Miranda Lambert - Greyhound Bound For Nowhere Lyrics

Rain on the window makes me lonely
Time keeps on passing so slowly
The old man sittin' next to me is fallin' asleep
On a Greyhound Bound For Nowhere

The sun's going down on my misery
Another day gone by with broken dreams
That cell phone I hear ringing, I keep wishing it was you
On a Greyhound Bound For Nowhere

That ring that you were wearing don't mean everything
The way that you stood starin' as you watched me roll away
She loves you and you need me and there some things we can't share
I'm on a Greyhound bound for nowhere

Bright lights of a city shining up ahead
My hearts analyzing every word you said
Did you take me for a fool or did you really care
I'm on a Greyhound bound for nowhere

That ring that you were wearing don't mean everything
The way that you stood starin' as you watched me roll away
She loves you and you need me and there some things we can't share
I'm on a Greyhound bound for nowhere

I'm gonna find someplace I can ease my mind
And try to heal my wounded pride

Rain on the window and I'm still lonely
And time keeps on passing so slowly
You're with her and I'm alone and you're wishing I was there
I'm on a Greyhound bound for nowhere
We' re all on a Greyhound bound for nowhere

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Miranda Lambert Greyhound Bound For Nowhere Comments
  1. Laine Cauthen

    Still hits me the hardest! 14 years and counting

  2. Michelle Blackmon

    She met Blake on Nashville Star !!! He was a coach then

  3. Lisa Royals

    I can definitely relate, can't go into details because he's a GBI Agent but he loved me and me him, he was and still is married so I came clean with her and because she was such a woman of integrity and forgiveness she forgave me. I told her she deserves better and she told me the same. I will always feel guilty for my part in that affair but since she forgave me, it gets easier. God love her precious heart. This comment was intended for the Greyhound bus song.

  4. Tonetwisters

    I remember hearing Milanda's (I named her "Milanda Lamber" years ago) stuff when she first broke into country music, and I wondered why stations were playing a 12-year-old's records, and why so many people were listening to them, she just sounded SO young. I figured she was a passing fad who would only record junk "country" music. I am SO glad to know that she is recording material with real depth, quality and feeling. Her "Roots And Wings" still smokes me. Gracious, she sings from the heart. Makes me want to put my arms around her and hug her long and sweetly ... Unless she is actually a licensed broomstick pilot, that Blake what's-his-name is a real idiot.

    Carmen Preston

    Blake Shelton is a real big dumb ass.

  5. Tonetwisters

    Back 1n 1995, I had to board a Greyhound bound for Tallahassee at 11PM after my brother died, so I could pack up all his stuff and drive his car back home ... loneliest dark ride of my life, yet God put a precious woman who was a soon-to-be young mother, next to me, and I think she was really an angel unawares ...

  6. Shawna Edenfield

    This song is a classic.

  7. Pogo Charles

    Not a fan of country music but I can see why married men leave their wives for her. Her voice is beautiful.

  8. Alison Evans

    "you're with her and im alone" miranda.. lemme tell ya somethin.. no one is ever really alone. u may be by urself... but ur never alone :)

  9. Julie Boolie

    Still goes there...

  10. Sheila Hopper

    I think her and her dad did an awesome job on this song and it launched her career. I'm a huge fan of her and her dad :)

  11. Patsy Boyd

    I really love the song by marinda on greyhound bound for nowhere its my life over

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    Patsy Boyd who the CRAP is MARINDA Lambert and what the CRAP does she have to do with this song??? And since when did MARINDA Lambert have a song called greyhound bound for nowhere

  12. Gg Gg

    Aww this is love song!😂 😞 it's a little sad to. it's about she being lonely. 😖 her boyfriend broke up with her. ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

    Paul Fink

    Its not gotta be about a breakup my parents put my love on a greyhound after I confessed my love for her. Because I'm a married man and even though I cared so much for her I had to put my children first. This was the last song she sent me and I've missed her every day since. That's what she means about the ring

  13. yamit77

    love it

  14. Rheita Feager

    I love just love this song. I can totalky relate to this. Heartbreak and pain is all too real

    Lisa Royals

    Me too, can’t go into detail, he was GBI agent. I fell hard for so him and he for me but they rarely leave their wives and I felt so guilty for doing that to her. I came with her, and her precious heart forgave me. I promised I’d never contact him.and that was 2013. She deserves better than him and so do I.

  15. Joseph Lampo

    I can just see myself laying back in that bus seat just staring blank out the window, seeing the outside reflection on my face.

    Christie Ward

    Joseph Lampo / You should be a writer and I'm Serious💙😇

  16. Dark Fox

    I love her & this song. she is so beautiful & successful. she's my favorite country artist. I love her.

  17. gimppyful

    i feel the emotions in this song i can relate

  18. Jeana Dylan

    about to ride that god old grayhound again - First time hearing this song - Very good song but it's too slow.

    S Serfass

    I've been from the East coast to the West coast  5 times on Greyhound. I love traveling on Greyhound. My faforite stop....Elko NV Scariest stop....Sacramento CA

    Richard Smith

    I had to stop in Atlanta. That was pretty scary, and I was fresh out of the military when I had to go through there. Pimps walking down the street, crack heads trying to trick people into following them down a dark alley. There was a lone girl(who was sitting nearby on the bus that got us there) that was so terrified, she made me(a stranger) stand under the street light with her until the next bus arrived. This was in the middle of the night, and the inside of the station was full of homeless people sleeping.

    Jonathan Kysar

    hey slow country songs really are the best country songs

    Becky Keller

    Miranda and her dad wrote this song together! 🎤❤

  19. Jeni Marie Nobody

    This song is the kinda song women relate to...it hits home for many of us ...she is inspiring and can seriously make my tummy get butterflies cause .....its truth and fact..and really ...i been there done this!!! :)

  20. Joyce McDaniel

    I love the video and the song.

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    Joyce McDaniel how in the CRAP is even CLOSE to a VIDEO???? This is literally the DEFINITION of an AUDIO. All it is is a picture of the kerosene CD and a song in the background. Do you honestly not know the difference between AUDIOS and VIDEOS

  21. Savanna Spaulding

    0 dislikes :)

  22. Denise Pryce

    @softballchick9011 Hell yeah, she can!

  23. Denise Pryce

    @softballchick9011 Oh, yes she can!! She is definitely one of the best vocalists there is, and I absolutely love her and her music. She is a major influence on me when it comes to music, along with her husband, Blake Shelton.

  24. Denise Pryce

    @RoCkStUrR12 I know! People keep telling me they hate her because she hunts and eats meat! They also say she should lose weight,saying that she's a little chubby. At least she's not like Taylor Swift( I like Taylor, but she is so damn skinny). But, Miranda is amazing, and three things I like about her are:

    1. She hunts and carries a concealed weapon

    2. She writes all of her original songs by herself (not saying that's bad)

    3. She is so freaking nice, despite her badass, sassy attitude.

  25. Emily Roth

    @RoCkStUrR12 I don't know why people do that to anyone. It's stupid!

  26. Kelly McCurley

    amazing song i love it!!!!

  27. Audrey Michelle

    love this song!!

  28. Marissa Lynn

    This is such a beautiful song!

  29. Derek JCG

    ive only heard the live version from Nashville Star which i almost think is better cuz she put more effort into it although here she does exercise her voice more which i like but its a little slow and kinda boring. if she sang the full song on TV id listen to that one.

    Michelle Blackmon

    Derek JCG she met Blake there!!! He was a coach

  30. kaitlyn Forslin

    i love this song