Mission, The - Swan Song Lyrics

At the crossing of the border between the night and day
Where the lost and lonely find their twilight sway
And the curse of their existence is the loneliness they feel
Where waking up with a stranger's the only thing from them that's real
So don't sing me your swan song, baby
There's life left in this ol' dog yet
It ain't over till it's over until the fat lady sings
It ain't over till it's over until the swan spreads
Her wings
And flies away

When you see the ache of lovers as they fumble
In the night
And you feel the wrench inside you as any ex lover might
You can say your time is over for love and all the heat
But a single stranger's kiss can always turn
The bitter into sweet
So don't sing me your swan song, baby
There's still gas left in this tank
It ain't over till it's over until the fat lady sings
It ain't over till it's over until the swan spreads
Her wings
And flies away

You're wonderful
You're beautiful
Just give me your hands

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Mission, The Swan Song Comments
  1. Fabij Argiolas

    Someone who knows the video location? Please...🙏🏻

    Ad Kille

    durdle door dorset

    Fabij Argiolas

    [email protected] Kille

  2. mab kras

    Que hermoso.trata sobre el medio ambiente no se bien la letra?

  3. 2112jonr

    It took me ages for some reason.

    But suddenly this track clicked when I saw it live.
    Out of nowhere it hit me somewhere deep inside.
    And I now love it, it's so laden with emotion, it moves me so much every time I hear it.
    The lyrics. The vocals. The guitar work. The intentional emptiness of the drums, the subtle bass. The arrangement.
    All just *perfect*.
    Wow, are these guys underrated. What talent they have both individually, and more so, together. They possess something very special.

    I feel so privileged to think for myself, to not be a mainstreamer, not comply with the musical tastes of the masses, and get to hear, appreciate and love compositions and performances of this beauty and calibre. To know there are people in the world who can express through their music what I am merely lucky enough to feel.

    May you continue writing and performing music of this quality as long as possible for your enjoyment and ours. Sheer class.

    And for the joy you have brought, and the feelings you have brought out, in myself and no doubt so many others:
    Thank you, gentlemen.

  4. durbachit

    after 30 years absolutey best

  5. roy ashman

    Fantastic track ..cant get enough of the guitar at the end... I want the remix ..remix...

    Robin Streets

    No remix, why fuck with an amazing song?!

  6. Luciene Barboza De Lira

    The Mission forever.

  7. Ernitra Tenkai

    Grande Wayne Hussey no cambies, tu musica es deleite para mis oidos

  8. Philip Archer

    Be aware of nanotechnology...

  9. Roberto Carlos Hernandez Moran

    Masters of the golden gothic era still rules!

  10. judy lyon

    so awesome!

  11. Pablo Salvatelli


  12. J. Ricardo

    Muito bom o riffs dessa musica, amei!!

  13. Rob Haunui

    Beautiful track,only recently got back into the Mission and to hear stuff like this is heartening,glad they're coming to New Zealand.


    Wonderful isn't it? I hope you got to see them on tour :)

  14. mirujy

    beautiful song

  15. Josep Cardona


  16. Barbara Pavelcze

    From the 27914 I was nearly 1000 times...... <3

  17. Patrizia Cosoli

    forever and ever..

  18. thspacelab

    never enough..............

  19. gonzaejuarez

    solo para entendidos gracias a dios

  20. Eduardo José Gasparini

    Gostei muito!!!!

  21. Rafael Conteri

    Imponente! Los vi en 1988, en Montevideo y ahora nuevamente, dentro de 4 días. No aguanto más!!!

  22. Paulo Roberto da Silva

    Muito bom

  23. Leonardo D'Angelo

    Wayne es el mejor!!!

  24. Cicero Lessa


  25. Jörg Bukowski

    Best song on the album !

  26. valhallawaitsme1

    Desde la epoca del Carved in sand no me emocianaba tanto con los grandisimos Mission!!! TEMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZO.

  27. Fábio TC77

    demais esse som, nota 10 !

  28. Noodleeintopf

    immer wieder gut .... auch wenn an ihnen der Zahn der Zeit nagt ;)

  29. C. minütchen

    i love it !!