Missing Persons - Clandestine People Lyrics

Sweeping all the dirt under the rug
Never let you know just what they're thinking of
What they do behind closed doors
Hiding all the things that you've been waiting for

Clandestine people you're so surreptitious
Clandestine people you're so very suspicious

All your vicious sneaking around
Putting up a front so that the truth can't be found
Someday soon you'll make a small slip
And be forced out in the open 'spite of all your trips

Where are all your secrets right now
Curiously tucked beneath your furtive brow
What is it you're trying to hide
Someday it will eat you all up inside

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Missing Persons Clandestine People Comments
  1. Scott McGregor

    There used to be a live performance of this on YouTube that was mind blowing. Terry Bozzio and Bill Bruford were two of the few drummers that I thought really new how to effectively new how to play digital/electronic drums live without sacrificing technique.

  2. Hue-Man

    A truly underrated song

  3. Esperia 2019


  4. Mike Shaffner

    Fav tune on later album Missing Persons ...hav on orig. Vinyl..

  5. Todd tanner

    Just listen to the brilliant drums here.

  6. Jaded’s Vintage Resell

    For me this album marked the end of the new wave era. Rhyme and Reason was a great sendoff

  7. goblinb

    this was definitely one of my favorite stand out tracks of the album. and i loved that album.

  8. JeffTheNebraskaDJ


  9. mlg4035

    9999th viewer! So close!!
    LOVE MP!!!

  10. rarehead

    I said the same thing the first time I heard it, very recently.
    The music of the 80s was really great.;) though I am of the 90's generation. :D.

  11. Outer Banks Online

    wat? where? this is so incredible!!!

  12. George Anderson

    Very cool track! and Dale Bozzio still one of my favorite rock divas of all time

  13. Robert Carreras

    I love all the drum tracks on this album, I read that the drum set was custom made especially for Terry Bozzio. I wonder is he still plays them...

    Daniel Thornbrough

    i heard Terry Bozzio say in an interview once that a lot of this album was programmed on a Linn drum machine and the overdubbed with the Roto Tom drum kit. Then after the recording he had the custom design elctronic kit made and was going to market it. But after that album and subsequent tour he dropped the electronics and went back to an acoustic kit for "The Color In Your Life"

    John Krummrich

    it was a JL copper sound chest  not many made

  14. bvg83

    this cover reminds me lady gaga's, now i know...

  15. D.L.G

    Dale was so Hot

  16. SUNCHIP2007

    Cool song :-)