Misfits - Father Lyrics

When the night arrives it seems tomorrow never comes
I lie in silence and I damn the setting sun
Tell me why beneath the daylight I’m enslaved
Underneath a starry sky death rises from my grave

Father have I curse of the vampire
Do I have blood from hell in my veins
Am I an unholy beast that you sired
Is it true I bear the mark of Cain

I just wanted to know
I feel it take control

Father can you explain the things you ask of me
Nothing worse imagined, nothing worse would be foreseen
Tell me why the Lord would scribe on my forehead
To walk the Earth forever not living, yet not dead

Father have I curse of the vampire
Do I have blood from hell in my veins
Am I an unholy beast that you sired
Is it true I bear the mark of Cain

I just wanted to know
What debt to hell I owe

Father have I curse of the vampire
Do I have blood from hell in my veins
Am I an unholy beast that you sired
Is it true I bear the mark of Cain

I just wanted to know
What debt to hell I owe

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Misfits Father Comments
  1. Daryn Brooks

    For optimal acoustics listen in a coffin buried 6 ft under

  2. Jake Collingwood

    Sometimes a family can be Glenn Danzig, Jerry Only and their collection of weird punk/metalhead hybrid kids

  3. Jordy Vasquez

    But the performance is totally different on stage, only Jerry destroyed Misfits ,,

  4. Sludge Mouf

    yep, garbage

  5. Emilio Soto

    Suena bien pero me gustaban mas con graves.

  6. Om Theta

    I would like to disagree with everyone I like this evolution of the Misfits. It kinda grew up. Into metal.

    Edgar Butcher

    Just like Doyle's solo

  7. jkevin cveas

    Más metal

  8. kim rey


  9. Gary DuBois


  10. Chronicles of Ypres 97

    Sounds like a song Graves would sing but Only does a pretty good job at it.

    Danzig nava

    he he I thought it was graves as well

    chris kennedy

    sounds like a cheesy metal band.

    Edgar Butcher

    This would sound great with Graves!

  11. ルイスレイバー

    Good song, the ending is killer!!!

  12. Lungomolto

    this album is a masterpiece, Jerry he's as good as Glenn and far better than Graves

    Alejandro Faura

    +Lungomolto Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    gustavo marquez


    nicholas shope

    Better then Glenn close to graves

  13. Rodrigo Riquelme

    lol related video: Danzig - Mother

    lord geoffrey

    @Rodrigo Riquelme no lol you spanish homo, danzig is a legend


    @lord geoffrey Danzig was great with the Misfits and Samhain, but his solo project is shit outside the two Black Aria albums, And while Jerry Only is a greedy fuck, at least he isn't an asshole to his fans.

  14. VETRIS84


  15. Billy Talley

    I thought this album was one of their best works. Jerry is holding it down on the vocals and that's hard to say (I am sure some if not most of us heard Project 1950). It's better than Danzig's shitty singing I will say (although he has some good lyrics). I am happy with what Jerry did with the band.

  16. OAO

    This album has really been a big dissapointment. Would be better with Graves or Danzig.

    Jeph Lein

    fuck you with your overused comment. The vocals are great.



    Homophobic insults. Fucking classy. Songwriting on this album is solid even if the vocals aren't as good as previous line-ups.

    Robert James

    this guy probably has small willy!

  17. Jose Quintero

    not as bad as i thought it would be. yes i hold misfits to a hire standard but if this was any other band id dig it even more.


    you mean 'HIGHER standard'....

  18. Carl Evz13

    well said my friend

  19. ashercohen4

    Not a big fan of jerry only's singing and writing but this song is pretty cool.

  20. taisto lambert

    yes it is indeed!!!!!! ja kaikki misfitsin biisit! ;)

  21. taisto lambert

    kuuluu maailman parhaimpiin.... :) ;)

  22. Salvatore La Grasta

    I am 43 years old but I never lived in the past. This is a great Misfits album and one hell of a kick ass song.

  23. BrysonSummers

    Idc what anyone says about the misfits fiend club for life

  24. Renee' Connolly

    I lie in silence and I BLESS the setting sun!

  25. keozeo

    I used to hate Jerry, but hes getting better.

  26. hulio932

    Devils rain is amazing album

  27. septemberfire


  28. John Hashirama

    Nice song, I had pass from every horror punk band I used to heard but I think its time to play it again. Jerrys voice have improve so much. Long live to misfits one of my favorite bands ever (Jerry or Dan)

  29. Ariel Reevus

    I was never either talking about who is better and who is not, nor 'living in the past'. I'm enjoying Jerry's formation just as you. I just told the dude why can't Graves/Glenn come back to the band. Chill, dude...

  30. Wild Media

    Fuck that, Jerry's doing awesome! Dez pulling backup. They kick fuckin' ass, all you little shits living in the past should just go see the Misfits, and quit talking about who's better.

  31. Ariel Reevus

    Graves said once that it isn't him that doesn't want to come back to the band. "Just a call and a talk" and he would re-join Misfits. It may have a chance.
    Glenn, instead....

  32. Adem_The_Savage

    One of the few bands where I can listen to their CDs from beginning to end.

  33. P0LYBIUS

    and what is "punk" all about?...bitchin on youtube about your punk ideals? or claiming a band is only good as you see fit?

  34. Ariel Reevus

    is that Marylin Monroe at the album?

  35. Meadow Johnson

    my fav by misfits is da one bout Jackie O

  36. Kennystigma

    people just want to say danzig was better because he was first and it's "cool" to be old school. nevermind that danzig is a douche bag and can't even sing any more.

  37. John_Peisithanatos

    hey idiot glenn is legend own all his vinyls of samahain misfits...BUT a little info man long ago they made a final deal jerry could use the name the band was really called the misfits but jerry could only use the name MISFITS or pay glenn royalty money...

  38. RonnieK824

    If Danzig or Graves join the band again, I wouldn't mind them playing these songs live at all.

  39. mezzzol

    dez guitar sounds like from Dr. phibes rises agin :D

  40. Lupe FuenteS

    good job, great album .. fuckin Misfits.. are the BEST!!!

  41. The Wyvern Ruiner

    I was lead to believe the new album sucked. Why was I told this sucks?

  42. Tom wilson

    alot of fiends are slow on the up take, it took a while for some of the fans to like Graves and then he left and its took awhile but alot are kind of coming around to like Jerry

  43. rjbizzle1984

    this isnt nearly as bad as people make it out to be, its actually pretty good, just a lot more mainstream rock/metal sounding than all other versions of the misfits!

  44. Yoloswag

    A little bit more Hammerfally then old Punken Misfits! :)
    But I love it! :D

  45. Yoloswag

    I am your old fun, but still I can say... L0V3 Y4!!
    Fiends 4 Life! <3
    Great song!

  46. Yoloswag

    I logged in just to say: WTF?!

  47. Stopaskingformyname

    I don't think the album is nearly as bad as most seem to believe.It's not my favorite from them,but Jerry has a good voice that he's only improved over the past few years.This,The Black Hole,Death Ray,and a few others are solid songs and should be part of their live setlist in the future.I do think it would be best for them to get a singer for Jerry to share vocals and switch-off with,like Townshend/Daltrey did in the The Who,but Jerry is obviously pretty capable.

  48. HP_J78

    @hambone9119 fully agree with u

  49. hambone9119

    @carperjake If Danzig is never gonna be a misfit again id Rather keep Jerry in th eband as VOCALS, he doesnt suck doing the all time clasics,

  50. MilkCap

    Too much pop for my taste, it needs to be grittier.

  51. Jake Leavis

    @der363Productions this song FUCKIN ROCKS

  52. unanutriainfame

    i think the problem of this album is that it contains too much songs. If instead of 16 it was made by 10-12 this was an amazing record,anyway 7-8 tracks in my opinion are great and this is one of them,catchy with good guitar parts and with great lyrics. ^^

  53. Peter Dam

    @carperjake They're gonna play in my hometown (Rio) in April, I'm really looking forward to it, specially after hearing how Jerry's vocals have improved in this album!

  54. Blerg Blerg

    kinda tame...jerrys vocals are good.stupid guitar riff,but hey...dez obviously likes cc deville over greg ginn

  55. დუბროვნიკელი დამიენი.

    Neither Graves nor Danzig, but I fell in love with the song immediately

    Brian Sauer

    Really digging it too!

  56. manuel86p

    not bad

  57. BullRedDozer

    This one and The Black Hole are the best songs in this album imo, though the whole Devil's Rain is quite nice.

  58. Ronny Wynants

    @der363Productions That's right!!! And the new album sounds pretty good to me!! Danzig will never come back so stop all arguments about that. This sounds pretty good. Don't forget the guys became older and better musicians than in 1977.
    I hope i can do the same as Jerry at his age.
    Hope to see you in Belgium!!!!

  59. Oni64


  60. TheFaceMangler

    that album cover is incredible!That and the music was alot better than i thought it would be .

  61. ACDCNut55

    needs to be faster, but at least Jerry sounds better than graves did. still not getting into the new stuff though.

  62. Record Junkie

    @der363Productions Yeah, about as good as Kryst The Conqueror did. That's probably the only reason why they won't do anything else under a different name.

  63. Hugo Caro

    awesome sonG!!

  64. Gabriel Clark

    Are we listening to the same thing? This is AWESOME.

  65. carperjake

    This is the Misfits as Jerry Only always wanted them to be, a sound that originated in the 50s, it has that 50s rock and roll sound. He wanted to do it earlier (look at Project 1950s) but his voice wasn't up to it, now he's had the training his voice has improved and he can just about hold it together. I quite like the album, Dez's guitar is spot on and Jerry's voice fits the songs about right. Be interesting to hear what they sound like live and doing the older songs. Roll on 2012, UK tour

  66. Record Junkie

    @der363Productions He has to, if it was under a different name he wouldn't have a career.

  67. Record Junkie

    I can't believe people just accept this. It has no punch, no feeling, no heart, it has nothing going for it. Just really weak music. Just a mess.

    Brian Sauer

    Everyone has different opinions. I've been a headbanger since I was 13 in 1980 and I REALLY like this tune! I agree with others that it doesn't sound anything like classic Misfits, but I really like the Graves stuff better as it IS closer to metal. To each his or her own!

  68. xXBeeBeeXx

    You would know.

  69. JerseyMtg

    @xXBeeBeeXx you dont have a penis

  70. Mickey Wertman

    please excuse me while i go change my pants....

  71. Alexio Gessa

    Omfg!!!!! I didnt know jerry could sing like this !!!!! Amazing!!!!!