Mobb Deep - Bloodsport Lyrics

Turn them heaadphones up
To my man Nigga-No, yo
Killa Bee
No doubt

I kick that progress
And to that dumb nigga god bless
I know you can't sleep or rest behind that bullshit
Now you rock the best, scared to death while you walkin
Fuckin up the talkin, we straight up, New Yorkin
We blowin niggas
Heart attack stroking niggas
Provoking niggas, shittin all over niggas
You rollin thick, but sure the Mobb rollin thicker
Get that liquor, turn your back ice pick ya
But fuck that
Stickin with the gat is quicker
Scared to come around my corner, you ass nigga
Do a jaw way all day fake shit
What you gonna do outta town, play bit(ch)
And run like a faggot switch take the whole shit
And show the world don't sweat it baby girl
I gotta hem
And pull the gat like a stem
You all fucked up like a off beat blend
I send message that you couldn't read clear
Try to play the front but you got stuck in the rear
Take it as a letter but I'm not sincere

This ain't rap, it's bloodsport
Your life cut short, you fell short
Pressure's on high, full court
My team form killer instincts and fire arms
Dangerous stuff mine's brainstorm wars
A life of a wild rebel, who run wild
Clik (blaow-blaow) nigga lay down (blaow) fool stay down
Appear, disappear, a hydro cloud
While you running at the mouth a hundred miles, I'm out
Mobb Deep style from the depths of Hempstead
Get ninja'd
I creep quiet, keep the live nigga inchin'
Listen, who are you to throw your fist in?
Hit like a bitch, run like a faggot an take the whole shit
That's it
I had to pass here with shit
It's time for showtime, let's see how deep things get
You want to talk tough and get all delinquent
You find yourself all bloodied up and shameded
Me and my man pioneered this violent nigga rap shit
Bust a gat, give me no fear of that, I'm laughin
What's up there? let's take you there and touch something
I'm a maniac, brainiac, fanatic at that
Capable of combat, P counterattack
In some hot wheels, sendin shots out the back
It was a foul way to go, Kicko
You know the ropes so...
Bloodsport motherfucker

Ay yo the rockweiler
Chew in chew out ass niggas, pull em on your collar
And let the lights dimmin
And you'll be swimmin in a puddle of reality, juice
Fatality too
This rap is the bitch, you shouldn't marry the two
To the set of prenumtual
Got paid in too comfortable
It's all good, we don't want to humble
And while you shinin in the spotlight
I got this dot right
The aimed right a stoplight
The trife life, ain't no part two's
When it's over it's over you hit
Now send your soldierly stool

[repeat last stanza]

Nigga, bloodsport

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Mobb Deep Bloodsport Comments
  1. Adas641

    Stachu siema

  2. Heavy-D:40

    Wuddup P ? We still holding you down nigga.

  3. Charly 37

    C'est la base des 90s .référence ultime des " caisses claires ".

  4. B Morris

    Hav's baselines are epic

  5. Todd Johnson

    still my favorite verse,.. don't sweat it baby girl..👊

  6. Todd Johnson

    Mobb deep is so of the best lyrics of all time👊

  7. Marko Pejic

    2019 and still 🔥🔥🔥

  8. sprzedawca bananów

    stachu siema

  9. im gokmen

    BloodSport G.A.N.G

  10. sprzedawca bananów

    stachu siema

  11. Kendrick Hall

    One of my Great Ones forever.

  12. Ibrahim Arslan

    Look at war report from capone and noreaga album . Im the album book cd book you see a big picture with all the homies. But one guy is scratch away thats kiko the snitch. This track is about kiko the snitch they diss him

  13. CornyFresh Cheese

    Dope as fuck! Props to Hav, one of the most underrated rappers from the 90s. Love.

  14. ed bur

    Havoc went beast mode

  15. {D_ Dogg}

    Back in a time when most rappers weren’t bullshitters for the money

  16. Mateusz Tadeusz

    wow... why oldschool....

  17. Duston Landscapes

    Never forget

  18. UltrasUltrasikPL


  19. HipHopMusic

    Check out if u want my channel i upload hip hop songs n albums.

  20. Ale Hop

    Mobb deep te lo escribo en español eres el mejor después de 2pac todos mis respetos

  21. Philip Maxwell

    R.I.P. Killa B (Havoc's younger brother) and Prodigy!

  22. StayGold PonyBoy


  23. J P

    Capable Of Combat ; P Counter-Attack & Some Hot Wheels Sending Shots Out From The Back - RIP Big P ;)

  24. CrakaBakBlak

    "you're all fucked up like an off beat"

  25. goodkat 99

    Real rap music. La bonne époque

  26. Denis Edmunds

    This is my ringtone on my phone! R.I.P PRODIGY👍

  27. skateski

    laid back but dangerous shit

  28. Satchel Paige

    One of the HARDEST!!

  29. MattCeran1108

    stachu siema

    Big Smoke

    siema siema

  30. ed burshtan

    Prodigy rest in bro

  31. James Soria

    He was talking bout pac when he said reality juice ha since pac made that movie juice

  32. smieszny zul



    siema siema

  33. GantzIsSloppy

    set this to my alarm clock

  34. DJ MD-1 Music Channel

    Nothing but real oldschool


    Can’t ever get old of these tunes !!

  36. Powerful fitness

    Miss you P

  37. killarmy100

    Top 5 track of all time

  38. MaZaKaRaL

    R.I.P 2pac, R.I.P P... First of all this was probably a dickmove by the Mobb dissin Pac after he passed, but you got to remember Pac kept callin P out for his sickle cell so there ain't any rules for ridicule. I'm a big fan of both, but Mobb's music has saved me over recent years. It's good to see that over the years of Pac's passing though that Mobb has shown love to Pac, particularly P, he's shouted him out in his last album the "hegelian dialectic" calling him family. Fuck all that trash whack shit out playing nowadays, I'm gonna be bumpin the Mobb, 2pac, Cormega and all that oldschool grimey shit til I pass on. Word..

  39. Gho$T World Nation U-TuB

    My shit forever


    Türk varmı

  41. sickhiophopjunkie89

    Fucken prodigy.. helped mold the golden era of hip hop no doubt ... mobb killed it whole album is bananas

  42. Night Night

    Mobb Deep is subliminal sneak DISSIN 2Pac on this song

    Jean Paul

    @D Dre
    yep that's why I say "ofcourse" .

    B Morris

    @Jean Paul they were dissing 2Pac on Shook Ones pt 2. "Some get shot, locked down, and turned nuns" that's how the beef started.

    Jean Paul

    @B Morris Word, I can see that being subliminal and tie that with survival of the fittest.

    B Morris

    @Jean Paul both of those and then when 2Pac had his lil Homies roll up on them, on 3 occasions, they were quiet in the car saying nothing. Prodigy admits this in his book.

    Rashad Taylor

    Sneak dissing Keith Murray...😄

  43. Premixm

    One of the illest beats of all time

    john doe

    definitely one of my fav beatz eva💯

    justin Collins

    Much better than the infamous production wise. Hav was super saiyan on the boards

  44. RedRedMCmusic

    Bass knocks in the whip

  45. Oliver Hernandez

    🔥🔥 this that right here

  46. HRG AAG

    Zzzzzzz for all y'all.
    Murder instance....

  47. Mathieu Filion


  48. IIG

    These niggas were made to rap together, I swear! No other duo had this type of chemistry. They made each other better. Neither was as good on solo songs or projects. RIP Prodigy!!!

    Romain Berger

    IIG Underachievers got this type of chemistry

  49. Xilo Channel

    1:16 I never thought someone could look like FFVII Cid, but this cat looks exactly like him in this photo.


    Lmao so true. That pic of havoc makes me think of Gothika with Halle Berry lol. Such good picture.

  50. coachkfan1

    "P disappear in a hydro cloud"...

  51. john john


  52. Da Alv

    rip bro, prodigy

  53. Josh Betancourt

    rip prodigy. dammit man!!! 😭😭😭

  54. Lavon Scarlett

    Rip to a rap legend.

  55. Ali Hu Chyad

    goodbye P ♥️😢

  56. Celeste Mccleave

    Peace 2 da GOD P. (R.I.P.)

  57. omnipräsent

    Rest in Peace P! Why.......


    Word a year later I'm still fucked up over it


    R.I.P Prodigy 😔🙏🏾💯

  59. TheChibiGuy


    john doe


  60. Heijeneiskan


    B Morris

    @RON 2000 terrace

    BIG NY

    No not terrace ave im pretty sure park side

    BIG NY

    I grew up on terrace ave
    when that shit was wild

    B Morris

    @BIG NY who are you? I'm from the block. 100 building OBN

    Michael Woods

    I just was in Hempstead a week ago walking around midnight tryna find bud shit was dry lol.
    R.I.P P tho
    I'm from Fl btw

  61. James Soria

    This is a better diss to pac than Drop a Gem on em

    Young Finesse

    Jordan B Nope not a L, both disses are trash

    Jordan B

    @Young Finesse L for u

    Young Finesse

    Jordan B listen to against all odds and when we ride on our enemies, pac destroyed mobb deep. Pac won the beef gtfoh

    Young Finesse

    Alex Jones no pac disses went harder and were more solid more hardcore, those disses were posthumous disses and mobb deep had more than 1 diss too. What if a rapper diss a rapper and the other nigga diss back and than they keep dissing each other, having multiple dissed on someone don’t make you lose even if you release a lot of disses at once. Foh pac won easily

    Young Finesse

    Alex Jones listen to when we ride on our enemies and against all odds. they were diss tracks of mobb deep, hit em up was a warning.

  62. bay reh

    they went in on 2pac

  63. Pat Provost

    2 pac. this was better than drop a gem. this was the true bullseye on 2 pac.

  64. jmaal2345

    "You want to talk tough and get all delinquent
You find yourself all bloodied up and shameded
Me and my man pioneered this violent nigga rap shit
Bust a gat, give me no fear of that, I'm laughing
What's up there? Let's take you there and touch something
I'm a maniac, brainiac, fanatic for that
Capable of combat, P counterattack
In some hot wheels, sending shots out from the back
It was a foul way to go, Kicko
You know the ropes so"

    Prodigy is a lyrical legend. 🔥🔥🔥

    MadMan 90

    jmaal2345 did you know that Prodigy was subliminal sneak DISSIN 2Pac Havoc was doing the same thing on this track

  65. Michael Jackson

    Damn P kill this shit! Bars after bars.

  66. MrAkaalis

    Whenever I blazed an L, it was always to this song in some good earphones...

    {D_ Dogg}

    MrAkaalis nah every time I blazed any spliff whether it was a flip mode, L or even a blunt I’d throw on mobb deep before playing any other track i listened to

  67. All Around Strong


  68. Bummy Davis

    P's verse on this shit is easily top 10 illest verses in rap history

    All Around Strong


    King Fresh

    Bummy Davis yeah that nigga p was a demon on this

    Israel Rosario Jr.

    Bummy Davis, YES SIR. Plus, little known fact, this was a quiet dis verse towards Pac. Salute to Mobb Deep for standing tall during that unfortunate east/west coast beef. R.I.P Pac, B.I.G, Prodigy...90s hip hop legends.

  69. MCorleone

    Damn, using this song as a entrance in boxing would be so badass

    Worn out Testicles

    Cosmic Moor Floyd was too busy suckin off Justin Beaver to appreciate Hip Hop like this


    @voutolliC22 0:30

    jay ferrer

    Or get delt wit quick

    Dan Osanu

    This , God pt 3 or Animal Instinct would be a madness !!!

    Son Goku

    Mcorleone I gotchu

  70. JeOneSeven V9

    I will always love Queens Hip Hop.

    Unelected Bureaucrat

    yeah that queens mentality spawned some great music

    Benny Blanco

    nas, raekwon and mobb deep

    MCO Kim

    Benny Blanco Raekwon is from Staten Island

  71. kakudji luhalwe


  72. fokus9000

    I saw mobb deep out here in Southern Cali and they gave their respects to pac.


    William Lockson nigga shut your fag ass up

    Ale Hop

    Toda la razón te doy hermano a dado la casualidad que as comentado lo mismo que yo

    Kyle Gray

    The Harder they fall.

    J Park

    Stop lyin f*ck pac. Not every rapper has to d*icksuck pac like u and ur homo ballerina fan boys

    Mobb Deep

    Fuck pac





    rashad brown




  76. Patrick Farrell


  77. D-Nyce Smoove

    This ill shit is strictly 4 the streets. Bloodsport muthafuckas.

  78. hugo alejandro miranda mercado

    una obra maestra.

    Miguel Cid

    hugo alejandro miranda mercado Sin lugar a dudas compita!

    Josh Siebenthall


  79. b4ld018

    Bloodsport   there is no part 2's 

  80. luisfilipe cervela

    Creo que es el mejor tema de Mobb Deep,es bueno a más no poder

  81. Dan Osanu

    "My team form killer instincts and firearms, dangerous thug minds that brainstorm war "

    Michael Jackson

    hard a fuck

    MCO Kim

    P bodied this. One my favorite verses from him. RIP Prodigy

  82. HipHopHead187

    @***** "Drop a gem on'em" was also a 2Pac diss.


    @***** Yea but Pac was really the only  1 with the balls 2 mention anybody that came in his way....Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas, Mobb Deep, Chino XL, Dr.dre....etc 

    Jay Kay

    +HipHopHead187 mobb deep wasn't in his way n he ain't diss the mobb like the mobb dissed him pac didn't have a chance to respond to the mobb kuz this shit came out b4 right b4 he died


    In his way? Listen 2 the records....Any1 riding for Biggie was a problem for him. HE says it.

    "If you a bad boy then you die
    Westside outlawz when we ride, get me high
    They fucked up when the rob me
    Put another contract on Mobb Deep"

    on Runnin' on E w/ the Outlawz. Even he mentions them on Hit'em up also. u bugging...u need 2 listen 2 the records & interviews from both sides. 

    "Us, the first to bust, who do we trust? Out for Mobb Deep and Jay-Z, dead in the dust,
    I told you punks that I was after Biggie... You got involved, now we bout to bust on all ya'll... going all out..."
    & thats from the joint called "Die Slow"

    He also disses them subliminally in a song called "Bomb first" by Pac & the Outlawz. but the intro does mention Nas, Mobb Deep, Biggie, & Jay-Z. 

    I rest my case.....

    Nathan Cifuentes

    HipHopHead187 FUCK YEAH , ALL OUT (OG)

  83. Kane Johnson

    in London in the early 00's n b4 you would have seen the grimiest of the dark brown n grey brutalist architecture council estates n some hunted looking Victorian building while the streets are filed with fog go down the wrong road n end up bumping into 8 2 25 hooded thugs smoking a zoot in a tower block or clustered building staircase looking for some1 to rush stab or even shoot more likely if its a very seriously rough part of the city which the media tried to belittle or hind under a rock

  84. Morn Wood

    Dam haven't listened to shit since 97 bumpin this on 22nf street in Brooklyn.

  85. Jerseybadboy31

    " I got this dot right,the aimed right a stoplight, the trife life, ain't no part two's ". Bars for days....

  86. Wes Craven


  87. blackdragon7803

    Uh, I'm white and I have heard every single mobb deep album and have bought many. The songs have meaning and it seems you're trying to label us! Considering that white people make up About 30% of all rap albums sold in the U.S. Im VERY FAMILIAR WITH THIS ALBUM! Murda Muzic was also a classic. I like the fact that they let a southern rapper 8 ball on 1 of they're songs. 8 ball is a pretty good rapper. The song is called "where you from". I'm from the south and I like that they showed some love!

  88. blackdragon7803

    The MOBB !!!!

  89. blackdragon7803

    This rap shit is a bitch you shouldn't marry the 2!

  90. Morn Wood

    Are you gay??

  91. Hip Hop Junkie

    once mobb deep signed with g unit I stopped liking them. but old mob deep is raw as FUCK

  92. kingofgames93

    Sick beat

  93. Brian Rossiter

    Mobb rules this shit. Idc how old it is now I grew up listenin to this when I lived in ny an its way betteer then the southern rap. Other then three six.

  94. JackScrolls

    killa beez & Mobb deep ain't nuthin to fuc* with!

  95. Morgan Fisher

    Damn they ate PAC up on this shit......

  96. Royal nash

    word thats how i be feeling when im bumping some ill music