Missing Persons - Color In Your Life Lyrics

Sweet scent of a gentle rain
Will you ever come again?
Smooth skin, soft and white
We lose ourselves within the night

Dance inside the dreamer's circle
I'm waiting for you
Escape the life of black and white
I'm waiting for you

I wanna be the color that's in your life
And you make love electrical
Welcome to the festival...

Facing towards still rose dawn
Intuition leads you on
You're all dressed up in dreams
In a liquid limousine

Dance inside the dreamer's circle
I'm waiting for you
Escape your life of black and white
I'm waiting for you

I wanna be the color that's in your life
And you make love electrical
Welcome to the festival...

Dance inside the dreamer's circle
I'm waiting for you
Escape your life of black and white
I'm waiting for you

I wanna be the color that's in your life
And you make love electrical
Welcome to the festival...

Wanna be, the color, in your life
'Cause you make love electrical
Welcome to, welcome to, welcome to the festival

I wanna be the color that's in your life
And you make love electrical
Welcome to the festival...

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Missing Persons Color In Your Life Comments
  1. John Daemons


  2. Adelson Goudinho Cardoso

    Lindo som

  3. podium58

    This song brings back so many good memories of my youth in SoCal in the 80’s. I’d go back in a minute and do it all over again.

  4. Cesar Gonzalez

    Going threw a long distance Instagram crush I can't have so heartbreaking.this song is perfect.

  5. Don Francisco

    Timeless beautiful music

  6. Richard Burch

    Great song.

  7. Jason Simpkins

    :) 80's :)

  8. Danny Workman

    Best Drummer EVER!

  9. Johnny MFan

    I like there is more guitar and much less synth on this. Well produced by Nile Rodgers(Chic)

  10. Brady Hess

    here goes nothing. getting a bit pessimistic. anita texted me about an hour ago. green light on auto manufacturing. calling her back in about 1 minute to discuss it further. possible trip there with you a week from tomorrow so you two can meet. you are both goddesses and will love each other. not frittering away another day on YouTube today. Beautiful day. My headphones are staying upstairs. saved two 30 minute walks to be with you. I will listen to this song later. You people look awesome.

  11. MercurySend Text Message For Business

    Welcome to the festival... Thank you for being the color in my life.. You make love and your music electrical. Since the 80s to this day. Grateful X

  12. demoniopurpura5

    I love it! 💜💜💜💜💜

  13. marvin silverman

    the sound of this band is cool
    full 80's

  14. A. Barnard

    Lady Gaga will NEVER have anything on Dale Bozzio, because Dale was the FIRST!

  15. Bruce E. Baxter Jr

    Love this song. Love the Missing Persons. This makes anything by Adele sound stupid.

  16. Sparkitus Maximus

    There will never be anything like them again!

  17. joshua caro

    i still love the band so out of the ordinary in the 80 s it was all there , synths good guitar work ( love you warren ) drum and a special singer

  18. Alberto Gutierrez

    My top favorite band from the 80's. I have all the vinyls and c.d.s. I love this band.

  19. DJ M

    IMHO Missing Persons and Berlin were two of the most sexually-charged bands of the 80’s.

  20. Jamie Barrett

    Bought this album (on cassette!) out in Hollywood, CA in the summer of '86... I was attending the Musician's Institute... Loved the title track and the last song (with Terry singing) best... shortly thereafter, I saw them perform at a club just up from the corner of Hollywood and Vine, just down the street from Capital Records... After the show, I met the keyboardist (Chuck Wild had already left group, this was Patrick O'Hearn's brother filling in...). He let me come up to the after party where I got to meet everyone in the band... I was most excited about meeting Terry, a real hero, but also, of course, Dale, as well as Warren and Patrick. The guys were just hanging out separately upstairs of this club, talking with folks like me, while Dale had a whole entourage of people surrounding her. Terry and Dale were far apart and it seemed very awkward, as I recall... Also met Jimmy Waldo and Ed Shea (keyboardist and bassist of then band Alcatrazz, formerly of the band New England). Great to have seen this concert, because I don't think there were too many (with the original members) after this show... weren't together for much longer after this show...


    Thanks for sharing ~ great story.

  21. RavenMadd9

    miss this band

  22. easyscore

    I love them.

  23. Smokin' Benolken

    Missing track 7 from this album "Come Back For More"  Anybody have this track they can upload?

  24. M.G. Gallagher

    "Like" cubed.

  25. Alberto Indess

    Muy buen tema de esta gran banda...

  26. gabe h

    one of my favorite songs from missing person saw them 8 times in the 80s

  27. Roberta Feliciano

    I have so many good memories of my younger days from the missing persons who I think still is one of the greatest the drummer is so awesome and she is incomparable no one else is like her

  28. Casos Insolitos - Daxan Films

    i still have the vinil lp

  29. Paul Lvamp

    Awesome FEEL GOOD song~!!!...It's gotten me through some rough times as the rest of Missing Persons incredible music has as well~!!!

  30. Edwin Salas Hernandez

    This song should have been a smash hit for Missing Persons. Unfortunately, Missing Persons have always been a quite underrated band but all of their three albums are masterpieces and different from each other but at the same time maintaining their typical MP sound.

    M.G. Gallagher

    Oh yeah. Fkn amazing band.

    Jason Simpkins

    Love Em All

  31. Rafael Sovero

    WoW muy bueno

  32. John Meowzer

    I recently snagged a (dated, but fun) Trouser Press Guide To Alt-Rock book from a recycle-bin where I work and wuz pleasantly surprised to see Missing Persons get a positive write-up...when they were active I was a subscriber to Creem magazine and loved it, but Creem didn't like MP much at all. I thought they wrote some killer pop tunes tho'.

    M.G. Gallagher

    Creem was a pop dumb mag. Guitar Player loved Warren...

    John Meowzer

    ...what?!?! Creem was great! Yeah it had waggish humor but that was one of its best features, but Creem also had very intelligent writers - Lester Bangs, Robert Christgau, Susan Whitall...to name just three. Creem also wasn't snobbish like a lotta rock rags back then were.

    freddy c

    J.E. Dyche when I hear warrens last name cuccurullo . I can't help but think of bevis from bevis and butthead . I am the great cuccurllooooo.

  33. John Meowzer

    Love Dale'z quirky voice

  34. John Meowzer

    Dale wuz the original Lady Gaga.

    Jim Strano

    image wise, I agree. vocally, Lady GagGa KILLS. 


    @Jim Strano Ga Ga sings like Ca Ca....Missing Persons Rocks!!!

    M.G. Gallagher

    Apples and oranges. MP was one of the most skilled rock bands of its day. Gaga is a pop formula product, albeit she did the work. I cover a ton of this and know my shit.


    John Meowzer she looks just like her...

  35. Frank Prado

    another great band i saw in Hollywood, Ca. at their peak


    lucky bastard

  36. chacon dremaus

    addictive song !

  37. zinzano69

    grande banda esta de missing persons, querer comparar a lady gaga con dale bozzio es como querer comparar un elefante con una hormiguita, la hormiguita es lady gaga desde luego

    M.G. Gallagher

    Es cierto.

  38. Nik Neuy

    luv the hitech rock!

  39. Todd Stepp

    I must have been one of the very few that bought this album and enjoyed it. I enjoyed the guitar and drums playing back and forth. Now it is all gone

  40. netpimbas


  41. Nelson Sanchez