Mint Condition - Whoaa Lyrics

I Woke Up Kinda Feelin' Bright
My Stomach Filled With Butterflies
My Dream Was All Bout' A Love Affair
It Was Beautiful Cause You Were The One Right There.

I Look Up Just To Check The Time
Cause You Bounce From Work After 5
I Know Your J-O-Be Hard On You
So I Wanna Scoop You Up And Tell You What I Wanna Do

Take You On A Ride, Like A Rollercoaster
Make You Wanna Say Whoaa...
Have You Feelin' Right, Getting' Kinda Vocal
Make You Wanna Say Whoaa...

All Day, I Was Fantasizing
Can't Say Much, Cause Some Of It's Classified
Till Tonite When We Both Will Share
In The Moment When You Tell Me Just To Hold It Right There.

When You Talk, You're Deeper Than An Ocean
A Woman, With Complex Emotions
Just Love To Peel Off All Your Layers
You Got So Many Delicious Flavors

Satisfactions, Waitin' For Ya', You'll Relax Like, You're Supposed Ta'
When I Finally Put My Hands To You, I Blow Your Mind With Some Thangs You Never Knew
Hope You're Not Working, Real Late Cause, All This Talk Got Me, So Anxious
Can't Wait To Play In Your Amusement Park, We're Gonna Sway And Whoa Into The Dark....

Take You On A Ride, Like A Rollercoaster
Make You Wanna Say Whoaa...
Have You Feelin' Right, Getting' Kinda Vocal
Make You Wanna Say Whoaa...

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Mint Condition Whoaa Comments
  1. Kurt Adams


  2. Kurt Adams

    The brothers are bad 👍👍👍

  3. Wanda Omodunni

    Yes! I love it! I love me some Stokley Williams!!!

  4. latreveate stephens

    Still listening to this in 2019

  5. Shaundra Lee

    My fave MC song! I love you Jeff lol!

  6. Heidy Santana reyes

    Negro bello

  7. jenny Jenny

    I love all y'all but that heifer need to get away from my baby Ricky..20+ year crush hahaha Love Ricky..Lawrence..Jeff..O'Dell..Kerry..and the one and only Stokley💥👑👑👑👑👑👑💫

  8. Tanya Gudger

    2018 anybody

  9. Pspell Mgmt

    Wow im just into this group they are bananas!!

  10. Bayyinah El-Amin

    By Far Near and Dear to my Heart the BEST BAND🙌🏾 high ten hands!!!
    Love me sum yum yum😍💋💋💋💋🤴🏾 Stokely that groove and lyrics lovely 🙏🏾😍🍯

  11. Ida Porche

    Make u wanna say whooa

  12. MAMIII M

    heeerlijk zeg

  13. pdizzy310

    my jam!!! Too bad it's not available on Spotify...

  14. Bonnie Gates

    very nice song and you can take me on a ride

  15. RobinChannel

    this is just one of favorite, y'all love this 😍

  16. RobinChannel

    just one of my jams y'all

  17. Kimmie T

    This is how a man should come at ya!!!

  18. Jerry Tasker

    It's time to get up and step!!!

  19. ccage327

    Joint still slamming💥!!!!!

  20. Lazetta Julien

    This song right here...."Can't wait to sway and whoa into the dark"! I am a certified Mint head after seeing them live.

  21. Mandy L

    One of my favorite bands.❤

  22. Shawna DeShazo

    I love this

  23. Freeda Jacksun

    I love me some them also Queen

    JoJo Dancer

    Freeda Jacksun Ive been listening to "Play The Game" for a month straight now. lol



  25. Kreshie J

    love me some them!!

  26. Khadijah Samuels

    remember when this came out im still sprung 11yrs later

  27. James Pringle

    Definitely one of the greats band ever and still going strong after 20yrs...

  28. calandra addison

    Beautiful, I love this song and many others , just keep em coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 1997nick14

    I simply love this Band! Have from their first hit! They are like Maze....extremely distinctive and cannot be duplicated.

  30. 843DIRTYSC

    miss this kind of music.....siiigh

  31. p fowler

    My favorite band!!!! Loved them since the first album!


    ME TOO!!!!

  32. moca newman

    I wanna ride your roller coaster !!

    antonia brantley

    Who me lol..m

  33. lavishchicboutique

    So smooth and classy always my favorite group!

  34. Deborah Sanders


  35. Monificent One

    My amusement park is now officially open :)

  36. L Summer Darden Watts-Gibson

    yall allready know miny gri; to my heart

  37. Pamela Rose

    sexy, smooth slow jam.... cha, cha, cha.... buttabelieveit!

  38. Cent Hightower

    Fall in love music...or stay in love music the voice blessed ladies to bless the world with good love music...

  39. Denise Jones-Orange them!

  40. L. Boogie

    every single song they make I fall in love with...

  41. Nina Dickson

    Hands down best group

  42. Melayah Gaither

    luv mint condition, luv every song they made

    Metu Neter Decoded

    Make, because they are still making hits!

    Melayah Gaither

    Lol u r absolutely right!!!

  43. Doree b

    My group forever, will still marry me some Stokely, old as I am. Lol


    +Leslie b
    I know he is the sexiest little man! LOL!


    +Leslie b After getting in my car, I heard on the radio that Mint Condition is coming to Detroit in Feb. for a Valentine Concert with others!! Its ironic because I've been listening to them all morning.

  44. Shaundra Lee

    Jeff is my boo lol. #teammint

  45. Delmarlyn Chapman

    They talk as a musical band .its there life and what they go thru or have been going thru. Real talk. We all got that. They make it smooth t listen t.

  46. Kimberly Redd

    Lawd knows I love me some Mint Condition, but what in hell does this video have too do with the lyrics?

  47. Maurice Landers

    I heard this song on Xm radio, thought it was a pretty hot song, my kind of music

  48. Monty Davis


  49. drea rose

    too many women in this video..unnecessary 

    GoldNDark dame

    @drea rose I've been liking this song since the album came out. This is my first time seeing the video and it's confusing, so irrelevant to the lyrics!

    drea rose

    i totally agree. check his history..he had infidelity issues with his wife for a long time..great talent but you find the music industry guys (including my own husband) have a problem with the women because it's thrown at them all the time - FREE of charge in most cases


    Every time I hear it I make up my own treatment for it and it's the opposite of whatever this is lol


    +drea rose I don't believe that

    drea rose

    @brownsuga298 you're entitled

  50. drea rose

    @ :42...i know your j-o-b be hard on you..(so hot) how he lyricized

  51. Shaba G

    Katt Williams voice (they are the shit)

  52. Mr67gator

    I just found this song not too long ago, and i must say, this song is the truth!!

  53. Frankie Fisher-Love

    I just bought the CD with this song on it PLUS a bonus CD featuring a live concert for 1.00!!

  54. April Davison

    Heard this on XM radio this morning goin 2 work , I totally forgot abt this jam ! Damn near pulled over so I could soak it all in ... lol , a classy classic ! Yasss ...

  55. Cree Me

    Yes!!! Love these guys!!!!
    Mint Condition is the truth!!!

  56. Stacey McGinnis

    My favorite Mint Condition song

    Cree Me

    One of my favorites also!

  57. Heather Renee MUHAMMAD

    Obsessed with this song 

  58. Jamie Pope

    Love me some Mint Condition !!!!!!

  59. Punyapat Fungtammasarn

    This band is so good never get enough of this

  60. Nate Dogg

    This is my isht, Specially on a nice day.

  61. MrIndeeply

    love the video got some fine chicks in this video

    antonia brantley

    Hell yell I guess this when mint conditions sold their soul but this song and video is serious. ..real talk..m

  62. LaKhya Tyler

    Attended the concert here in Akron last night..omg Awesome!!!!!!!

  63. LCBanga 1

    Couldn't agree more

  64. LCBanga 1

    Me too!

  65. Tanya Gudger

    I love mint condition

  66. GrandmasbabyNas

    Love love love love you guys

  67. champagne5552000

    MC can't be touched!

  68. Artistic1974

    Mint Condition and Tony Toni Tone are the epitome of true R&B Bands.

  69. Rogan

    Best R&B band period...

  70. Trel Money

    Mint Condition is by far the greatest band ever to me!!!!

  71. HEAT1996

    I love how the WOahhhh corus is modeled after the fluctuation of a roller coaster itself. Genius shit right there.

  72. CTS CTS

    Funny...I heard this song before and didn't know it was I'm behind since I don't listen to much r&b music.

  73. 2truehero

    Mint Condition is one the best bands, they are the model band and could set examples for all groups the stay true to the music and each other and dont let outside influence interject separatism in to their unit, their music speaks for itself, if you love music then you love Mint

  74. brownsuga298

    First of all it was a joke I love them all and I know everyone is a big part of the band. so keep your comment to yourself I LOVE ME SOME STOKLEY WILLIAMS.

  75. Toya Windom

    This song is so smooth. Mint Condition has me vibing @ work.

  76. rissa wimbley

    i agree there is no I in TEAM...True artists using and playing instruments now that is REAL talent, just dont make music like they use to, this industry is messy now

  77. shatika davis

    This song makes me dance and sing all day and night. Can't stop listening to it. Grown and sexy....

  78. gerald walls


  79. kim stephens

    This vibe right here..sooo sweet smooth and sexy!!!

  80. tubagee

    Serious as a Heart Attack !!!! That night they did a show with a girl name Julie Dexter who I feel should be bigger than what she is . Since she comes from England I'm surprized that Sade did'nt give her a chance to open her last tour . She's so good !!!! . Feel free to call me about the funk and all . 860-478-0535 . Peace Gary .

  81. M J

    When I first got this cd I had this song on repeat...

  82. Bigg Dink


  83. MrEdmond05

    One of the last real R&B groups around, that are still making music. We need to support real music and don't let it die into the past.

  84. latreveate stephens

    I use to sing this when I was little

  85. brownsuga298

    Stokley is Mint Condition with out him it would'nt be no Mint Condition He's voice speaks for itself.

  86. brownsuga298

    Are u serious.

  87. Livi P.

    This is one of my favorite songs from them. It's in heavy rotation on my ipod.

  88. brownsuga298

    I love Mint Condition they have always been one of my favorite groups I love this song.

  89. Kendra Johnson

    Maybe he was drunk or having a bad day.

  90. Kendra Johnson

    I should've been in this video feeling all over Stokley. LOL

  91. Tamali19

    Love it

  92. Uniquely Designed

    wow that sucks when you meet someone you admire and they act silly as if it wasn't for fans you would be on youtube promoting your music like most of the very talented people out here. It's unfortunate that if you want to hear good music you have to dig for it because you can't turn on your local radio station to get it.

  93. kiara brinkley


  94. tubagee

    Has anybody ever saw them do My Dear live . It's so beautiful and haunting !!!!! I'd love to hear them do that live !!!! I met Stokeley one time and he was'nt receptive . I told him he's one of the greatest R&B vocalist out there and he had a smug look on his face . Odell and Ricky from the band had to tell him Stokeley chill out !!!! This 2005 May at the BB King in NyC Time Suare at 2am outside the club .

  95. tubagee

    I wish they would do their old stuff in concerts these days like Nobody Does it Betta , and Come And Freak Me from the Mint Factory album . Last Tome I saw them , they did'nt even do GoldDigger ; that was two years ago . I still they are a great band and should be opening for great pop tours like Katy Perry , and Black Eye Peas . They would have been a good opener Sade's tour . .

  96. Earth Tone

    Mint Condition = MC2=the truth!!! Pure unedited talent!!!

  97. tjfarri1

    I love Mint Condition. For years after my divorce, I listened to So Fine, Pretty Brown Eyes and Mingle every night for years. These guys are staples in the music industry......Stokley's voice is like fine wine, it just keeps getting better with time.

  98. M J

    @nytwin4life i 2nd that.