Mitchell, AJ - Unstoppable Lyrics


Ride or die, let it run
You're the gun, suicide
Fantasy, come alive
Enemies, step aside
Where you've been, all my life?
You're the wrong, you're the right
Gettin' wild, you make me crazy, got me saying

Things I never say, I'd die for you
Your getaway, your getaway
You get away, I can't get away
Ooh woah

Momma always said don't fall in love with girls like you (Girls like you)
But you hit me like a freight train, got me breakin' all the rules (I don't even care)
Girl you knocked me down like a domino
Girl, you're so unstoppable
I can't keep my hands away
Unstoppable (Woah)

Girl, you're unstoppable (Unstoppable)
Girl, you're unstoppable
Unstoppable, woah-oh
Unstoppable, woah-oh
Girl, you're so unstoppable

Purify, never learn
Take a bite, let it burn
Feel the love, feel the pain
Kill the sun, make it rain
Girl, you're bad for my health, yeah
I don't need no one else (Nobody else)
No, it ain't right or wrong, if it's what I want
'Cause you got me saying

Things I never say (Alright), I'd die for you
Your getaway (Away), your getaway
You get away, I can't get away
Ooh woah (Hey)

Momma always said don't fall in love with girls like you (Girls like you)
But you hit me like a freight train, got me breakin' all the rules (You got me breakin' all the rules)
Girl you knocked me down like a domino
Girl, you're so unstoppable
I can't keep my hands away

I can't keep my hands away
I can't keep my hands away
Ooh woah, unstoppable
Ooh woah, unstoppable

Sorry momma for all the lies (For all the lies)
You know I hate to make you cry (Hate to make you cry)
But I can't change the way that I feel (No)
Oh she knocked me down like a domino
Girl, you're so unstoppable
She gon' be the death of me

I can't keep my hands away
I can't, I can't keep my hands away (I can't keep my hands away)
I can't, I can't,
Woah oh, unstoppable (Oh babe, yeah)
Woah-oh, unstoppable (You're unstoppable)

Woah-oh, unstoppable (Unstoppable)
Woah-oh, unstoppable
Woah-oh, unstoppable
Woah-oh, unstoppable

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Mitchell, AJ Unstoppable Comments
  1. Kani Garcia


  2. Corey Rash

    How is he so underrated!!!! He’s so good at singing. I wish I was this good

  3. Niharika M R

    love you love you love you ♥️

  4. Soleil Imperial

    hes songs are getting well he must be more Popular and more Talented and more famous

  5. Marie Dimakulangan

    He have an collaboration with morissette amon 😍

  6. royandi anderson siregar

    What i like from this he's making the new one from his album. 💝👏

    Dont falling love like me?? Cius lu?? Cipok gak ya??

  7. PcFix

    So underrated :(

  8. Kani Garcia


  9. Rossio Delitza Callalli

    wow!!! This is insane!! ♥♥ Come to Peru now!!

  10. Salvador Santos

    Why the world ain't know him? he is simply the best. <3

  11. Jen Bateman

    love this song so much he warm my hart so much xxxx

  12. Kani Garcia

    Aj ❤😍

  13. delaney williams

    guys do you see that’s the love of my life

  14. Leviatan GBR

    Your voice is amazing, i love your songs, without you now is good a lot

  15. Roxy Sauer

    Aj I didn't sing at the concert because I was shy I was going to say I love you Aj and I love you Aj 😂😄😘😍🙋💑

  16. Vampette✨

    I’ve said this A LOT but he’s so underrated and ppl should appreciate him more. Thank you for listening :)

  17. Crystal Burnett

    They should put u on the radio Aj

  18. Kani Garcia

    King ❤

  19. Alya Al zaabi

    Aj in yellow is my new favorite thing

  20. soundsqueerbutok

    Simple and Raw choreography. Loooove it

  21. Iris Enriquez


  22. Un Known

    I like this... (a lot)

  23. Lukas Winkelmann

    who’s that blonde boy on quads? 🤔🤔

  24. Kani Garcia

    King 👑

  25. secret heart

    unstoppable for loving him

  26. Ryza Tan

    I've found him because of the ad in facebook.
    Who else did?

  27. Kevin Salas

    Is it normal that when I listen to AJ Mitchet I doubt my sexuality a little?

    Iris Enriquez

    Tbh idk.

  28. Shinta Purnama

    DANG IT WAS LIVE!!! His voice is great naturally...

  29. waschiwaschi

    Honestly the best singer I can think of out of all the musicians outside. Such an amazing voice. I mean Aj Mitchell has an incredible gift

  30. Yoland Andre

    Seng penting enak lah

  31. Nurul hyda

    Suka banget sama lagu ini 😍

  32. Cloud7

    Am i the only one who came here from facebook ads?

  33. Don Don

    Unstoppable. Call mee beep me if you wanna reach me.

  34. Caloloy36

    who's here to visit before showing hes ads video on FB?

  35. Nandus Situngkir

    Siapa yang liat ini karna iklan Facebook?

  36. Pseur Art

    Fucking underrated ughhhhh

  37. Kani Garcia

    Perfect 🔥❤

  38. Dressa Izih

    mds??????? cara q perfeição plmds , vem pro Brasil pleaseK ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  39. Harle Quin

    cant get u out of my mind aj!!!!!! ❤❤❤

  40. Fachri Husjaini

    Hy from INDONESIA

  41. Fachri Husjaini

    this song is always ringing in my mind and I love it....

  42. Mitchell King

    My name is Mitchell and I love this song

  43. Harry Styles


  44. Asamiya Gaming

    I So Like This Song

  45. Shea Kindell

    Ayy i like this lil mf song

  46. Cedrick Rosario

    BIG STAR!!!❤️

  47. Yanto Saputra

    Negara ples62 mana:v

  48. Kani Garcia

    King 👑

  49. Rommel Clips

    I can hear bruno mars in his high note voice☺️

  50. Mark Banguilan

    Came here coz he's always advertised in my wall on fb and ig

    Wenalou Nare

    Yeah me too

  51. ECL Channel

    aj mitchel.. 😍😍😍😍

  52. Kani Garcia


  53. Putri Asrima

    I think AJ voice same Bruno Mars 😀😀😀😆

  54. edy mukhdane

    Oh my God 😍😍😍

  55. Zoe G.

    Those vocals😍lol the beginning sounds like a home depot commercial

  56. Syahrul Al Fathana

    Omg voice Justin Bieber! 😱

    royandi anderson siregar

    Different BABE.

  57. Akhsan Maulana

    Bad song

  58. Vinny

    He’s like a handsome, real life version of Rumpel stiltskin from Shrek Forever After.

  59. Andréas-Milord HENRY

    Damn that voice

  60. Diane Garcia

    amazing voice! 💕

  61. Emanuela Oancea

    Here from nikita’s story❤️

  62. ThatRevy 16

    *I’m SHOOK*

  63. Sayid Najib

    Spa yg kesni gara2 iklan di instagram 😂

  64. hey siri

    After hearing Used To Be now i can hear again this amazing voice yet underrated singer!

  65. Brama

    Facebook ads really do their job this past few days

  66. NathanDrake

    I wanna like this song but i hate when artists say “girl” or “boy” talking abt themselves or someone else, it makes it impossible to sing along its too cringey

  67. Andy Alga

    I like it your song..😘

  68. Sayid Najib


  69. Justice_ Feral

    I think I'm in LOVE! 😍

  70. Cornelius Cornwell

    Feeling dat 😎

  71. mateus gma

    our little secret

  72. Julia Silva


  73. pineapple bibs


  74. Kavisha De Waas

    May god bless you with ur good work

  75. Ranjika life


  76. Miya Katelyn

    His voice is so amazing yet he is so underrated!!! I said what i said

  77. Games

    I Like You aj mitchell

  78. Kani Garcia

    Love you Aj ❤

  79. AnalieselovesTanner

    OMG his voice and the beat is so chill !! He's like sooo underrated ya @Tea Sis!!!

  80. Vinny

    With those cold eyes, He reminds me of Michael c. hall, the guy who plays “Dexter”.

    Evalynn Macgregor

    Yasss finally someone who knows Dexter!!I feel like know one knows him anymore💔


    Evalynn Macgregor Yeah, the way they ended it was kind of shitty though, so i feel like everyone forgot how much we all used to love dexter. Smh I just rewatched it not too long ago. 😭

    Evalynn Macgregor

    @Vinny truee!!💔

    Katie O

    @Vinny Dude, I still get mad about how they ended it. That show was so good and deserved a good ending.

  81. Edgar Espino

    Love seeing drumlines being used in music videos, especially when they don’t suck, good job!

  82. Alexis Starick-Garner

    his voice is good but these songs and backrounds and him holding the mic is so UNDERRAted

  83. Genilson Santos

    Merece o mundo? Sim, merece. Amei! Brazil here 🇧🇷🎶

  84. Shilpee Majhi

    I love you aj

  85. bree stewart

    New Hope Club and AJ umm yes please..

    I'm waiting AJ ...:)

  86. Kani Garcia


  87. Stephen Clemons

    Are you related to Josiah mitchell

  88. mikail yosua

    Sapa yang hbs liat di stories ig langsung kesini

    Gita And Devina

    Gua juga

    mikail yosua

    @Gita And Devina wkwk

  89. Anthony Guerairia

    Il est beau 😍😘🥰

  90. Resilient Survivor

    This kid is going to be the new pop star

  91. Farrahs vlogs Scott

    Go eva❤️💕💪🏾

  92. Arlene Gwapa

    Why do I hear a little bit of Bruno Mars from him?

  93. kylie white

    you are so so hot


    I see Dicarpio's pic of this video i click
    I didnt even like this song

  95. Eduardo Jecari

    Ok I smell some Bruno Mars on this ❤️😀👍🏼