Missing Persons - All Fall Down Lyrics

There's nothing you can do, what they tell you isn't true
Can't find any answers
And then who do you trust, protect yourself you must
Should you be getting involved
It's getting so involved, it's getting so involved

Is this some foreign game, are they the ones to blame
Will you ever find out
Do you really want to know, could you continue if it shows
You're not as right as you think you are
Are you right or are you wrong
Are you right or are you wrong

It isn't making any sense
Must we use the ultimate defense
Or watch the dominoes around us
All fall down

The situation's pressed, all you do is guess
They've got you into a corner
While all the others thrive, by spreading 'round the lies
You can't let it get to you
You can't let it get to you
You can't let it get to you

All the things that people say, obstacles put in your way
Don't let them make you quit
When your back's against the wall, and no one hears the call
You've got to fight for yourself

It isn't making any sense
They'd like to think that you believe the things you read
Must we use the ultimate defense
The picture that they paint is an illusion
Can't let the dominoes around us all fall down...

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Missing Persons All Fall Down Comments
  1. herewegoaround

    A little jazz, a little disco. Nice tune.

  2. Albon Forbes

    Where Eagles Dared... MP achieved... The Album is Magnificent

    Jerry Vivanco

    YES!!!! Finally.......someone else gets it!!! AMAZING album!
    BADASS group!

  3. Amanda H

    I love this song.

  4. Jae Beez

    My fav MPs song

  5. Tommy Allen

    So much great music in the 80's, but something about Missing Persons, they had a unique magic about them that no one else had.

    Darnell Major

    Couldn't agree with you more! We can always call them a New Wave band but Missing Persons was a breed of their own!

  6. Timothy Wilson

    I believe that this is the best new wave album I have ever heard in my life and I am 54 years old

  7. Timothy Wilson

    Another words in algebra class there such a thing as a variable

  8. Jeremy Feit

    commercial radio sucks, because i've never heard this on it

  9. ZenAriesStarz

    Nice song!!!!!

  10. yoshluv7

    I need this CD, I had it on cassette back in the day!!

  11. bassmanjoe

    Nice groove!!! Great bassline!!!