Moana Cast - Warrior Face (Outtake) Lyrics

We've got a job to do
We need to survive
So you're afraid, good...
That means you're alive

No matter what we face
We run the show
It's time to use your face
To let em know

Now take your fear, pain, joy, rage
Mix 'em up together into something that the world still hasn't seen

What do you mean?

Warrior face
Show 'em you mean business
With your warrior face
Put 'em all in line
When you face challenges and dangers
You fix your face to face the world
Prepare your face to face the world



Come on, Moana


Now make a face that puts the bad guys in their place
'Til they regret the decisions they made that day
That led to standing in your way

Warrior face

Teach 'em there's no foolin'
With your warrior face

Show 'em what's in store
Warrior face

Knock 'em back and school 'em
With the face of a warrior
You have the face of a warrior

It doesn't matter how you feel inside
Don't reveal inside
You keep it real inside

You make a face that makes 'em terrified
You make 'em scared inside
Your teeth are bared, alright

[Moana & Maui:]
We're getting out of here alive
We're getting out of here alive
You're gonna help us to survive
You're gonna help us survive
We're getting out of here alive
You're gonna help us to survive
With your...

Warrior face!

'Til it's second nature
Make your warrior face

Sing your warrior song
Oh that warrior face

Time to demonstrate you've been a warrior all along
You've been a warrior all along

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Moana Cast Warrior Face (Outtake) Comments
  1. sparkle Miller The Blue chipette

    Why does this remind me of Alexander and Philip?

    I need to stop with the Hamilton referencing

  2. Nikki bella bella

    Omg is tje rock singing this...!?haha crak up!?🤣

  3. Jordan Greene

    The only complaint I have about Lin is he always manages to take my personal favorite song out of every show 😂

  4. gg p

    0:45 KILLS ME OMFG

  5. Palillo Fabian

    Es como oir a hamilton cantar :"v

  6. Kasey Kitten

    *when Hamilton finds out about Phillip's duel*

  7. Lucas Emerson

    I'm glad that they don't put this in the movie,it is a Nice song but i don't think that matches moana

  8. Whacknut

    So. There was potential to see Maui drop us a Pūkana. Shame we didn't get it.

  9. Benita The Big UwU

    I feel like Lin recorded this on a MacBook Pro in a hotel room and the people in the room next to his were watching a football game until they heard a girly yell.

  10. Crying Potato

    I’m not sure if I like this one or Chris and Pippa’s one better

  11. Kyra

    No wonder it was cut from Moana. It has SUCH cRiNgE

    Rialster 2000

    This is a demo. If it was in the film it would've been with the Moana actor and the Rock and would've been more polished.

  12. sstarstruckk


  13. Chelsea Hill

    This would make a really good song for a short

  14. Canterlat. Sub

    *My name Alexander hamilton*

  15. audrey blythe

    if Hercules Mulligan sang this: show them your warrior face, *BRAH*

  16. Calla Bourdeau

    Yaaassssss Lin!!!! I’m sitting in my room in my Hamilton hoodie right now.❤️

  17. Alexis M.

    I love Miranda so much....

  18. death drop

    i love how he swallows the mic at 1:58

  19. Toasty Slayr

    Hamilton: "So you're afraid? Good; that means you're alive."

    Burr: Not yet. Wait until Act 2. ;)

  20. Yared Kokeb

    I like the other one better

  21. jirouke is shookth

    I love him harmonizing with himself it makes me FUCKING LAUGH

  22. nova and kanna

    I wish you didn't take this song out the movie! But if you needed to for personal , dark , secretive or not child friendly reasons , then that would be fine. But I would've really enjoyed if you kept it in.

  23. A Mere Mortal

    Dwayne could have made it sound awesome, though

  24. ¿ Anyone there?

    I can just imagine Lin in a room alone screaming and talking to himself 😂

  25. Samantha Banya

    it sounds like garage band was used as the backing track

  26. Alyson Amey

    I can understand why this was deleted....

  27. Alyson Amey

    This don't sound like the voice actors XD

    Gravy Cat_

    Alyson Amey Lol this is Lin singing it, he made the moana soundtrack so he made this to show the actual actors how to sing it. Thats why it sounds weird.

  28. Chelsea.Face

    MY GOD i wanna see this in the movie...this song is SO GOOD

  29. The Great Potato

    Lol I was directed here cause this wasnt in teh movie so I was like "Wat the heck"

  30. Piggy GamerYT

    You're not afraid? Bad. It means you are dead...

  31. *•Emma Animates•*

    This Is Diffrent😳

  32. SkyeTheTsubaki

    Can someone pls make an animatic of Hamilton singing this to himself but in like moana and Maoi outfits?? xD

  33. MIKA

    I'm a simple person
    If I see Lin
    I click

  34. The Disney Critic

    The song by itself is okay, but THANK GOD it didn't make the final cut, because that would've sounded very out of place in an already gorgeous soundtrack and movie. In fact, it would've sounded really creepy.

  35. Willson 2010

    The deleted song BUT WHY!!!!

  36. brenqle

    Moana but it's taken over by Alexander Hamilton

  37. AK FUN

    If this is a deleted song then why is it out

    Rialster 2000

    This is a demo. That's why the Movie actors aren't singing it.

  38. Jeorge Teneso

    It's hilarious to think that Lin is swapping between characters with wigs in the bathroom 😂

  39. Dio Brando

    Can you make this an instrumental song? I've been dying to listen to one (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ RAH!!!

  40. Jasper Thy Spirit

    should have been added in its catchy as hell

  41. Christina H

    The point of a demo isn't to be perfect. It's like judging a hit novel on the first draft. Could you imagine if he had done this song to the same quality as the ones we saw in the movie ONLY to have it rejected as soon as he presented it? This song didn't get too far along in the iterations.

  42. Evergreen Fox

    The Hamilton fans are coming...

  43. Mistmoon 12

    ..............this is the demo-demo, the demo was sung by Phillipa Soo and Chris Jackson, which is crazy!

  44. Catloaf

    This is so painfully cheesy

  45. What the fuck if im happy im gonna die????? o.o

  46. Daynielle Bono Delgado

    I love the part where maui says the "HA!" part like if u agree lol

  47. skydatboi

    ωну ιѕ тнιѕ ∂єℓєтє∂?

  48. ana

    I just love how Lin makes the 2 voices by himself xd

  49. Air Conditioning

    i just realized its hamilton whats singing

  50. シアーシャ Saoirse

    Can Auli'i and The Rock sing?

  51. Alexander Ham.

    I love this song. It is so beautiful.

  52. JakeThePigeon

    Put this in I Moana

  53. Surtu

    His screams are fantastic.

  54. baNNaNNaLiCiOuS

    I really wish this song would've made it into the movie 😭😭😭

  55. Areyougonnareply No ok

    The comments are filled with Hamilton trash 😂 Lin we never stopped listening to u😂😂

  56. OOF


  57. Magic

    "warrior face"


  58. Sophia Villarreal

    lin yelling to himself and telling himself to be louder is the new best thing in my life

  59. mariah

    Lin i love this!!! But the screams are so funny! xD

  60. Mutton Sputton

    I really don't like this song

  61. Little Anime Lover

    This would have been awesome. The Rock really needs to sing this, espacially for the "raah". XD

  62. Random Stranger

    this is a cover??


    No, this is a demo where the songwriter tries to find out how they want their song to sound.

  63. burningphoenix36

    The crack after alive so cute

  64. Rowan T. Films

    when maui dose his warrior face he sounds like tim curry from IT

  65. MrWhatdafuBOOM


  66. Xion gaming


  67. Blue Kayanite

    I saw the animatic version on the Blu-Ray. Why isn't that one part of the soundtrack, too? I really like that version.

  68. Sweatgirl17 Gonzalaz

    WTF IS THIS😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡


    It's a demo/outtake. Why are you so triggered?

  69. I lov dick

    What happened to his voice

  70. Gargirl

    Aww why was this cut out?!

  71. Hey Y’all

    this was needed I like this song

  72. jihansa

    Didn't he end up getting Pippa and Chris to sing this or something idk

  73. Leah AnamaticMations

    We've got a job to do we need to survive so your afraid good it means your alive no matter what we face we run the show it's time to use your face to let them know now take your fear pain joy rage mix them up to something that the world still hasn't seen what do you mean warrior face show them you mean business with your warrior face put them all a line when you face challenges and dangers you fix your face your face to face the world prepare your face to let them know lower stronger come on moana better now make a face that puts the bad guys in there place till they regret the disunion they made that day which led the disunion in there way hey warrior face show them what's in store it doesn't matter how you feel inside don't reveal inside you keep it real inside make a face that makes them terrified your teeth are beard inside we're getting out of hear a alive your gonna help us to survive with your warrior face show them second nature with my warrior face

    Leah AnamaticMations

    Make your warrior face sing your warrior song oh that warrior

    Leah AnamaticMations

    Face time to demonstrate you've been warrior all along yes you've been warrior all along

    Leah AnamaticMations

    Together I mean

  74. Princess Raven Diamond

    It would've been cool if Lin did a professional version of this song rather than this demo. it's still cool to hear what could've been part of the movie

  75. Derpyfruit

    tmw u feel the Hamilton vibe..oh its only me

  76. Flavia

    Happy that they didn't include this song in the movie XD

  77. Maddy Love Cats


  78. Marilia Serodio

    even as a huge hamilton fan, i have to admit that our dear lin is not the best singer...


    He's not the best singer but he's definitely better than he is in his demos. He's great in Hamilton and In the Heights along with the song We Know the Way.

  79. Jay Bonn

    Yeah Lin cant sing. don't get me wrong he's a great rapper but he cant sing.


    It's a demo. His singing is good in Hamilton.

    Jay Bonn

    I know its a demo but even still his singing is only adequate not amazing not terrible but just ok


    I still think he's amazing at singing.

    Jay Bonn

    dragonsareawesome123 #respect as in I respect that

  80. JJ Playz

    Thats not even on Moana,How do I know let me tell you I watched Moana 84 times and Im not lying


    Pretty late on this, but it's an outtake. Don't mean to sound like a smart-ass though, sorry. :')

  81. P a t h e t i c H a m s t e r

    it didnt make it to the final movie :C

  82. Dali-Dog

    0:52 lol, the yelling made me actually laugh

  83. katrina

    I really wanted to see this in the actual movie :( Perhaps they could make Moana 2

  84. IronicallyJuno


  85. sillygal 96

    i love this man so much. He had a vision and recorded what was in his mind, going over and beyond to even sing ever voice part (even Moana) it's just TOO CUTE!

  86. Jorce Ciurdis

    Is Jack Black??? XD

  87. Gorem

    Wish the actaul character voices were singing these

  88. Papoy Minions

    Am I the only one who heard "Dark Horse - Katy Perry" tunes?

  89. Ally V. Casad

    They don't have this part in the movie

  90. Zoro L

    I dont remember this music in the movie 0-o

  91. Lucylu

    he can't sing

    Rachel Moran

    Lucylu what the hell do you mean this is a demo if you want to judge his singing go listen to Hamilton or we know the way from moana just from one song (which isn't even a final piece) you can't judge or decide if he is a bad singer.PS he was ill while singing this and the other DEMOS

  92. Levi Ackerman

    Those screams xD jesus

  93. Friendly Neighborhood Fangirl

    This is so beautiful oml

  94. Jazmin Goforth

    Wow as if they didn't put this in the movie , like moana is my fav film but I really dk why they deleted this scene

    Like if u agree

  95. Lanie Clark

    Lin I love you but.. you sound tired. Are you okay?

  96. Spider London

    Anyone know what would've been going on if this was in the movie?