Missing Persons - Now Is The Time (For Love) Lyrics

You're so seriously in need
You're so seriously in need
We're going nowhere not convinced there's something wrong
As if it's all a dream
Try to deny the facts and truth and understanding aren't as
Close as they seem
We lock ourselves inside a mask of apprehension
To black all we see
Confused disguises dreams we hide behind not knowing
What we believe

Now is the time
Now is the time for love
Now is the time
Now is the time for love-for love

You're so seriously in need
You're so seriously in need
We play with reasons to delay the situations
That could bring us love
Life is too short-life holds no answers to the questions
Which we won't ask enough
We stand before ourselves and look beyond the mirror
Shatter all the past
We can awaken hopeful dreaming of a future that will
Bring love at last

Now is the time
(I really mean it when I say to you)
Now is the time for love
(Love is the answer)
Now is the time
(Much more than anything we say or do)
Now is the time for love
(We've got to live)
For love-for love-for love-for love
For love

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Missing Persons Now Is The Time (For Love) Comments
  1. Jerry Vivanco

    This is such KOOL tune!!

  2. herewegoaround

    Terry Bozzio's groove stuff! Very nice!

  3. herewegoaround

    Terry Bozzio looks like a electronic drum.

  4. Mike Duffy

    What can you say about this awesome group?! And dales voice! All of their music reminds me of L.A. when i lived their in the 80s! What a great ride it was! I had a awesome time! In California and dale and the rest of the band made it more great with their music!!🌆🌆🌆🌆😃😃😃😃😃😃🌅🌅🌅thank you missing persons!

  5. RockinProfessor

    Looking forward to the Re-release of each Album (on CD) in their entirety.......

  6. 240ups

    Slap a bass!

  7. Timothy Wilson

    Majical Los Angeles

  8. Albon Forbes

    Count yourself very Lucky to be acquainted with Missing Persons... Seriously

  9. Darryl Cole

    Now definitely...is the time...the World has gone Crazy...!?! Love ye one another...!!!

  10. Albon Forbes

    Album - Rhyme & Reason

  11. Dana Blake

    Obviously Terry stands out but the bass line on this track hits damn hard as well!!

  12. John Browneyes

    Dale was ahead of her time.

  13. Timothy.bryan Wilson

    I think somebody ate one of them microphones

  14. Timothy.bryan Wilson

    message to Tiffany Alba you name it all the girls okay they don't message you back either you are saying or your not sayi

  15. Timothy.bryan Wilson

    it is beginning to look like I am not as a man of course is still not feminine enough for this lady singer but I still like her

  16. Timothy.bryan Wilson

    Ear candy

  17. Albon Forbes

    \m/ O \m/

  18. artman33167

    i was a huge fan of Spring Session M and i bought this the DAY it came out. played the shit out of it. I was 17 at the time and thankfully i was able to see them live on this tour as well. it holds up really really well. the good shit always does.

  19. Robert Wright

    I miss loving persons

  20. Rodney Allen

    I can tell you when they came out with this album I listen to the whole album thanks to a friend who has made it a soundtrack for a part of my life then in the mid 80's.

    John Browneyes

    I still have my vinyl LP. Love this album....met MP when they toured in Boston during this time.

  21. JeffTheNebraskaDJ

    FANTASTIC!!, the dj

  22. Paul Purcell

    I just picked up the cassette at a music store :) - I did have this album on vinyl at one time too. Its vintage.

  23. lusciousbee

    Yes, I have both... It's just a matter of getting them both in the same place~ vinyl is at my folks' house, the turntable lives with me. I've been making do with YouTube until then :) I do like vinyl too~ brings back lots of great memories!

  24. lusciousbee

    I've been watching for it too. I have the album, but would love to have it on cd too... Guess we'll both have to just keep on waiting...

  25. alex dornelli

    a supergroup that played pop music...everyone on the band trained on the Frank Zappa academy...too bad terry bozzio terminated it

  26. Geoff M

    One of their new age funky jams! Always like Missing Persons tunes.

  27. NewsYouCantBelieveIn

    Simply love this


    Terry Bozio!

  29. Glenn Brown

    One of my favorite tracks on my favorite album - - MP or otherwise -- of all time... XO to my friend the Agent :>)

  30. CNSagent

    In my opinion, this is one of the most acceptable songs that was composed in the 1980's.

  31. Paul Purcell

    This is an awesome album!

  32. Sandra Y.

    I love this song, too. Many thanks! (^_^)

  33. ProteanView

    One of my favorite New Wave bands.

  34. nohogirl

    Thank you so much for posting this!