Mobb Deep - Dirt Lyrics

Call it how it is - according to the facts
If rap was prison our shit would be the Supermax
No sunshine, just dark skies
Nothing but dark thoughts going through my mind
I got bad blood, mad love only for the team though
Everyone one of us is the shooter, now where the beef go
I ain't seen none of these niggas and we out here
Wanna be celebrity thugs a lot of mouth, yeah
Oh my God we could not be fucked with
Real shit look at our life all in the public
We under the microscope they all watching us
We have no choice but to keep it trill they sizing us
And if they wasn't God, always pay attention don't he
I couldn't live with myself being phony
Look, if life was a game then I guess we winning
Cause this life we made for ourselves is bitching

Didn't want to do it but the voices tug and pullin'
On my eardrums something that I knew I shouldn't
Got me wildin with the ratchet out like shit is legal
Looking for a victim put 'em in the fetal
Fuck is going on? when it's on I know it's on
But shit not really popping and I'm looking for a war
Looking out my window pointing shit at police
To make matters worse I'm sipping on some OE
Shit got me buzzing, I'm already bugging though
With mad [?] bottles that I drank about a month ago
Fuck is on my mind? I'm feeling bipolar
Plus paranoid looking over both shoulders
I woke up with blood on my hands
Fuck I do this time? now a nigga scared
Fuck, I'll probably get the fucking chair
Grab my fucking gun, a few clothes son I'm outta here

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Mobb Deep Dirt Comments
  1. Art_by_Kela

    Fire THAN___Fire NOW

  2. Amante Apasionado

    This beat is crazy

  3. cedrob93 cb

    real hardcore the greatest Mobb Deep

  4. troy parris

    P Spazz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Carlos Gutierrez

    this beat kinda different I wonder if it's alchemist beat

    Morris Dean Baker

    Carlos Gutierrez it’s produced by !llmind.

  6. Cristian Cristoiu

    when i listen this song it makes me feel invincible ...the beat is ruff

  7. M K

    11 people are now clean

  8. Tomas tog

    Media pista ctm

  9. SolDieR of Christ 20Six75

    Real Shit yo 626 Dena
    Soldier of Christ
    3 Six Killa

  10. Devontae' Pratt

    I can imagine Eminem on this going off although they don't need him this that shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯

  11. Big D L

    Their last and one of their most slept-on albums...classic 90's mobb deep beats&lyrics in 2014

    Mandela Sangster

    Agreed. Sound like their old shit!

    Boss Ace22

    This is crazy I'm listening to the whole album right now and haven't heard a bad song yet Mobb Deep is the greatest hip hop duo of all time

  12. Ahmed Han yildiz

    RIP One of the Infamous Brothers
    Prodigy The Don P The HNIC
    Forever MoBB DeeP

  13. lil' man

    real nigga shit

  14. Gun em down Villy

    gangsta shit

  15. Gun em down Villy

    gangsta shit

  16. khalidntokozo

    mobb deep is back on the game...


    deadly new york shit!!!