Missing Persons - Surrender Your Heart Lyrics

It's not my imagination
It's a no win situation
There's no way to get away from
From my love

I've got you cornered with my devotion
I've got you captured by emotion
It's impossible to go on
Without love

Surrender your heart to me
Surrender your heart to me
Surrender your heart why can't you see
It's the only way that it can be
Surrender your heart I don't know why
But you never give in to me

My decision is a strong one
And I know that I can hold on
How much longer can you go on
Without love

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Missing Persons Surrender Your Heart Comments
  1. Don Francisco

    Dale is a true artist


    You can hear that slightly Fleetwood Mac vibe, very cool.

  3. Daisypetal100

    I love this song. I got the opportunity to meet the lead singer Dale Bozzio in Westwood when I was a kid and tell her I love this song.

  4. darryl cole

    I miss...Missing Persons...!!!

  5. Bert shoegazing

    Tremenda cancion, marcando su esencia

  6. Rob Robi

    Always loved this song, had the cassette or album or cd whatever i can't even remember the vehicle but i'd listen all the time back then

  7. Glenn Horvath

    soooo 80'ssssss

  8. JL L

    Wow! - "Foster the People" completely stole this beat!

  9. wolftickets1969

    Vaporwave brought me here. Also recall hearing a Synthwave tune with a similar riff.

  10. Shadow Cappi

    Oct 2019. Was watching a movie and that similar sound. I was thinking —-what was the group that had that sound? In that sad song?It was one riff in this song dmnb. Dmnb. Dmnb. Throughout the whole song Then after ten minutes. Remembered dale Bozio. Why do I get tears listening to this song???????

  11. sunandsnowmusic

    2:35 true Terry Beat

  12. Dho Dho9

    ¡ It's Imposible To Go On
    Without Love !.

  13. Dinesh Siwakoti

    It started after i heard 'Words' play on movie I.T. Now i'm REALLY into missing persons

  14. Ruysdael Huerta

    Amo este temon!!😎👍🎶🎶🎸❤

  15. Dennis Lamb


    Dennis Lamb

    I've always said.... I'm 58.. saw them live as a kid lol

  16. 34airflow

    Atari called. They want their game back. :-)

  17. BrooklynRicanSoul


  18. Dennis Lamb

    This beat/sound/visual is flat hypnotic as can be. Puts me into a trance every I play it. Special Song A+

  19. Norm Appleton

    all these comments and no mention of Peter Max

  20. angel ugarte

    Put away all the lady caca, comments please!!💩

  21. Dennis Lamb

    One of my favorite songs as I was emotionally murdered by a girlfriend. Beautiful song.

  22. Kevin Owens

    Here's some prince in there too

  23. frank connelly

    what was expected of me,and with nothing in return

  24. Ercilia Hannah I

    A very 80s video. This song makes me melancholy for my teenage years.

  25. pacus1970

    "Rhyme and Reason" album. Teenager memories

    musicnerd 72

    Same here.. I was twelve years old. Wore that vinyl out!

  26. rhymeandreasoning

    Rhyme & Reason, a great album.

  27. mike rodrik

    a surrealistic video by the missing persons

  28. The Viking Dragon SKOL

    My Love ,,, 😚

  29. The Viking Dragon SKOL

    Yes my Love ?

  30. mlg4035

    With digital artwork by the great Peter Max!! It doesn't get cooler than this!

  31. ShyGurl

    I love blasting this song in the car when it's raining out.

  32. Petes Son

    Sounds like some of Patricks first solo works on this. Between Two Worlds.........

  33. Cali D

    What a shitty ass video, for such a beautiful song. Looks like the pics I would draw on my Comador 64 when I was a kid.

  34. Adam Talle

    Dale Bozzio's voice has such emotional pull in this song. That's why this song endures.

  35. 240ups

    Beautiful, fragile ballad

  36. James Crouse

    Missing Persons is criminally underrated. There music is just art!

  37. Steve Newby

    January 2019...still better then todays crap

  38. TheSweetLife70

    Epic, genius, brilliant.

  39. Wayne Rocha

    There is something so incredibly magical about early computer graphics like this. I can only imagine how cool this looked to a young person in 1984. I was born in 86 and the early 90s were so much like the late 80's its like it never ended. We actually HAD to tell ourselves constantly "Hey man! Get with it! It's the 90's!"

  40. John DeF

    I forgot about this one.....killer tune!💘

  41. Timothy Wilson


  42. The Undaunted

    Think this is where Lizzie (Lana Del Rey) gets her video inspiration from?

  43. Rob Robi

    Oh man, i had this on CD or something back then . . . . . . was and is still so good

  44. one H

    what you do is sick ... no matter which side you're on ... take your hyped game and stick it where the sun don'T shine
    all I see by now is a dumb cow who's eager to please while craving for attention all at the same time
    so you're sayin I had to give up my life for a bunch of bored hood people to get some kicks? no fucking way

  45. one H

    why, 'cause you never could?

  46. Delta Drones

    Holy sh*t! I thought Lady Gaga was original! she copied Missing Persons style.

  47. Albon Forbes

    One of the Greatest Song By This Artist...  hands Down \m/

  48. Edward Anderson

    I know them and pat smyths

  49. Pablo Garzon

    Dale bozzio, excelente singer GOOD TIMES! Lástima que hoy la música esta sin rumbo, sin talento sin nada. SIEMPRE LOS 60' 70 '80 90 ...seran lo mejor de lo mejor.

  50. Blood Scust

    I wonder if this crap made her money. Bad 80s. Bad.

  51. shane hester

    what a great band.

  52. aaronquy1968

    Great song loved it from the 80s and still do now and 32 people have NO hearts!

  53. joshua caro

    still a great song and warren cucurullo s guitar hmmm

  54. synapticflow

    My favorite 80s band of all time! Where's my darn time machine?

  55. Alfredo Macias

    Thanks to VH1 latin america for making me aware of this piece of art

  56. Surfs Up

    One of the best New Wave bands. The whole band was made up talented heavy hitters. Lady Gaga, take note.

  57. NWforager

    aww man .. i forgot this song so bad =( . its so subtle . that bass line throb reminds me of The The's uncertain smile or This is the day or something

  58. Michael Colello

    Great track. Hear some Joey Ramone inflections in Dale's voice.

  59. Holofractalist 999

    Loving 80's music

  60. saturninenight garcia

    So tender this song is.

  61. BikeRidinManiac

    It is true you cant or make to far in this world without love  I feel really bad for people that havnt experienced it even if its from your parents love is love   not talkin about sex   love  and lot's of people don't  it can have a big affect on your life  with or with out changes a person inside and out  there's a lack of it in the world today

  62. foxbasealpha

    Why this was never a huge Top 40 hit I’ll never know.

  63. Ness

    love this song

  64. Francis Savoie

    Dale Bossio is a dear friend of a friend of mine great group. 💜

  65. Fernando Contreras


  66. BTS Trash Lord.

    I adore this song

  67. Old Man Primo!

    ....damn dreamer I am and this song didnt help matters....

  68. Mindscramble82

    For all of the 1,000 plus people who liked this at this point-we liked it first before some washed up talentless hack does some shit rendition of this music and trys to call it their own at some point in the future like they've reinvented the wheel or something. And we liked it before their lame poser fans claim that they've liked it all of this time. Take notice posers.

  69. Alex Chávez

    I had been many years trying to find this song. I just remembered the tone, but now finally I found it.

  70. N.Z. Storm Waver

    This video reminds me of V A P O R W A V E or V A P O U R W A V E art.

  71. Xon Zerning

    *REALLLLY WISH I COULD GET THIS MUSIC W/0 THE PESKY VOCALS .. Although gotta say this is prob the best I've heard the lead 😕

  72. Johnny Doggs

    Dis a igt!

  73. Dodgen Francis

    My wife tried to tell me, but still don’t know what a ga-ga is. I’m listening to the best voice.

  74. Jason Newell

    Such A Beautiful Song.

  75. Love Life

    oh yeh 😊

  76. Jay Sha

    I would pay any amount for this Instrumental

  77. BikeRidinManiac

    Pretty girly  the hole band arnt ugly ducklings no I'm not gay   beautiful song to  it's almost enough to shed a tear     ther's a tear n my beer    that's another song

  78. Timothy.bryan Wilson

    dale is a phenomenon in and of herself

  79. Christian Bosch

    Fantastic Song!!! Love Missing Persons and the 80´ties!!

  80. Christian Bosch

    Great Song, love the 80´ties!!

  81. Christian Bosch

    Great Song!!!

  82. rick hunter

    This band and Sea Flock of seaguls are like the ultimate 80s bands, capture everything about the 80s


    If you add the Human League's Dare album in there you have the 1982-1983 trifecta.

  83. Timothy.bryan Wilson

    one of the coolest songs I can think of absolutely unbelievable

  84. Julius Bernotas

    This video is 80's cheese at it's best

  85. Johnny Smokestack

    I thought that Lady Gaga is a man going through life as a woman.......................

  86. Veer Chasm

    For my 25th wedding anniversary I chose 25 songs for my wife, this is one of them❤️😊

  87. Mark Ross

    Madonna and Lady GAGA!!! Dale Bozzio had the original look!!!

    Corey M

    and sound that Madonna and Cyndi Lauper stole

    marvin silverman

    lol what a coincidence just the 4 girls are half italians

    Porfle Popnecker

    But most of them are the wrong half.

  88. Петр Смоляк

    New Wave Forever !

  89. Fernando Contreras


  90. NewWave & Rock 80's Memories

    a great masterpiece make into the best era for the music... 80's.. very ethereal especially the keybords sound this must be remastered by VEVO cos the sound is not so clear any ways its a GREAT song thanks Missing persons for creating this paint! and 80s for ever👍👍👍!

  91. Uccello05

    Excellent song.

  92. larry Steininger

    O grat  ART

  93. larry Steininger

    to who?

  94. Pablo Garzon

    La mejor época de la mejor música ...missing person mi amor platonico bozzio.terrible voz.

  95. Roberto Rivera

    I heard this on sirius the other day. OwO

  96. mimosa27

    Puts me in a trance

  97. Kevin Koski Koski

    God i miss the 1980s

  98. Patric Murphy

    Had this on LaserDisc back in the day when i was over in Germany in the Army (Karlsruhe 83-86). Such a great band!!

  99. Feguilosch

    Missing Persons + Peter Max = Pure Art