Missing Persons - Action Reaction Lyrics

Action reaction, once you get started you can't stop
Action reaction you might think it's new but it's not
Action reaction, the girl knows just what to do
Action reaction, she gets some reaction from you

She's gonna take you by surprise
She's gonna hit you right between the eyes
She'll use her hippest trick, just to make your street slick
Then she'll take you for a ride
She knows how to satisfy, come get your satisfaction

Action reaction, once you get started you can't stop
Action reaction you might think it's new but it's not
Action reaction, the girl knows just what to do
Action reaction, girl gets reaction from you

She's gonna take you for a ride, she's gonna drive you real fast
Better than what you planned for, you won't have to beg for more
She's runnin' all the red lights
Burnin' straight on through the night, she's your non-stop satisfaction

(Action reaction) gonna put it to you
(Action reaction) she knows just what to do
(Action reaction) she'll get a reaction
(Action reaction) 'cause once you get started she can't stop
She can't stop...
Can't she can't she can't she can't stop!
...Action, reaction

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Missing Persons Action Reaction Comments
  1. Douglas Bermudez

    The drummer is fuckin awesome

  2. Robot 13

    Unique Gem of the 80s!!

  3. D Wilson

    let me say thank you very much for putting this song up at 54 now I was quite Stone through most of the eighties the night in particular I saw missing persons in Passaic New Jersey I was on acid butt I do remember the song and I remembered the the chorus I sang it to myself and I've been looking for this song for a few years now you have made my day brought back some killer memories at the same time thanks again

  4. jonsilence

    I also saw MP countless times in LA, mostly before they were signed, and always loved Action Reaction. It was significantly more aggressive, manic and punkish than anything else in their set but that's what was so cool about it. I too was bummed that it didn't make the record but was glad to see it surface later. Killer track from a totally unique band who always delivered off-the-charts excitement onstage.


    I saw the Persons perform Action Reaction as an encore in January 1982.  Their performance of it blew this version away, which says something because, of course, the version here spits fire.  Live onstage the band presented Spring Session M (anagram for Missing Persons) with a stunning visual performance.  I taped the show, and this became my favorite song they played that night.  Years later Terry Bozzio moved to Texas and I saw five of his clinics in a year, three of them at a music store two blocks from where I lived.  I'd go up long before his start time and watch his tech and him assemble the drum village.  Bozzio was always accessible and I had many one-on-one conversations with him.  When I asked Terry one day why the band left such a great song like Action Reaction off Spring Session M he told me: "It didn't sound like the rest of the songs on the album and didn't fit in."  Pity.  I think it would've sounded bitch'n right after No Way Out.

    Ramone Alexander

    you taped the show ?? do you still have it ?! and ..can I buy a copy from you !!??? TYIA !


    That tape, recorded in January 1982, crapped out by the late 90s. Sorry, Ramone, I hated to see it go too. The best live MP on video available that I know of is the US Festival from summer 1983; it's here on youtube. Missing Persons also have a live CD 'Late Nights Early Days' recorded in 1981 which one-ups the Spring Session M album: on Amazon a used CD starts at $50. Action Reaction is on it (the only studio track).

    Ramone Alexander

    sorry to hear DAGDRUM indeed ...I'm always looking for vintage MP video ..specially from the early early days.  I have all the other cds too as well.  Thanks for replying to me too I appreciate it very much !

  6. Jake71


  7. preciousbash

    Yeah maaan. It's very US draagy... I like it.

  8. Eric Bolivar

    Every time I hear this I wonder why they never released it properly. (not counting the after the fact bonus track on Rhyme & Reason. Thanks for posting this.