Misfits - In The Doorway Lyrics

Light in the doorway shining so bright in the doorway i clench your hips for the flesh you tore my prose in the doorway animal lie like the doorway as you hide hear it then will you let me inlet me in oh in the doorway we were so young in the doorway release the black dogs on our breasts we'll never rest we'll never rest we'll never forget i ain't never gonna let you rest oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

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Misfits In The Doorway Comments
  1. Garluth

    that Minor Tune.....it touches my soul deeply

  2. Enrique Robles

    this song's so epic and is too damn short

  3. Jo Blow

    DEFINITELY A TOP 5 MISFITS SONG.. almost never released.

  4. Jesse G

    Glenn Danzig really is a musical genius.

  5. Vijay Nair

    Such an underrated Misfits song.
    It’s so short.
    I wish it was at least a minute longer!

    The Count

    Me too, when I first heard it at the end of Static Age I remember going, "That's it? I need more" Don't know why but this song really hit me hard emotionally lol and is an absolute favorite. I always put it up extremely high on my list along with Spinal Remains.

    Vijay Nair

    The Count

    Agree 100%!
    Ah, you just took me back 27 years ago when I first heard this wonderful song on cassette.
    What great times those were!

    The Count

    @Vijay Nair Lol well the times I look back on aren't too far gone for me but far enough to fill me with nostalgia and joy! The impact of music can take any time and place and turn it into a great time, what a trip!

  6. Dani Z

    We will never rest...

  7. The Bad Guy

    I need more this song is so short

    Robert Zacarias

    Hey yo...

    Robert Zacarias


  8. chad509

    Danzig and his amazing poetry!

  9. Hank Williams

    This song is totally about a guy who's obsessed with a girl, writes her prose, she tears it up and then he breaks into her house, terrifies her and kills her.

  10. teyo v


  11. Y.T. Sobriquet

    Danzig's voice/singing on this reminded me of someone and it finally hit me: the singer for Spandau Ballet, particularly on a track called "To Cut A Long Story Short)".

  12. Golfulus Shampoo

    My favorite Misfits album! Unlike Walk Among Us, you can actually hear the bass guitar!

    Senile Animal

    Walk among us was great but i prefer static age

  13. Dudes Macdougal

    Is this song about a cat?

  14. kirk cavenaugh

    So underrated

    The Count

    kirk cavenaugh Criminally. Not only is it a great closer to a great album but it's one of The Misfits best.

  15. Rod Belding

    This sounds like a Doors song, no pun intended. Awesome.

  16. Jose Sanchez

    Why wasn't this track included on the Static Age CD that came with the box set that I paid $70.00 for? Casual fans do not pay for a box set and those that do should get their money's worth.

    Golfulus Shampoo

    @Matt Davis legacy of brutality isn't a true Misfits record if i remember correctly. Glenn Danzig played the guitar, bass and drums on that album.

    Matt Davis

    You are probably right. I wasn't sure.


    In The Doorway was first released in 1997 on Static Age, it wasn’t on Legacy of Brutality, most of which was pulled from the same recording sessions with added guitar guitar overdubs and reverb. I think that was mainly so Glenn didn’t have to pay royalties to the other members, but I could be wrong. Legacy of Brutality isn’t a proper “album”, it’s a compilation but it was the first time most of those songs were released.

    Robert Zacarias

    Haha, I was just gonna leave the same comment but I knew there was gonna be someone else who realized it was missing. I remember listening to every c.d. in the box set and wondering where this fuckin song was. Bought this box set like 5 times due damages and loss' , 5th one is unopened and unused.

    Robert Zacarias

    @The Count @cardigansarecool thanks for the info. I never dug into it just realized it wasn't there.

  17. Albert Hutchinson III

    One of my absolute favorite bands. But really only the early years. Sorry Micheal.

  18. Grungerocproductions

    Their best album with a memorizing track I love it!

  19. Konrad

    Misfits have a lot of good albums but atm i like static age the most maybe its because its the only one i haven't bought on itunes and listened to over and over yet.

  20. andy7666

    This song wasn't even in Coffin Boxset so I didn't know it existed - I was shocked on hearing this for the first time in ye olde internet days! What a song! Don't know why it wasn't included on the rarities CD..

    Mister Moat

    Secret song noobs.

    David Bristow

    Youre right cause i had it

  21. Zézinho Games

    Thanks for the Mix!

  22. 714Enma

    In the doorway animal lie

    jack miersch

    I think maybe its in the doorway and I'm alright

  23. GmJunky87

    song stuck in my head all day!

  24. The Joker

    Great song