Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott - Best, Best Lyrics

Yeah, Yeah
What we about to do miss?

[Missy Elliott]
Hey yo Danja!
We finna switch R&B baby!
Imma flip a new melody on these suckas!
Lets go!

Boy you're so sexy,
I don't wanna look at another man and
And when I see you, don't want you touching
On her again and
And baby when I'm close to you
I feel those butterflies-ies
I'm laying in my bedroom
Sit back and fantasize-ize

He the best (best), He the bomb (bomb)
He cute (cute), He umm (Umm)
He fly (fly), He fresh (fresh)
He give me, good sex (sex)
He grind (grind), all the time (time)
Got money, on his mind (mind)
He's a balla (he's a balla)
He's my man, Shot calla
He's a freak (freak), Imma freak (freak)
We freak (freak), All week (week)
I love him, He love me (me, me, me, me)
He take me, to the mall (mall)
He buy me, half the mall (mall)
He's tight (tight), My type (type)
He give me, What I like (like)

Boy you're so sexy
I don't wanna look at another man and
And when I see you, don't want you touching on
Her again and
And baby when I'm close to you
I feel those butterflies-ies
I'm laying in my bedroom
Sit back and fantasize-ize

We kiss (kiss), all the time (time)
That boy (boy), he fine (fine)
He pimp (pimp), he stunt (stunt)
He give me (me) what I want ('ant)
We fuss (fuss), we fight (fight)
We make up, by the night (night)
We go out, to the club (club)
We get crunk, in the club (club)
He buy me patron ('tron) he buy me patron ('tron 'tron)
He spending on me (me) make it rain boo, on me (me, me)
His love (love), so cool (cool)
I call him, my boo (boo)
We go (go) everywhere, (where)
Everywhere (where), he's there (there)

Boy you're so sexy
I don't wanna look at another man and
And when I see you, don't want you touching on
Her again and
And baby when I'm close to you
I feel those butterflies-ies
I'm laying in my bedroom
Sit back and fantasize-ize

My dude (dude), buy me shoes (shoes)
I don't see no, other dude (dude)
He never disrespect ('spect)
Got one big, ol' dick (dick)
He know how, to put it down (down)
He know how, to put it down (down)
We do -do, do it all-all
He be my-my, bootycall -call
He give me, butterflies (flies)
When I look in-to his eyes (eyes)
He my (my), fiancé (cé)
Call me dreamgirl, Beyonce (ce)
My nookie is his (his),
My nookie is his (is his his!)
He cute (cute), he fine (he fine)
He sexy, all the time (time)

Imma let this shit ride oh
And make u feel real high!

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