Minus The Bear - Riddles Lyrics

Oh I see all those riddles in your eyes
Makin' me so sick when I have to leave your side
Your school girl voice is the perfect place to hide
Your little sacrifices...

Oh no, oh no, why do you let me go
When the first word from your mouth was no
I stayed and played your game until you came around
Today is the day that you lock me out

Oh you fooled me about a thousand times
Convincing me that I'm just a city rat sneaking around at night
And I'm so lucky that you're the cat to finally take my life
I'm just your sacrifice

Oh no, oh no, why do you let me go
When the first word from your mouth was no
I stayed and played your game until you came around
Today is the day that you locked me out

Oh no, oh no why do you let me go
When the first word from your mouth was no
I stayed and played your game until you came around
Today is the day that you locked me out

Oh no oh no, just look what I've become
Oil stain on a white dove.
Oh no, I may never make you clean
Girl just take a look at me

Oh no, oh no
Oh no, oh no....
Oh no
Oh no

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Minus The Bear Riddles Comments
  1. Hairless Sasquatch

    this is legit my favorite song in the world to pick my guitar up and play to. The lead guitar sections are so much fun

  2. Hairless Sasquatch

    yo that solo part at the end is kind of hard to play

  3. Lukas F.

    o yeaaa

  4. Kelly Coffin

    sososososoooo good

  5. Le Javi

    3 years and I'm still addicted to this shittt ♥♥♥♥♥

  6. korlu01

    That acoustic solo.... Wowzers!

  7. Chelsea Wells

    help i'm addicted to this song

    Lawson Grey

    saw them play it live acoustic last year outside chicago, it's so good!

    Felipe Andrusco

    +Chelsea Wells I have the same symptoms!

  8. Chelsea Wells


    Lawson Grey

    hahaha enjoy! The Acoustics 2 was great, also check out the two new videos I posted of two new songs they released!

  9. Tim Misner

    What key(board) type is that?

    Cool Ronny

    Fender Rhodes I believe

  10. Taylor Raynor

    Great song, how bout a cover!

    Riddles (Feat. Minus the Bear)

    Lawson Grey

    haha that was pretty awesome. the imitations of the band members was spot on

    Taylor Raynor

    @plastic bags Thanks, I'm glad you like it! Feel free to share it with other MTB fan/enthusiasts!

  11. GaryO4

    Heard this song last night for the first time and it was live.. Good ish

  12. Chonkyfire9

    Even Jesus loves this song. Oh my God, it's so amazing!

  13. moe ateyah

    I can't wait to see them twice within 2 months....


    will do

  15. Chonkyfire9

    A while back Minus the Bear did a remix contest for My Time, I didn't enter my piece, but I should have. I had meshed parts of Chronomentrophobia in to the track as well as many other songs. I have also worked on meshing the lyrics from Life is Too Short, to the Instrumental of Excuses. Subscribe to my channel so I don't have to keep coming back here. Not that I mind, this song is dope.


    what a song it would be if andre and big boi put a couple rap verses over a song like into the mirror

  17. Chonkyfire9

    That's like the coolest sentence I have ever read in a Youtube comment. You should know how awesome you are for noticing! Two dope boys in a spaceship.


    I just wanna say I love Outkast and Minus the Bear and wanted to drop by and tell you how awesome you are for having the name Chonkyfire

  19. Molly Phillips

    This is such a great song! I wonder what it would sound like non-acoustic? I bet just as awesome! Thanks for uploading all of these!

  20. Darren Giles

    Yeah on further listen the second verse chord could be a Gadd11. Generally all the MTB chords aren't just simple, there's little extensions added here and there.

  21. Lawson Grey

    feel free to check out my other videos and post chords! I've kept up with uploading each new track they've streamed, including Diamond Lightning today.

  22. Lawson Grey

    Thanks for posting these, I'm sure they're a huge help to aspiring musicians! I've upload every other acoustics 2 track they've streamed so feel free to check them out and post as well : )

  23. Brian Cordry

    cheers for the correction on the verse ending on Fmaj7! i hadn't noticed that :) i'm not 100% sold on that second verse chord being a C though - when i check the trailer vid that has a snippet of this song, i can see dave playing a G!

  24. Darren Giles

    That's the main guitar anyway. The bass is always embellishing those progressions though. So when it plays a C over the G6 chord for example, you hear Cmaj9 but the guitar is just playing the G6. Lots of this type of stuff going on in MTB's music

  25. Darren Giles

    The chorus is Fmaj7-G6-Am-G6. The verse is Am-C(g on top) x3 then Fmaj7. Solos are Am-G6-Fmaj7-G6

  26. Brian Cordry

    on the off-chance any of you have tried playing this on guitar - it's relatively simple. standard tuning, Am -> G and back again is the entirety of the verse. the chorus is F->G->Am->?? not sure if it's back to G or up to C. anyone with a better ear figure it out yet?

  27. Chonkyfire9

    So I saw Minus the Bear in the morning, and Tom Petty in the evening. It was an awesome day. I urge you to check out Pirates Cove, on Tom Pettys newest album. And my My Time and Summer Angel vids from the Firefly Lounge. I met all the guys and had them sign my OMNI in different colors like the My Time video. The image starts the video.

  28. Chonkyfire9

    I love the new song. I could never choose a favorite though. Have you seen them before? Unfortunately this next tour isn't coming close enough to me, but I have seen them so many times. Never enough though. One time they came, and I had tickets to Tom Petty on the same night. I was so sad, but there was no way I was missing Tom Petty. Just before the show, they announced they would do a small acoustic set at 7 am the same day. It was a 3 song acoustic set for the release of OMNI.

  29. Lawson Grey

    The first minute is now my favorite first minute of any of their songs, haha! Can't wait to see them in October, they said on Facebook that the tour dates will include a brief acoustics show as well!

  30. Tripp fitzgerald

    Minus the bear will never die...

  31. Kurtis Kissell

    an oil stain, on a white dove **

  32. Dope Scope

    Great fucking song!! Lot's of different influences mixed into this one. Good work.

  33. Chonkyfire9

    I thought you might be posting this today, so I thought I would drop by and tell you how awesome you are. You like the song?