Missing Persons - Mental Hopscotch Lyrics

Sometimes you say you will sometimes you say you won't
You always keep me waiting waiting hesitating hey yeah
At times I think you do at times I think you don't
My mind is rollerskating, skipping, jumping rope, and fading

Mental Hopscotch
Why must you treat me this way
Mental Hopscotch
Ready or not I'm going away

Why can't you be like this why can't you be like that
I don't know where I am, or where or where I'm at
So now you got me up and now you got me down
You won't be walking you'll be talking
Watch me now it's crazy

Mental Hopscotch
Why must you treat me this way
Mental Hopscotch
Ready or not I'm going away
Mental Hopscotch
Cover your eyes and count to 10
Mental Hopscotch
Don't do a 'em up till I say when

So now you get me up and now you get me down
You won't be walking you'll be doin' what you love baby
You don't think twice about what I might say
I follow you around and play an play an play an play

Mental Hopscotch
Why must you treat me this way
Mental Hopscotch
Ready or not I'm going away
Mental Hopscotch
Cover your eyes and count to 10
Mental Hopscotch
Don't do 'em up till I say when

Mental Hopsctch
Do me dump me rill me rock me
Mental Hopscotch
Rollarskating skipping fading
Mental Hopscotch
Mental Hopscotch
Mental Hopscotch

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Missing Persons Mental Hopscotch Comments
  1. David Forget

    looks like they are actually playing the cameras just happen to be there

  2. Mike Halpern

    Boys... B O Y S.... I like Boys!

  3. MrHeavyduty007

    Sexxy as F she is!!

  4. Erona Calloway

    Wish I could go back to the early 80s.

  5. Kevin M


  6. Ryan Tennyson

    Early MTV had some underrated bands. Here's one.

  7. Hyæna

    Man i need to find the "Spring Session M" Vinyl!

  8. Beetle Bailey


  9. Erik Johnson

    Party like it's the 80s! Terry's outstanding drumming was one of the reasons I ended up holding down the low note in the rhythm section...

  10. dave griego

    good ol' bossa nova.. thanks terry.. way to implement it into this song..

  11. Michael Farar

    Dale actually did a spread in HUSTLER...NO PUN intended!

  12. George Burdine

    Neil Peart brought me here. I was watching drummer show with Neil and Terry. bozzio was a madman too.

  13. The 9-2-5 Outlaw Reviews

    Must have been plenty of cocaine in that green room.

  14. The 9-2-5 Outlaw Reviews

    The opening song featured in the campy B-movie "Lunch Wagon".

  15. Ralph Benites

    Crank it up on sun set strip.🎤🥁🎸🎹🌴

  16. jmgmarcus

    This band was so damn good.✊🏼

  17. Tony Tafoya

    I was young and new when this was new and young.
    And even back then, I knew it had staying power. I knew somehow that it would last.

  18. Frederick John Picarello

    Kick-ass jam! Can still remember the first time hearing it.. Some 35 years ago!

  19. sebaswildboy

    love the speed pop

  20. Dennis Ray Wingo


  21. Elix Tido

    She and Karen O sound similar

  22. Roberth Frank

    creci con estas rolas. ya no hacen. este tipo de rolas

  23. rudy martinez

    How does he do that????

  24. Poly Princessa Doll

    🎶⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🎸 I like this one

  25. jo3hoop

    ...Terry Bozzio one of the favorite drummers, this band a little ahead of its time...

  26. Motoicon

    Some pretty filthy work on the drum kit

  27. Mark Villa-Lobos

    love her!!!!

  28. Max Constant

    Es una barbie

  29. Boiler Room Drums

    The Roto Toms with the Chinas . . . . that was epic. Nobody was doing that in rock like that at the time.

  30. Tile by Tony

    Of course I will introduce you to Warren...FZ

  31. Bob Gibson

    God that music was horrible it was all image and no substance

  32. petebest22

    Terry's drumming is great 😉

  33. Supa Dupa Hilton

    Chuck Wilde is so Bomb!!

  34. Don White

    Vince Neil was in Missing Persons?

  35. Daisypetal100

    This is real music. Lady Gaga ripped off lead singer Dale Bozzio's look. Dale had a much better voice than Lady Gaga.

  36. Michael Salazar

    They should have stayed together

    Lisa Murphy

    Michael Salazar Lady GaGa owes her entire look to singer.....sorry I forget the name -Teri something.
    Merry merry Christmas 🎄

    Michael Salazar

    @Lisa Murphy l.been listening.to missing persons for a long time my favorite songs bad streets walking in L.A. mantal hopscotch

  37. Jiltedin2007

    Loved this song ever since I first heard it in the movie Lunch Wagon.

  38. Orlando p

    What a fun time none stop fun in the 80's

  39. SuperBoomshack

    I would kiss Terry if we were gay

  40. Frank Sullivan

    Drugs in the 1980s lol

  41. 1251wire

    I'm a guitar palyer and like Warren but I want 2 isolated tracks, drums and voice. Especially the drums. Fantastic !

  42. Dina Seddiek Gadalla

    The effects work and how the video was made is no joke.

  43. Keith Finsley

    Terry is looking at U!

  44. James DeWeaver


  45. Velton Conoley

    One of the first videos I ever saw on mtv when I was a kid really great song!

  46. tigertank88m

    Simply awesome band

  47. Jesus Christ Is The Almighty Creator † King James Bible Colossians Chapter 1

    To unbelievers I've fought with, I'm waiting for the Rapture! :) Ready or not I'm going away! :)

  48. Roger Barrera

    Nowadays when a chick goes kinda koko for coco puffs they call em mental hopscotch you know mental

  49. Michael Blanchard

    Had a dance on top of Mount SI.

  50. Tim Grant

    The last verse goin into the chorus just gets insanely nuts!

  51. IntoTheMindlessAbyss

    Holy....shit.... this is FUCKING GOLD! 80's Crystal Castles at best. This caught me way off guard. It definitely feels a lot different from Depeche Mode. Remarkable and unique.

  52. Iron Horse

    First saw them in a movie called Lunch Wagon 1981

  53. felipe21279

    Missing Persons was New Wave at it's purest and best incarnation. They retained the punk sound that many later bands took away.

  54. S B

    Every time I see her it's sad how underrated she is. Lady Gaga took from her and Wendy O Williams of the Plasmatics not so much Madonna, these two and some Terri Nunn too.

  55. pork chõp

    Make's me think of valley girl

  56. Daria Blue

    Terry Bozio - He really means it. I mean look at his stare.and DAMN Dale was super sexy. What a vixen back then. She just ooozed sex appeal. This is my favorite MP song. Us Festival 1983 is my favorite version of this song .

  57. Great Iron Fist

    Saw them in 83 in Honolulu. They were banging.

  58. steven USA

    It was Awful Then...
    ....still painful now.

  59. Joker Scarpello

    One of the best 80s tracks period...

  60. John K

    Superb drumming ! Warren on guitars amazing! Chuck wild synthesizers, love the OBX!!!!!!!! Great band and song. Thanks Missing Persons!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. L S

    Terry's the best drummer ever. That's a real rock drummer

  62. WUEEN

    2019 still loving

  63. Spencer Cielo

    I was born in '91 but I totally embrace what the 80's movement was all about as far as being creative and breaking out the box of conformity.

  64. Brady Hess

    Why mental hopscotch? You are stubborn and refuse to learn. Your problem is that you just don't listen.

  65. 73V3N ATE

    Terry bozzio
    Earth tribe

  66. Andrew Klosowski

    Terry Bozzio: DRUM GOD!! By the way, his daughter Marina plays drums for the all-girl metal band Aldious.

  67. Tamjam2011


  68. Sheels1976

    I see where Lady Gaga got her inspiration from.

  69. Ricky 77333

    If you weren't around in the 80's you never lived.

  70. Snotlout Is A God

    Dale Bozzio was the Lady Gaga of the 1980s.

  71. Jimmy Haun

    Fucking great!!

  72. Tony Negron

    🎤 I ♡ the '80's! ☆ Class of '83

  73. Junior8888

    Terry just hammers away!

  74. www.bosleymusic.com

    Is it me or is Terry Bozzio doing the Punky Meadows "whips" (lips) in this video? Punky would definitely think it's romantic.

  75. HarryPotter87

    Dale's the new wave Marilyn Monroe

  76. Cosme Casas


  77. John Fernandes - jfmax2000

    OH Yesss... Dale (Ms Heavenly Legs) <3 <3 <3 <3 (And Terry and The Crew are F**Kin Beasts !!! )

  78. Roger Barrera

    Dale bozzio was a former playboy playmate just debra harry of Blondie & andrea true who was a former porn star they became singing artist when they realized they had singing talent as well that's using ur head but missing persons really only had that one hit.wonder Album the rest were pretty lame in comparison but what an album.

  79. Sloane

    Best Guitar Solo of the Era...awesome band!!

  80. Pino Boris

    New wave sensational !!!!!!!! Great band 🎹🎤🎙📻🎧

  81. Eduardo Ortíz

    Listening now this song, since Mexico

  82. Sean L

    My absolute favorite song of theirs !
    It still kicks ass here in 2019 👍

  83. The_escapegoat

    I keep reading the GaGa comparisons but No Doubt owes quite a bit as well

  84. Diana Pitzer

    Amazing vocals, amazing music

  85. Johnny MFan

    One of many Blondie influenced bands that the US was not interested in. Maybe not popular but I am glad Blondie led to acts like Divinyls, Pandoras, Concrete Blonde, Altered Images and Transvision Vamp.

  86. William Bowman

    Yes they were one of the best bands.....an amazing blend of artists....and yes, Terry is one of the best drummers ever

  87. Truth Seeker

    My Favorite 80's band .... I was more Classic Rock & Heavy Metal but I loved Missing Persons

  88. Brad Phillips

    Lada go ga should not EVEN be in comparason..such an insult !!

  89. alessandro mancino

    Warren before DD

  90. bermuda tenebris

    bet you haven’t seen that effect on a video in forever

  91. Gregory Bryant

    Is the Lady Gaga era over yet? Maybe kids will rediscover the real sh!t now...

  92. Rey med

    Gewn is a bitter

  93. Cosme Casas

    Missing Persons is new wave back in the 80s. They are talented. BOZZIO IS A BUNNY

  94. Ric J

    Guitarist Warren Cuccurullo was so hot

  95. WV591

    So gifted and natural...young lady had a style all her own..timeless. up there with Lene Lovich and Siouxsie Sioux. Ahhh the 80s. so much energy and Awesome music.

  96. Nicolas Nic

    The original Lady Ga Ga.

  97. John C

    Rock on Dale!

  98. LaloMan

    She was soo bad ass and soo hot back then! She also was one of the chicks who dressed all 80s back then!

  99. Deborah Wyncoop

    had their album, big part of the 80"s, kick ass group!!

  100. Mark Boyd

    The whole band is incredibly talented. Patrick O'Hearn became a major new age artist, Warren Cuccurullo did amazing things on his own and with Duran Duran, Terry Bozzio is an insaniac on drums...just amazing...and...ummmmmm...how many female pop artists have ripped off Dale Bozzio's image? Lady Gaga anyone? Madonna?