Missing Persons - If Only For The Moment Lyrics

You try to live up to what others believe
Till you conquer all your fears and just find what you need
In the time that it takes to settle for less
You could have done with what you thought would be best
You set your ideals with the truth that you see
Nothing turns out quite the same as you thought it would be
Counting the times that you've said what you mean
All the reasons to forget what you want to believe

And you know what I'm thinking now
If only for the moment

All that you think has meaning for you
Excuses are many when you seek what is true
You live in your thoughts and believe you are right
Till what you foresee is brought into sight
You set your ideals with the truth that you see
Nothing turns out quite the same as you thought it would be
Counting the times that you've said what you mean
All the reasons to forget what you want to believe

All the reasons to forget what you want to believe...

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Missing Persons If Only For The Moment Comments
  1. Dwayne Hutchinson

    Dalehasalovelyvoiceshesveryprettyanlovelylovelyhairloveitgoodsongsv erylovelyhairilovethesongwords

  2. Brady Hess

    A prophet told me that I would have healing power in my hands. Perhaps healing, youth and immortality do not always come by me praying at a distance. Sometimes I need to lay hands on people. Nobody wants me to lay hands on them so how would I know?

  3. Jason Begay-Montgomery

    A Timeless Masterpiece!

  4. Mike Duffy

    No one sings like dale! I love you missing persons!!!

  5. P S


  6. BadRonald1

    God this song has so many good memories of my girlfriend and I at 19 yrs old. What a time that was.

  7. Paul Adam

    This song should be released today as a single to good to just lay there and die most people never heard it
    Berlin and missing persons the best.

  8. Uccello05

    excellent song.

  9. John Meowzer

    Their finest creation I think. I walked thru the rain on a warm May day uptown to buy this LP.

    Rajander Philip

    There was Words, Right Now, Destination Unknown then this.  I agree - their finest "moment."

  10. cannonhoward


  11. Kyle Richardson

    this is such an awesome song!

  12. james jamesspyderrr

    this is a masterpiece

  13. snjones99

    I have loved Missing Persons from the beginning, sad they didn't stay around longer

  14. Daniel Larusso

    Pure gold

  15. Martín Arévalo de León

    Of the very best ever!!!

  16. Gottisanidiot

    This band was so far ahead of their time, it's unbelievable. Amazing talent. Fuck Gaga and all the wannabes.

  17. mr427mla

    Gwen Stephani and horse shit no doubt rip off this great band every day! In their wildest dreams could never touch the talent of Dale and Missing Persons !

  18. Michael Hankins

    NIce ! 30 years ago . And still nice today : )

  19. Phil Thomas

    A great album and a fantastic song. Missing Persons made some of the best music during their time. Love Dale's vocals.

  20. Sinperium

    Gwen Stephani before there was such a thing.

  21. riderinla

    One of the most brilliant bridges in pop lyrics!!!

  22. martyn580

    this should have been a big hit

  23. Glenn Brown

    @housetyme Patrick was the bassist (and also played keyboards) of Missing Persons. His first solo album, a huge hit of the beginning 'new age' vibe, 'Ancient Dreams,' was released in '85. Missing Persons disbanded in '86.

  24. Glenn Brown

    Dale Bozzio and the brilliant Patrick O'Hearn. Love.

    Ken Wheeler

    My friends thought I was a weirdo for loving this band, then we went to a show and they were immediately converts. Dale was the best and I have everything I could find from Patrick.

  25. Glenn Brown

    @RangerGordon That's wonderful. Music can do that :>)

  26. Paul Purcell

    I agree with you all! This is a GREAT album! A true gem,.....To Life!

  27. Michael Schneider

    A real pearl! Power, brilliant Lyrics and a high Level of musical Quality.
    Hard to find today... I really miss such great bands these days...

  28. Oldschool7166

    one of their best.

  29. Brandon Burt

    This entire album is incredibly insightful and positive -- I was a freaky outcast in a small Utah town in the mid '80s, and this was one of the things that helped me hold onto my sanity. I'll always be grateful to Missing Persons!


    What small town ? Would it be Helper or Price, Spring Glen ???

  30. Chiron Stearman

    whoever labeled this as "Disco" needs their head examined. This is the pinnacle of NEW WAVE.

  31. Chiron Stearman

    This is simply one of the best songs EVER written or performed. Maximum Strength HOPE.