Missing Persons - Waiting For A Million Years Lyrics

When will there be forgiveness
Are there enough reasons
I do believe it's possible
We can find peace between us

In the real world all the numbers have no names
Real world - notice how the faces change

I've been waiting for a million years
All the promises and all the tears
Patiently waiting as the days go by
Still looking for the truth but finding lies

What will bring light to our eyes
When will we hear the laughter
Can we build hope on promises
Here on the edge of after

I've been waiting, still waiting
I've been waiting, still waiting
I've been waiting, still waiting
I've been waiting for a million years

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Missing Persons Waiting For A Million Years Comments
  1. John K

    This group was light years ahead of all other 80's groups. They are all great musican's. DTWCP, thank you for the inspiration and meaningful songs!

  2. Ken Wheeler

    Best album, ever!

  3. Tony Stark

    too bad the critics couldn't get past her looks.  missing persons  was very under-rated.  they had many great songs.

  4. darryl cole

    Always loved this band...!!! I miss Missing Persons...!?!

  5. Chris Tyler

    so cool now in 2019

  6. GiantSpaceMonkey

    God I love this song. So trippy after all these years.

  7. pacus1970

    Ethereal. So happy I was a teenager and experienced all this back then !

  8. Gene Valdez

    I Love you Dale


    Me 2 forever

  9. Carlo Turco

    She's awesome 😎

  10. Darryl Cole

    GOD BLESS MISSING PERSONS...!!! l hate it...but forgive you for breaking up...!?! Why...?!?

  11. bowiefreak1

    I love this song. A gem. So beautifully constructed.

  12. ratso69ful

    Way ahead of their time to be truly appreciated! Then came Gaga... Smh?

  13. Timothy Wilson

    every one of these last 13 or 14 songs from missing persons is a Smash Hit

  14. markandsteve

    That hypnotizing deep pulsating bass note does something beautiful to the mind and body. This song and the entire album is fantastic.

  15. Cristo Scott

    Check out Missing Persons (Dale) new album Missing in Action picks up right where the band left off. Every song is great and she sounds even better.


    Great to hear that. I have loved MP from the very beginning, a lot of people didn't get them.

  16. Timothy.bryan Wilson

    Miss consalvi Italiano

  17. Timothy.bryan Wilson

    my see her in the high school hallway kiss kiss

  18. colin nakaba

    Best album by them and best song sales voice so soothing and as always terry so talented on percussion!

  19. Wesley Niegro

    makes  you miss the 80s!!  So many great bands back then. I love this song because I feel like that era is gone, never to return to nice cool decent people, The world is so messed up now..... Back then, hope was alive,,,,, I miss all the 80s had, oh well, we still have the music...!!!

  20. 塚原康和

    I Love Dale. Please !

  21. musicnerd 72

    32 years later, and I can still listen to this song on repeat..

    joshua caro

    great song indeed ! surrender your heart was the other great song on this album

  22. Michael Vincent


  23. chatelain567

    Rhyme and Reason best Missing Persons output ; lyrics and arrangments. And gourgeous Dale hit my G spot.

  24. Michael Vincent


  25. 05PtVxUI

    can somebody post this song"s lyrics

  26. 69voxbeetle

    I don't know what I would give to see them get back together.

  27. T gnomechaser

    my fav song by them

  28. RJ PMH54

    The original group MP and what a great song by them Waiting for a Million Years!  *)*

  29. Brian Bockting

    Cassette wore out after several years, found a CD copy, now I'm ready for the next million years!  Amazing album, never gets old even after 30+ years.  

  30. notrombones

    A fascinating, enigmatic song with some emotional and conceptual heft.
    This has ethereal qualities.

  31. Ricc Sheridan

    Dale Bozzio still the Queen of this whole seen, your little princess maidens are running all around because you held the scepter first and always will, yeah,yeahs,yeahs lady gaga, santigold, and the list goes on.................... you are still so amazing and you always will be, love you...........Missing Persons Forever

  32. John Meowzer

    Yeah, I loved Creem magazine back then, but one of their writers complained about "that fucking squeaking" Dale "is so fond of"...me, I alwayz loved her quirky voice and all her little noises.

  33. John Meowzer

    As a drummer I'm not totally crazy about the sound of electronic drums, but in this case they're so much a part of the sound that I don't mind so much.

  34. John Meowzer

    I happily walked thru the rain on a May day in 1984 to go buy this LP at a little store which is now long-gone...love this epic track

  35. Jennifer Maynard

    I love Dale's voice. So unique.

  36. Paul Purcell

    Classic Missing Persons. This is a great album - from "Rhyme and Reason".

  37. Don Shaquon

    They were an awesome band,never afraid to push the envelope,what we take for granted now was considered avant garde at the time.

  38. greg shipman

    the early 80's so rocked

  39. Jeremy Feit

    fuck you, lady gaga, dale bozzio kicks your ass!

  40. Wesley Niegro

    Waiting for a million years, deep yes.. but I saw them 7 times met her, now im 48, life goes on, but this music will be around in our minds and souls --forever, the 80s rocked.. keep rockin 40 plus people!!!!

  41. Ignacio Cobo

    the 80' is my love.

  42. William Threm

    I love Missing Persons. By far my favorite "new wave" 80's band!

  43. riderinla

    Amazing lyrics!! So true!!

  44. Alejandro Sutono

    Wow... splendid drama in the instrumentation and evocative lyrics from this superb 80s group! Thanks for posting! :-)

  45. 888ThomtheArtist888

    I still have this cassette. I STILL play this cassette. LOL!!!

  46. MrDAVIDEO84

    I Never Noticed Before, But Look Closely At The Hand
    Reaching Out Behind the Black Curtain ! That Is The
    Hand Of A Man, About Ready To Slit Her Throat !

  47. Taikomaniac

    Ms Consalvi Bozzio one of a kind

  48. Alejandro Sutono

    @PricanHombre You got that right! It has an ethereal quality that is almost hypnotic and yet exudes hope as the lyrics suggest. I used to have the album, probably still do somewhere in my stuff, and cassette tapes. Thank God for YouTube! :-)

  49. PricanHombre

    I love this song!!! the voice, the echoes, the percussion, the sounds.. perfect!!!