Mirah - No Direction Home Lyrics

I was just on my way down
My way down
My way down
Now I will empty them out
All the rooms
In your house
Flew all those my words from my mouth
Just like birds taking south

No direction home
Just give it all up slow
There was no saving all we'd grown
Welcome my love to go

I used to walk through your room
Cause you liked it in the light
My skin always felt just right
So you told me
I was the only
You used to hold me like that
Hold me up
Hold me down

No direction home
Love it as it goes
This is a sorrow everyone knows
Just move, move with it slow

Kept 'round my neck how we'd soldiered
But I gave it up, I prayed for us
You wish you had hurt me less
But I know it's better like this

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