Mint Condition - What You Bring To The Party Lyrics

You and I baby girl can do whateva
Whateva it would take to see a smile on your face
Make all your dreams come true
Baby believe in me, like I believe in you
Cause it takes two to tango
With all that fussin you end up single
And you don't want that
Cause ????

When I come home from a hard day at work
You have a meal for me and the way you look it hurst
You do so many things that you don't have to do
You got me feelin' like a king I owe it to you.

What you bring to the party girl its going on
Makes me feel so good and keeps me strong
I'm down for you, you're down for me this can't be wrong
The way you sex me baby, keeps my ass at home

When I'm hangin with the fellas its real cool
But all the while I'm thinkin' I can't wait to get home to you
Cause I know you've got that vickies secrets on
Lookin like Ms. Spesh you know
I'll work it all night long


Everytime I think of you, you make me wanna escape
Just give me two minutes, let me plead my case
I've been travelin world wide, and state to state
Feeling eager to touch down to see your pretty face
I can' wait, for us to get our swerve, you know the word

And I observe you swingin all that ?? In your ??
With your pretty brown eyes, damn
I can't wait
Beautiful and sexual, you fine thang
Ain't no wiggle with my jiggle just let me do my thang

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