Mitchell, Beverley - Angel Lyrics

Have you ever met an angel
Whose smile is like the sun
Whose laugh is like a melody
That reaches everyone

Have you ever hugged an angel
Swept up in their embrace
And swear there's nothing in this world
That makes you feel that safe

Have you ever really loved an angel
Once you have you'll never be the same again
Have you ever had to let go of an angel
Say goodbye, let 'em fly, my angel, my best friend

Have you felt the strength of an angel
When you needed it the most
Lifted by those gentle wings
You know you're not alone
Every now and then I feel the peace inside
Wherever life may take me, I'm guided by that light

Have you ever really loved an angel
Once you have you'll never be the same again
Have you ever had to let go of an angel
Say goodbye, let 'em fly, my angel, my best friend

Cause I have really loved an angel
How could I ever be the same
Cause I have had to let go of my angel
Say goodbye, let 'em fly, my angel, my best friend

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Mitchell, Beverley Angel Comments
  1. Anthony Manuel

    Here from Right on Track

  2. Shyanne Tarman

    I lost my brother 2/28/18 and i just lost my pap 10/22/19 they both my angels

  3. SeventeenBeauty

    I needed this. I lost my path to Jesus but I found my path back in life and I feel more connected with no questions in my heart. I know I am a good and kind person. I have found a magical eraser to start brand new. I feel it was just my path he chose for me and important lessons I had to learn the hard way in my life.

  4. Jodi Venezia

    I just recently lost my boy best friend of 15 years on September 27th... Everyday at 11:11 he always sends me a sign saying he is with me. I miss him so much!! Love you my bro!!!

  5. Whitney Sheffer

    I love love this song. It's so very Sweet. I can really relate to this song.

  6. Marissa Scaggs

    Today's my angels 11th birthday. I miss her so much! 😭💔

  7. Plasma Storm73

    Who would have believed this was sung by "Lucy Camden"? I always said she had a beautiful voice and this just proves it.

  8. Anna Sipp

    My teacher Mr Ford is a 👼

  9. Abby Babby

    God I miss my little angel.

  10. Stephanie Goodsill

    March 10th my grammie has been gone for 2 years now she will always angel i love you grammie

  11. sweetstace18

    R.i.p. lexie. You were the best dog ever I miss you I love you. This song is for you

  12. Sandra B

    This song is.dedicated yo my mamaw. I just lost her Sunday. I know she's watching over me and all my family. I love you mamaw

  13. ghunter182003

    I lost my best friend 5 years ago and I still think of her as my angel...❤️ and miss you Lisa!😢😢

  14. Jacob Clark

    I lost two close friends in one week. this song is so beautiful.

  15. Rose32285

    I forgot about this song! I remember when it came out, and I still love sounds so pretty and heartfelt. It could really apply to so many situations. Obviously, it hits hard for people coping with death, but it can also be so painful when you have to say good bye to somebody who is no longer part of your life.

  16. Evelin Espino

    16 years ago i lost my dad, my best friend my everything and i know he was my angel cuz i would never be the same with out him. 🙁😢

  17. daisha hawkins

    my grandma is my angel she died a week before my birthday

  18. Anna Annabella

    My cousin and I had to let go of our angel. My cousin in law. He passed away September 2016. He will always be in our hearts and minds. Go be at peace and rest Sammie. We know we will see you again someday and not have to say good bye again.

  19. Diane Eby

    i love this song especially because my best friend just died a month ago now hes my angel i love you hector


    Hugs ,Diane...

    Megatruh Indonesia

    my best friend just died 2 days back and I can fell what you felt, Diane. I can't imagine how to live witout him. He was always tehre for me, he did his best to comfort me whenever I am in need. May God take his soul to heaven.

  20. Jessica Riffer

    my Angel was my mom's boyfriend that I called my Papa. he passed away August 17, 2009 the hardest day of my life. I named my little boy after him and I cherish every memory I have with him. 3 years wasn't long enough RIP Papa until we meet again

  21. Shawnee Delean

    Three months ago today we lost my nephew. He was 19 months old. It still doesn't seem right. I always called him my angel baby because he saved me and his mom the second we found out about him. R.I.P DAL gone but not forgotten

  22. sweetstace18

    This is for you rocky my best friend and doggy I love u and miss u Rest in peace

  23. Sarah Kavasch

    this so song reminds me of my grandfather that I miss everyday. there's not a day I don't think of him. he also was my godfather. ♡♡♡♡

  24. katie_86

    My grandma was an angel. She passed away 2/13/15 Rip Grandma i miss you so much 😢

  25. Gang Gang

    This song makes me cry 😢

  26. Bryan Huber

    very wonderful song.. the Angel that I had to let go was my best friend. and (daughter) pet Nikki Huber who passed away back in August 2015. She was very special to me.

  27. Ann Marie Dobbs

    Beautiful. Brings tears to my eyes.

  28. mackenzie renner

    this song goes out to all my family members that passed away

  29. Isabell Clark

    awesome song

  30. Melissa Slutter

    LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Abigail Strawser

    my great grandma passed away i was the closes too her but she is in a good place

  32. Morgan Hopper

    My mawmaw died and I miss her so much

    Abigail Strawser

    you do but now she is in heven walking on streets of gold and is waching over u

    Morgan Hopper

    +Abby Strawser my pawpaw died I miss him so munch
    And my dog Rudy died I miss him

  33. Lori Jacobs

    My angel my sister Lisa Marie Jacobs my best friend 👼💞

  34. Jessica Crites

    My mother and i heard this song for the first time 2 days ago when we had start planning my neices funeral. She was 3 months old and had not had a chance to even expierence life at all. Haydenza Ginn was very beautiful little girl that was taken from us on 5-24-14 for no reason should she no longer be with us she was healthy and she was taken away from us for stupid reasons and the one who is at fault willpay dearly. We willl never forget u babygirl and we love you..... 

    Abigail Strawser

    God had a good resoen to take her later in life somthing might come out of it. you will miss her dearly but things happen think now she is in a better place she is in heven with jesus. all u can do is pray. 

    Hak Lee

    I am sorry to hear that. It is not easy to lose a love one especially a love one that young. I had a niece that passed away at the age of 11 years old.

    Abigail Strawser

    i am so sorry to hear that u willl bw in my prayers

  35. Stephanie Grochowski

    This was mine and my sisters song....I read this the day of her funeral service. My sister is truly "My Angel"

    Abigail Strawser

    so sorry for ur loss she is in a good place

  36. Caitlin Fraze


  37. Summer Westmoreland

    Sweet song

  38. Emanuela Mol.

    la canzone

  39. Emanuela Mol.


  40. Paul Villarreal

    My Mom pass away in July of 2000 & My Dad pass away in October of 2013 I know my Parents or my Angel

  41. ilikecarrieunderwood

    my sister thinks this song is bad but i love it

  42. Laniehollandstudios

    I am using this for a project for my English class. We have to list songs that represent important events. I chose this song to represent the passing of my aunt. She died of cancer in 2010 and now I cant stop crying. RIP aunt Kelly. You will always be in my heart <3

  43. Zendaya Lambert

    I sang this at my momma's funeral, touched everyone's heart. She was my best friend and my angel. She only lived to be 40. She died of liver cancer. I miss her a lot just recently like July 1st which is her birthday, we went to her grave. We set balloons with messages on them free and said a special message on facebook to honor and remember my mother. Love you momma your an angel of God and you were an angel that I guess just wasn't meant to live on earth.

  44. Babygirl Saucier

    sorry to hear that

  45. Babygirl Saucier

    i love this song i have loved an angel i lost my son with i was 3 months pregnant

  46. Lin Ryals

    As so many others, I lost my son too. He was 5 months old when he passed away in my arms. This is such a perfect song!

  47. Crazy Cat Lady

    I was 19 I lost a baby at 6 weeks I didnt even realize I was expecting until this happened, this litte one would have been 12, my heart said it was a little girl, I named this child Amazing-Grace, it might sound silly to some, but I kept this to myself for twelve years, I am going to be 32 and only a few people know of this struggle of this loss. I am blessed with two biological sons and now two stepdaughters, but still makes it difficult some days are better then others.

    Marissa Scaggs

    Hugs my friend. My girl would be 11 today 💔😭

  48. Abby Anderson

    Love her voice and miss the show nothing on TV is good anymore like this show was

  49. alicia snorek

    you got a word wrong its that makes you feel that SAFE NOT DAY

  50. Angel Walton

    i lost my twin nephews in oct '94 they lived just a short while

  51. Stacey Dykeman

    @Liz booth-pillsbbury So true. They will never be forgotten.

  52. unclecode3

    this song gets me every time because i knew two angels back when i was only eight they were my best friends and they were the best kids you could ever meet and they were being abused they never told me but i could see the hurt and pain in there eye's i dont no what happened to them but i loved them as if they were my little brother's i miss them so much.

  53. Robin Berglund

    This is such a beautiful song for anyone who has lost a loved one, and I can't think of anyone better to sing it than Beverly Mitchell <3

  54. Robin Berglund

    I'm sooo sorry for your loss, I lost my baby broter when he was only 2 years old, I was 6 at the time.

  55. Liz Marie

    My little cousin was born a month and a half early and died the day my other cousin was born, I never got to meet little Danny, but I know he’s up there looking down on all of us.

  56. Damon Salvatore

    I just want to say that sometimes when we fight so hard to hold on to memories we end up loosing our selves in the process and we loose sight of the things in life that are so important. kelley lost her life due to her drinking to much, no one should ever have to go through what me and my family had to go through that night, it is something that i can no stress enough to any one who drinks. and since kelley has left i have drank once and felt so guilty for doing it to cause i know what can happn

  57. Damon Salvatore

    My aunt kelley has been gone for a year September 24, this has been the hardest year in my life, loosing her to her disease was one of the most difficult thing to ever face, kelley was this worlds best aunt, sister, and friend to everyone that she knew and loved, this by far was the hardest death that my family has ever had to over come, and kelley only being 47 years old when she left this world made it so much more diffacult. listening to this song makes me cry every time.

  58. Ashley Lombardo

    My grandfather was a true hero, he was a father to 7 & a grandfather to 23. I remeber having those long night talks with him over the phone, when noone listened to me. I remeber his hug & kiss like it was yesterday! He died from heart failure but on his dieing bed he told me to be good & he loved me! I didnt know what to do with myself .. i ended up in the hospital for a year & 6months trying to accept his death. Im now out nd released nd i learned to deal with it. I love you so much Poppy!

  59. Earnest Jones

    lucy you can sing omg your sing the same song that my mom sing to me to make me go to sleep

  60. Earnest Jones

    im so happy lucy me and my boyfriend were haveing a baby

  61. Cherokee Rose

    I am so very sorry for your loss, my oldest daughters little sister loss her baby Friday ... I will keep you in prayer, if you don't mind

  62. Eva0Gill

    My friend, Susanne died in a car accident one year ago... The guy who drove the car that killed her had been drinking :( She was 17 years old. RIP <3 Love this song!

  63. Nicole Piceno

    I lost my daughter when i was 38 weeks and I there is not a day that goes by that I dont think about her thank you so much for this video she is an amazing singer and I will be sharing this with my share group!

  64. Betty1990

    I´m so sorry for your loss...

  65. link smith

    i lost my son 2 days ago Rest in peace Andre Ryan Lawton

  66. vanessas3babys

    My mom*

  67. vanessas3babys

    I love this song me and my daughter kept replaying it and singing. My just passed away last month and she was my best friend! This song really hits home. Also I think her voice is so good. Great Job!

  68. Katie Peterson

    I love you Justin! It's been almost a year now and it still hurts and at times still doesn't seem real to me at all. You are my angel! <3 Rest in Peace my dear dear friend!

  69. CreativeLouise45

    Makes me wanna cry.
    Thanks a TON for these lyrics! <3 :')
    I miss 7th Heaven :'(

    jennifer lewis

    Yeah it's the girl who played Lucy that sings this song and it's about her best friends who died when they were fifteen.

  70. TheOneMiffy92

    Hey, OzLioness, before you go spouting crap at someone for expressing their opinion, make sure you can back it up. May I ask where YOUR singing vids are? How does that make your opinion any more valid?

    Thank you for your time.

  71. Oz Lioness

    @cutieepiee Hmm - still looking for where I said you could not or should not have an opinion. Anyhooo, you have a wonderful life now, ya hear! :-

  72. Laine Vert

    @OzLioness last time I checked, I am entitled to my own opinion. Should I apologize for not liking her voice -____________-

  73. Oz Lioness

    @cutieepiee I am truly amazed. Since you are such an expert, I went searching for YOUR singing vids - and I could not find one! Bluddy YT!! They must be hiding them. Could you post us all a link so we can see how it should be done? That'd be fantastic, ta!

  74. audyjomarie

    About two years ago my grandma died.I lost my best friend but I know she is in a better place.

  75. Betty1990

    I´m so sorry for your loss...

  76. Laine Vert

    her voice is really bad ...

  77. Betty1990

    I´m so sorry for your loss...

  78. RengeNano

    @oxladiebug16 the same thing happened to my sister about 4 weeks ago.....

  79. RengeNano

    its okay.

  80. Betty1990

    I´m so sorry for your loss...

  81. RengeNano

    About 6 years ago, my grandfather died,on fathers die. He and I were so close, his death tore me apart. I wouldn't talk and I wouldn't cry, I just didn't want to believe it.I'm 13 now,and I've taken to the fact he's gone in reality, but he's always here in my soul, and heart and that will never change. R.I.P. grandpa, you will never,ever be forgotten. I love you.

  82. ruthierox1304

    today 9/16/11 is the 7 year anniversary of my aunts death, she died due to a tornado land a tree on her & killing her instantly...i miss her everyday & with me starting college without her being here its even harder...i love & miss you so much my aunt sissy who was my best friend!!!

  83. Betty1990

    I´m so sorry for your loss...

  84. oxladiebug16

    Last nighty boyfriend and I had to rush me to the hospital at 1230 last night due to me bleeding. We had to rush because I ..was..10 weeks pregnant..they ran many test and did a few ultra sounds and we had to sit around wondering if everything was okay until 7 in the morning when they told me there was no hope and that my baby was gone :,(...this song defiantly hit my heart strings..I will never forget my angel that never had a fair chance and I will love him or her forever..I can only pray tha

  85. Betty1990

    I´m so sorry for your loss...

  86. MegaPinkpokadot

    My angle flew away may 28, 2009 on the last day of sophomore year of high school. I miss my Papa so much. He was my world from day 1.

  87. Betty1990

    Your welcome...I love this song to.

    I´m so sorry for yor loss...

  88. MadisonLeighAnna

    Thank you for posting this. I love the song. I have let 5 little angels fly do to miscarriage. I cried so hard when Lucy (7th Heaven) lost the baby because I could relate to what the character was going through. Then in 2008 I had to say see you soon to my mama.

  89. Betty1990

    I´m so sorry for your loss...

  90. Monique Jordan

    i love this song soo much..but now it really hit me..i lost two mom back in 2005 and real mom and my adopted is so hard on me right now.and im 21 is hard and nothing will never be the same again..i have two angle watching over me..they are my mom..i wonna sing this song someday..i miss u both of my mom.

  91. Katie Peterson

    I've always loved this song but now it really hits me deep because I lost one of my best friends I could've ever had since Kindergarten due to a shooting in Costa Rica I love you so much Justin! I regret never telling you that! I know your watching over all of us now and I feel like you will always keep us safe! RIP!

  92. Leannelez97

    How can 3 people dislike this video??

    Megan McKnight

    Leannelez97:probably brings up bad memories for them

  93. Donna S

    I lovv it-3.

  94. CreativeLouise45

    oh, this song brings back so many memories :')
    I miss 7th Heaven :'(
    she's amazing.
    I'm very sorry to all the losses :'( they're up there, as angels. they'll always be watching over you.

  95. Emma Judd

    To me this song isnt an angel, like anything that has anything to do with relighion, to me has everything to do with loving someone or even something. i sure do miss you , u helped me fid myself and now im lost without u. please come back.

  96. Miranda M

    w0w.... Miss you Dee && Darcy )':

  97. Betty1990

    I´m so sorry for your loss...

  98. Jessica Scherlek

    @desertedsoulx i dont know how people could do that i hope i dont do that if God ever gives me a child