Missing Persons - Noticeable One Lyrics

My image is hard, my attitude heavy
I take you out with the things that I say
I draw the crowds and whenever I'm ready
I've got what it takes to blow them all away

I am your social and your cultural leader
I create the fads and make all the scenes
You know about me from your weekly reader
I'm on the cover of your magazines

'Cause I am one of the noticeable ones - notice me
I am one of the noticeable ones - notice me

I am one of the noticeable ones, notice me - notice me
Notice me - noticeable one
I am one of the noticeable ones, notice me - notice me
Notice me - noticeable one

My private life is scandalized by the public
But that's the price I have to pay for my fame
And all the liggers in my way with their cute tricks
Are getting over just by dropping my name

'Cause I am one of the noticeable ones - notice me
I am one of the noticeable ones - notice me

I am one of the noticeable ones, notice me - notice me
Notice me - noticeable one
I am one of the noticeable ones, notice me - notice me
Notice me - noticeable one

I am one of the noticeable ones, notice me - notice me
Notice me - noticeable one
I am one of the noticeable ones, notice me - notice me
Notice me - noticeable one

Noticeable one - notice me

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Missing Persons Noticeable One Comments
  1. Kevin D

    what. the fuck. is wrong with Terry Bozio? I wouldve passed out in the first 40 seconds if i played drums like that.

  2. Kevin D

    this song is my shit. she's like... porn hot, ya know?

  3. Mike Kirkpatrick

    I noticed back in the 80"s. Hottt !

  4. Jeff Bowes

    Frank would have never let bozzio pet the the drums like this. He had such a downsyndrom style in this era.

  5. unlikeavirgin

    80's pop stars are the best!
    Never be a better era.

  6. Benita Mussolini

    The drummer is soo hawt

  7. david mills

    I will always remember missing persons song I've seen gaga dont even remember or even want to remember her songs .

  8. StrikeSideway

    Definitely one of the coolest and best sounding bands of that era.

  9. Cindy Dufala

    Bravo ⚘

  10. Flying Solo

    Desert Island List - Dale and Me. The End.

  11. James DeWeaver

    See what happened to Dale after fame & you'll be shocked!

  12. Shawn Hampshirehick

    Today is just a regurgitation of the 80's😝 GenX rule the planet.
    Music was Awesome.👍📡📢💛

  13. Jason Vulej

    Brings back great memories 😎

  14. RockTheSix

    Dale will forever be better than rip off GAGA.


    Gran hallazgo! Los '80 siempre me sorprenden! Argentina aplaude.

  16. Christopher Thompson

    Dale blazed a path that has never been extinguished.jus look at Gaga
    Now we really know where her look came from....hmmmmm.oh yes...this track noticeable one the keyboard track was i think used or influenced..life is just a fantasy..by aldo nova..either way there just WORD'S..WHAT ARE WORD'S FOR??WHEN NO ONE LISTENS ANYMORE...LOVE YOU DALE...

  17. Алексей Лукоянов

    Где Сейчас этот задор, бунтарство, адреналин, кругом один только мажор, от слова Жор.

  18. Billy Borgan

    I love getting in my time machine and going back to a time where music was both great and engaging . We are living in an age full of clones and drones. So glad I'm old. At least I know what real music is.

  19. Benjamin Scisly

    I know never gonna happen but I always wanted a missing persons reunion

  20. Bradley Wall

    This band had everything: Looks, Talent, Stage Presence, appeal, unique sounds... just yeah... So good!!!

  21. Matt

    Who's the chic on the drums?

  22. 700 Megabytes

    Terry Bozzio is a bad mother on the drums!! Zappa knew what was up!!

  23. Philip Holmes

    Dale was fine as f**k !!!

  24. Rod Powers

    I always loved her voice and the way she dressed...or didn't😁😘

  25. Uncinematographable Screenshot Cinema

    this is the sexiest woman of rock n roll or in a competition at the top at the very least, among elites like Niagara

    Uncinematographable Screenshot Cinema

    this song is noticably hard rock with synths whicn is a plus

  26. ramair3judge

    Terry Bozzios' step daughter, Marina, plays drums in an all female Japanese power metal band called Aldious. He taught her well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZuJjY3dlxo

  27. Brian Sherick

    saw them live.....

  28. Roy Dean

    Man she was hot!

  29. Frederick John Picarello

    One of the coolest talented tightest bands I've ever witnessed!..& I've seen MANY..

  30. Daria Blue

    LOVE Missing Persons got every album on vinyl and play them all the time

  31. Mike Kirkpatrick

    Dale Dale Dale, you could've been mine.

  32. Tate Miller

    I notice you Dale

  33. sydIRISH

    Dale was in Hustler....not bad.

  34. Dan Miller

    Kinda ironic that GaGa sorta emulated this woman who was on a Zappa album, then went on to purchase Franks home.

  35. Brother Human

    She sprayed her pants on just like everyone else! (this was a really great band)

  36. dbag0584

    Doctor: How big do you want the implants?
    Dale: Yes.

  37. fredfukkinbear kikkinnigass

    Went to see them in 83' at the Wintergarden Ballroom in Dallas, Tx. I think they've demolished that old place since then. Great concert though. One of my favorite memories.

  38. BoilerBloodline

    Honesty...I keep coming back to their tunes. I’m 100% hard rock, rock & metal. But knowing the complete and utter bullshit the “Top 40” is loaded with, I can honestly say if this entire album were to be remastered and re-released today it would be a huge hit...all over again

  39. Don Francisco

    Awesome rocking band saw them at the Ballard Firehouse in Seattle

  40. John K

    They were soooo ahead of the 1980's ! Still way ahead of the 2000's. Love all of them ❤️ Thank you Missing person's, Musican's Music! They set there own trends, style, sounds!!!! I have the feeling they will still be way ahead of the curve in 2060 and beyond....

  41. BoilerBloodline

    Their drummer certainly has his own style. I keep thinking he’s going to hop off the set and start dancing.

  42. Alex Perez

    Shes actually pretty hot lol

  43. Max Constant

    La musica de antes es chevere alocada movida
    Pinches viejos son todos unos chidos

  44. Edward Borland

    what a f*&ing monster band. drums.

  45. scottyo64

    I waited for years to get the opportunity to see missing persons. Whey I finally got the chance Dale had put on a lot of weight and was wearing something like sweats. It was right after Frank died and she spent most of the concert talking about him and not playing music. I wished they would have just cancelled as it was one of the worst concerts I ever attended. I understand loosing a close friend and how it affects you. They should have cancelled just saying.

  46. David Disbrow

    She was way ahead of her time back in the 80s what an innovative band!!!

  47. Rob Robi

    She's very noticeable

  48. John Doe

    Great band

  49. Wooden Shoe

    dang, this band is one of the best live bands I've ever heard. I've watched a few of their live videos and they sound great

  50. IntoTheMindlessAbyss

    Indeed a very unique approach in 80's music. This feels all painfully underrated. They clearly have so much talent in many levels of musicianship.

  51. MontagZoso

    One of MP’s best! Still love you! ❤️

  52. Ezidio Alves

    Só os anos 80 pra nos dar uma banda como esta,época mágica!

  53. Magnus Wettermark

    Warren on guitar is awesome !!

  54. pst702

    This was awesome....Gaga couldn't hold a candle to Dale Bozzio

    David Gee

    That sounds like something the prototypical old person would say. Gaga crushes Bozzio.



  56. SushipOp

    Ya play this one on
    FKN 11 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Bryon Kibildis

    Fucking epic. I'm glad I was a teen to enjoy this in the 80s 👍👍👍💣💣💣

  58. Buz Jones

    Saw them back in the 80's but don't recall this song, (it was a blurrrr back then).....bought some old vinyl recently
    and this was song 1 side 1...….Wholly crap, what a rocking song. I'm in love. BTW, GAGA ain't got nothin on this bombshell. SORRY all you little monsters.

  59. reaper man

    Gonna be my my soundtrack

  60. offworldresident

    terry bozzio has to have the douchiest stage presence of any drummer I've ever seen.

    Dennis Lamb

    go sthu nitwad lol ur a punk lol

  61. drakg002

    Dale was as sexy, gorgeous and talented as one can get. I mean, just look at her

  62. jay

    Is that punky meadows on drums. I thought he played guitar

    Dennis Lamb

    are you ? He drums for Korn, what have you done....zip it

    Kevin Karg

    Punky Meadows played guitar for a group called Angel in the 1970's.

  63. Mary Cornell

    Love you Dale!!!

  64. Julian Arcos


  65. Craig Belliveau

    this is incredible

  66. Sid Vicious

    the drummers gayness is getting in the way of his drumming.

    reaper man

    You'd be wrong.

    Dennis Lamb

    She was married to him soooo. The 80's are this way..sorry fer yer dream :)

    Dennis Lamb

    He drums for Korn. ppl smh

  67. Mikey's Playhouse

    Everything tastes better with Bozzio on it!

  68. Reptilian Shapeshifter

    I didn't know Lady Gaga was in a band in the eighties.


    Love her pants she wiggles in

  70. Mark Bowles

    timeless... love the way they play...nobody plays a guitar quite like that dude. Absolutely unique band... hope they all got rich and lived happily ever after.

    TONY P

    Warren Cuccurullo...went on to play for Duran Duran

  71. Dennis Lamb

    This is the best song ever done/sung.... This Band is so very special...still play them EVERYDAY...

  72. Katmir Stone

    Jem & the Holograms yo

  73. captmack007

    Next person who says gaga gets two shots two the head

  74. Kevin R.

    The ORIGINAL Lady Gaga. This was in 1981! Dale Bozzio on vocals, husband Terry-KILLER drummer.

    TONY P

    Husband/Wife dude.

  75. Donald Keith

    Dope fly legit.

  76. poppyhimbo

    love the inflections in her voice...so damn sexy......it eminates it eminates!!!!

  77. Brady Hess

    We are so much alike.

  78. A McName

    The style, the hair, the music, the 80s was a great time

  79. Truth Seeker

    LOVE Missing Persons!!!!

  80. William Bowman

    I actually had this album.....yes vinyl.....Missing Persons was an amazing band.....Dale killed it and yes Terry Bozzio is arguably one of the best drummers in recent times......check out their live concert video on the tube.....pretty cool

  81. Circuit7Active

    I loved this band back in the day!

  82. Don Seagrave

    band is so ahead of its time...Missing Persons 2019

  83. Mr Schmeltz

    I still want to know about the Bozzio divorce 35 years later I still don't know what happened.

  84. sebaswildboy

    what a babe

  85. Forrest Hunter

    how appropriate this song is in 2019: "Notice me, notice me."

    Wayne Rocha

    @Forrest Hunter no now its notice me for a whole different reason its more like “virtue signal! Virtue signal!”

    Rob Workman

    Notice me is different now since there is Facebook you got cry babies wanting attention 😂 how pitiful people are now


    "Complete the look"
    "Wow, you look like everyone else"

    Wayne Rocha

    @Revelation6_7-8 vice city?

  86. WV591

    So gifted and natural...young lady had a style all her own..timeless. up there with Lene Lovich and Siouxsie Sioux. Ahhh the 80s. so much energy and Awesome music.

  87. Scott Gorham

    What a fuckin kick ass band. I saw them at Knotts berry farm back 1982, I was standing on the left side of Terry like 20 feet away, like where he is now, and remember watching him beat the shit outta those rototoms he's playing and he just was so tight and powerful and they were so loud !! The crowd was outta control with all us crazy teenagers, and of course Dale was Killin it and was lookin so hot. I will never forget that night 38 years ago.

  88. James

    You could bounce quarters off her stomach.. Love Dale.

  89. Christopher Wilson

    Love me some Missing Persons!

    musicnerd 72

    Me too.. This shit NEVER gets old!

  90. Aztec Steel

    This group if wulda write longer pieces it wuld be prog rock great sound they had talented muisicians they had

  91. suev33 3

    Man, she sure did love to wear plastic clothes, didnt she?

  92. Pleasure Victim

    There will NEVER be another and i'm still obsessed! 🖤

  93. Dennis Lamb

    Saw them live in Canton, OH

    Dennis Lamb

    I love the fact She told Heff to go fhs and walk out... straight to Zappa ♥ bff's

  94. Dennis Lamb

    One of the best songs for an 80's Ikon as myself. I was so self absorbed then...totally my song... so true for me back then.

  95. Roy Whit

    I noticed her.

  96. Athletic - Dashole

    wow what a bod

  97. Jk Fuentes

    OMG!!!!THOSE PANTS 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💘love Missing Persons

  98. joshua caro

    and warren still had hair on his chest .... its stil one of my fave bands after all these years

  99. Damiin Jallø El Day

    Proof that lady Gaga SUCKS!!!!!! I am so fortunate that my band Square Circle opened for them in San Diego. Was an incredible show.