Mobb Deep - Drop A Gem On 'Em Lyrics

It's the infamous back in the house once again
Livin the life that of diamonds and guns
And now gems pulls gats
Like a basehead pulls on stems
The Mobb got the bomb run out and tell a friend
Drop A Gem On Em..

[Verse One: Havoc]

Take a tire, all these fake crooks need to retire
They gotcha gassed, takin back and snatch fire outcha
Maggot ass, Havoc represent for the Q-B-C
Smoke that ass like a lucie..tho I need to quit
Fuck it, I love it like a cloud
Over the projects your game Im above it
Its combat, gats bangers and all that
You'se a small cat, whatever you on get off that
I mention, nuthin but the real shit presentin
The hollow tip crew 41st side convention
Try for? you half-steppin
Like a fresh tec out of the box
Yo niggas I'm testin
(There's no question)
Bitch ass have you confessin
Like a D-T left in state of depression
You under pressure, intact no doubt catcher
The snitch-snatcher tookin wit asthma
You casper, you yell my name
Thats only givin me props
Plus the fans that you got, wonderin whats got you hot
Its too not, knocked out the box and got rocked
Got raped on the Island, you officially got
Kick that thug shit, Vibe magazine on some love shit
(keep it real kid, you don't know who you fuckin wit)

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

It's the Infamous back in the house once again
Livin the life that of diamonds and guns
And now gems pull gats like a basehead pull on stems
The Mobb got the bomb run out and tell a friend
Drop A Gem On Em

[Verse Two: Prodigy]

Yeah likewise, Im tired of rap guys whose faggots
Pure shuteye, and swole up your whole outside
I baptize, niggas get wet, put up your backside
Your claptized and set straight, put on your head straight
Watch out for,
These upstate cats be leary of you
Yeddy niggas wit gats plus the walls on they backs
Rikers Island flashback of the house you got scuffed it in
You would think you gettin your head shot was enough but then
Now you wanna got at my team,
You must of been drunk when you wrote that shit
Too bad you had to did it to your own self
My rebellion, I retaliate, I had the whole New York state
Aimin at your face
At the gate, bottom line of top soon as you came through
Shot through, don't even know the half of my crew
I got a hundred strong arm niggas ready to rock the shit
Clocks tick, your days are numbered in low digits
You look suspicious, suspect niggas is bitches
Get chppoed up, Grade A meat, somethin delicious
And laced back up, 2 G's, one for stitches
Then reconstruct your face and learn how to speak again
My Mobb's like a bunch of wild Puerto Ricans
Wit bangers the size of African spears
It's warfare in the arena, you turn arenas into house of horrors
Its terrodome, when you see my click you need to run behind shit
You gotta gat you betta find it
And use that shit think fast and get reminded
Of robberies in Manhattan you knew what happened
60 g's and one for gun clappin
Who Shot Ya? You'd probably scream louder than an opera
New York gotcha, now you wanna use my mob as a crutch
What makes you think you cant get bucked again
Once again, back in the house once again
Live the life that of diamonds and guns
And now gems pull gats like a basehead pull on stems
The Mobb got the bomb run out and tell a friend
Its the Infamous..

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Mobb Deep Drop A Gem On 'Em Comments
  1. Greg Mega

    Musta been drunk when u wrote that shit an get chopped up grade A meat something delicious lmao prodigy is the goat!

  2. fedner simeon

    This is what got Prodigy killed,..He was dissing himself, his own black men, and The first hook was garbage, matter of fact,.they all garbage, didn't even rhyme hard,._listen to Tupac's Untouchable with LBC clique,..Song.._that Track was enough to make Mobb Sleep for eternity,..I don't agree with the beefing,..Because both Prodigy and 2Pac, were talking about killing their own black people,..and im not going to pick sides,..But if I had to say who was harder in Rap, Tupac did. Because even Mobb Deep said, Hit Em' up, was like a mobb deep record. That touched them. But thats sad. Keep ya head up song by 2Pac, is the one that should touch niggaz to love God, their women and children.

  3. quempto

    Probably the best diss track in rap history

  4. Drew Witt

    Had the whole New York state aimin at your face

  5. Gregorio Pena

    R.i.p to 2pac but he was a wanksta... Follower and had no fucking bars, sorry brothers just pure honesty for dat ass... Pac died because he was not a street nigga, LA was too rough for that nigga B... RIP To the P

  6. Roland Sanchez

    This song was the perfect retaliation song to hit back with The best come at you song ever And that's 100

  7. Ryan Jardine

    This came out in august 1996 for those who said Mobb put this out after pac died

  8. jojo dancer

    They both wen in but P maine smh timeless verse

  9. Jur De Brouwer

    Sounds like a immortal technique beat

  10. James Johnson

    P was goin in...shit

  11. James Johnson

    They was on PAC head and never said his name lol.

  12. Douglas Wright

    Gees worth of gun clapping who shot
    Scream louder than a opera new york got cha

  13. Jean Célestin

    Le nom de la chaine <3 une pépite !

  14. Philip Messina

    Hempstead Strong Island stand DA fuck up!!!!

  15. burgundy chuckz

    Shit trash

  16. Manuel Aguilar

    From this to a transexual clown with 69 on his face.....C'mon new york city what happened to your great state??

  17. Shark007

    Rykers island flashbacks to the house you got scuffled in, you would think that getting your head shots enough but then

    I'm sorry Pac but you got destroyed

  18. Shannon Cameron

    This is bullshit

    abdullah türkyılmaz

    He be spittin fax tho

    Shannon Cameron

    abdullah türkyılmaz fax about what

  19. kappkilla 187

    Mobb the true kings of NY. No Hov,BIG,Nas...when the whole NY was on mute and shook to respond they was holdin it down word...

  20. aaron reed

    They gave it to Tupac on this one

  21. mrSargi7

    prodigy stop it.. hes already dead. killed pac before pac got killed. rip to legends

    Phillip Watts, Jr.

    They did this when Pac was still alive.

  22. Derrick Lake

    I get chills as soon as i put it on!!!!!

  23. Derrick Lake


  24. Mobbin Lynch1996

    West Coast Hip Hop Fans are so salty over this

  25. clemsontigz1

    "You dont know who you fkn wit" then that beat drops? Got dayum

  26. clemsontigz1

    Top 5 beat of all time in hip hop. Fkn straight gangsta shit . Give me cold chills everytime I hear it.. #mobbforeva

  27. Felixxx

    I was led here after listening to hit em up and i have to say it's weak af.... Hit em up was sung out of pure rage not this trash just tryna rhyme words

  28. Richard Löwenherz

    This killed pac

  29. Jason Baxter


  30. Jason Baxter


  31. Jason Baxter


  32. QueensBridge 41st side of things

    This was the time in new yitty when it was war on sight . I’m from QB I remember the vibes. We miss you bandana P . DROP A GEM ON EM 💎💎💎

  33. Fizzy Pop

    Mobb Deep tore 2fake a new one. Amazing beat by Havoc and Prod diss is brutal.

  34. Jason Baxter


  35. Jason Baxter

    "T DOT!"

  36. Shotta Redd

    They aired the god Tupac out!!

    Richard Löwenherz

    Shotta Redd they killed him

  37. Bernard Tyler

    Havoc is a beast, my word

  38. Chris Hildreth

    When I need that true east coast sound this is where I find myself

  39. Lee Remix Channel

    2pac diss

  40. Nicholas Bates

    Best pac diss top 5 diss songs all time🔥🔥🙏🏾🤫

  41. bxthorn

    mad haters bet u they all white paleskins

  42. muka ferguson

    The best and most disrespectful diss track in history..if Tupac was alive when this came out he couldn't do anything about it

    Richard Löwenherz

    lex diamond fact

  43. William Brace

    2019 NY stand up still bumping from LI

  44. BJ Greene

    Ha ha my fav revenge track and diss track love Pac though

  45. Ahryon Starling

    They went at pac hard asf

  46. SuperCushcush

    One of The best diss songs of All Time

  47. Sheldon Lax

    2pac and Prodigy up in Heaven squashing the beef right now as we speak. R.I.P to the legends. Love from Toronto

  48. Benjamin Jones

    This is a tupac diss and a remake so imagine the original version

  49. Ezequiel Flores

    Its sad that pac never got to see the diss

  50. Vandalio

    R.i.p prodigy.illest 1st line in a rhyme ...yeah likewise!!!!...tellling lesane cooks whatever you feel for me right back at you.

  51. Joaquin Palmer

    New York need to go back to this mindset son. Right now they buggin on that Cali blood Crip stuff.



    Richard Löwenherz

    NICK WEST ....

  53. The Lost And Forgotten

    Hit Em Up destroyed Mobb Deep. Notice this isn’t even mentioned in anyone’s top ten diss songs? The Game dissing 50 in 300 bars beats this. Stop being so nostalgic. RIP to P and he’s a G for stepping to PAC. Respect. But uh.. if PAC focused a song JUST on Mobb Deep.. they woulda been done. Same way Jay Z smoked them. Hell, PAC barely said a verse concerning them and still won..sometimes it’s the passion and delivery.. not the underground fans and lyricism.

  54. The Lost And Forgotten

    I’m a fan of both Mobb Deep and PAC. Lyrically they did well. But this isn’t the best “diss”. PAC won. Yes, we love lyricism. But PAC is a worldwide legend. Prodigy is a east coast legend. The end. Ain’t one Prodigy song hype me up or make me think... recognize that I said SONG not freestyle or verse

  55. DJ Kool Khris

    Who still listening in 2019?

    Malcom X

    @Duane Simcoe Same... when they hear mobb bumpin in the gym, they know ive took the over Hifi.. they know Im in Da Building💪🏾🔊💯

    Douglas Wright

    Like it just drop
    Hav the whole nys aiming at ya face


    I am but you don’t

    freeyourmind saveyoursoul

    Right here

  56. Emcee Ace

    I love these niggas and Pac is my goat rapper. Mobb Deep is who The Outlawz shoulda been on the Mic. He would came back with heat off the fact that his own head woulda been nodding to this fire lmao like okay lil niggas! Then when they worked together it would been disgusting.

  57. Mike Enders


  58. Marvin Cook

    That Kid P was vicious Factz.......

  59. rob roby

    For you that don't know. That's a Tupac diss. When he got shot 5 times in a New York studio

  60. Ariana Gra-ANDHI

    I'm gonna say it since nobody else will.
    Prodigy > Tupac . Btw I'm a Pac fan


    As a solo rapper Pac shits on Prodigy. Me against the world shits on anything Prodigy ever put out. Blasphemy comparing a legend that dropped 3 straight classics with that dusty nigga.

  61. Dak Rose

    Prodigy went harder than anyone that made a hip hop diss. This was from the heart about that sickle cell comment 👑🅿️👑


    I guess you forgot about Ice Cube no Vaseline? Prodigy didn't even have the heart to say Pac's name.

    Dak Rose

    wais_45 u must’ve never heard “in the long run” calls Pac n Murray out. So this wasn’t about names this is verbal assault just take it baby girl

  62. Bobby Lorenzo

    Garbage track. Fatal and Kadafi were about to destroy mobb deep. Them niggaz bowed down to Napoleon saying they didn’t want beef and weren’t talking about Pac. Mobb deep = fake niggaz...

  63. micheal jordan

    a women...

  64. Rick Vega

    Damn !!!

  65. Paulos Kidane

    I honestly think this song gets to much praise...


    West coast diss🤔🎯💯🔥🔥🔥👑👑👑

  67. Ricardo Campbell

    Clocks tick.,
    Your day's are numbered in low digits.
    You look suspicious.
    Now listen to the song cowboys by the fugees., & Picture me rolling by Tupac. They all predicted tupacs death.

  68. Nazario Bazan

    Prodigy and Pac in heaven sipping sum Henny smoking a blunt laughing at their past

  69. Apocalyptic

    Average in terms of Dissing. But Great mobb deep song overall, beat is crazy but There’s nothing special about this diss which is why it never blew. They don’t got special lines like “ I fucked ur bitch” or no exposing like “this snitch named hatian jack, knew he was working with the feds, same crime, different, night picture what he said” and then it’s a subliminal that’s why I say this is ur normal mobb deep song plus have of the things prodigy says in this song is bullshit like “you don’t know the half of my crew” or how he’ll have the whole New York State shooting at pac because even during the beef pac had mad power and goons in New York lol and mobb didn’t have enough clout, money, or power to battle death row or pac. They were babies at the time that’s why pac never tooked them or this song seriously and always murdered them
    With one line😂 plus pac was in Manhattan a week after this track came out and nothing happened, mobb was nowhere to be found. And queensbridge niggas was there

  70. Bernell Scott

    That piano sample though...

  71. Knuckle Game

    They "dug in Pacs Sh't" on this one! Rest in Power P. Greatly missed beloved. THAT OFFICIAL GULLY #NY HIPHOP! ✌🙏

    Rico Risken

    RIP Pac too, but most certainly RIP Prodigy as well

  72. Oval

    Tired of this 2Pac dickriding. Dude is one of the most mediocre rappers I've ever heard, but that wasn't his biggest sin. His biggest sin was that his music is straight up mediocre.


    LMAO Classic Eurotrash rap fan. Pac made 3 classic albums while Mobb Deep as a group made 2. You have Prodigy's dead nuts in your mouth fucking goof.

  73. TaCtic Man

    Move from me

  74. Abdul Muhammad

    This shit wack.

  75. Walter white

    “Your days are numbered in low digits” 👏👏

  76. Backyard Bully

    You yell my name thats only giving me props

  77. Backyard Bully

    Hardcore hip hop

  78. Steven Obiol

    Pac got ate

  79. Its Gems

    stop forgetting about havoc he got bars too

  80. Jeremy Pietrykowski

    Pac still won the beef

  81. daniel choloply

    He killed that bitch ass pussy pac..... dropped a gem on him!!!!!!!

  82. m0kab0

    best diss ever

  83. Flako

    They just jumped on pac on this!wonder how he would have reacted to this if he was alive..

    Rico Risken

    Pac died 2 weeks after this came out, it's literally ON WAX


    Rico Risken that’s true but I’m sure he didn’t hear this.

    Rico Risken

    @Flako why else would he make 7 more diss tracks for Mobb Deep that just ended up posthumous?? It only seems logical that Mobb Deep TRIGGERED 2pac more into an angry state.

  84. THE BEST

    Damn they really chopped tupac into pieces on this one..

  85. DOLO

    Probably no.1 diss song of all time

  86. Genycis

    One of my favorite tracks... wish hip hop was still like this now! Prodigy killed it on this track! Straight lyrical warfare to a bangin' beat! 🔥💯

  87. Eric Hawkins

    Pac is my favorite of all times..but i got 2 give it up to prodigy this how you go 2 war. Havoc his was sub par didnt move me.

  88. Chuck King

    I heard this was released while pac was in the hospital in Las Vegas

  89. Pavlos

    I need that piano loop


    It's funny looking back at the time when this supposed beef was happening this clapback was like a mole hill to Tupac's mountain. Many artists express themselves now in ways to put them on the same level as Tupac after his death when in reality they were not. I think all of this beef was bullshit. However, Prodigy and Havoc was/or great talents as well and in times of great oppression against our people we need more rebel music and clap backs at our government and system like Bob Marley used his music weapon! In our current times why don't we see our rappers making music for social change like artists back in the civil rights era????

  91. jason m

    LA Ca born and raised but this shit goes hard💯💯💯RIP Prodigy who else here August 2019?still🔥🔥🔥

  92. Sean Gray

    2pac will always be my favorite emcee, but I find his battle raps to be some of his worst songs. He can’t go against Prodigy in his prime when it comes to lyrical battles.

  93. Danian Dyn

    I remember they had to push this album back 2 months so they could take Pac name off the track

  94. Dylan Nicolodi

    Mobb Deep for life and after!
    P’s verse is fucking incredible, such gritty, violent mental pictures throughout!

    RIP P

  95. Drew Hodges

    Mobb Deep was better than Tupac. Sorry.

    Paulos Kidane

    In terms of what,exactly??

  96. ForwardBoss 65

    Better than 6ix9ine and Blueface any day, any year.

  97. R Nottelling

    Had the whole New York State aiming at ya face.... goosebumps 🤫


    lmao funny that mobb deep used to get bullied in New York, specifically Prodigy.