Moana Cast - More (Reprise) (Outtake) Lyrics

She showed me day after day
How to find my way
She taught me how to rely
On the wind and sky
She named me after the sea
She believed in me
I know we use to be bold
From the tales she told
I know she left me prepared
From the things she shared
There was more she wanted to see

Staring at the barrier together on the shore
We practice all the names of everyone who came before me
Voyagers, warriors, ancestors in our line
Their blood runs in mine

She always knew more
She hungered for more
She taught me more
And somehow I know
She'd want me to go

To navigate, you have to keep your island in your mind
You'll know what lies ahead if you remember what's behind you
Want to find the answers to the questions that you still don't know
You just have to go, find more

I wanna know more
There's always more
How can I stay
She taught me the way

Every turn I take
Every trail I track
Every path I make
Every road leads back to the sea
I am sailing to the edge of the sea
And it calls me...

Moana go now
Moana don't stall
Don't worry 'bout how
Just answer the call of the sea
There's nothing there holding me

If I had time
I'd say goodbye

I will cross the divide, I will ride
I will see what's on the other side
With the ocean as my guide, on the tide
I will go where no one's ever been before
There's always more

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