ,drake ahhahahaha is shit.

  58. Mitchell Lawrence

    "Thank God for the MOBB, they keep it alive" Yes!

    AJ Archibald

    We'll keep their music alive even if Prodigy has passed on.

  59. techniquerules

    that sample in the middles arrrd


    +techniquerules Classic line from the movie "Black Godfather"

  60. TheSaudoffdaauthor

    banger!!!!!,,,these my homies!!!

  61. Omar Saleh

    So hood it hurts.


    Omar Saleh 🔥

  62. ReachCarter

    Only 7K views.. Really?



  64. Tony Amott

    sick ass beat, im feelin this rite here