Mint Condition - The Never That You'll Never Know Lyrics

The only never that's for sure

I said I'd never fall in love again
Just kinda happen like an accident
A head on collision
We fell in love

And I don't know what you did to me
Never knew just how good a love could be
The things I said I'd never do
I say them no more
Cause I found you

The only never that's for sure
Is the never that you never know
It's crazy just how love can go
With the never that you never know

I tried to fight it every step of the way
But you are on my mind all damn night and day
I said I'd never let love have it's way
But things do change

The plan was for me to stay
Far from love
And find my way
But I don't know what to think or do
But that's alright
Cause I've got you

The only never that's for sure
Is the never that you never know
It's crazy just how love can go
With the never that you never know

The only never that's for sure
Is the never that you never know
It's crazy just how love can go
With the never that you never know

Cause you never know
Cause you never know
Never know
With the never that you never know

The only never that's for sure
Is the never that you never know
It's crazy just how love can go
With the never that you never know

The only never that's for sure
Is the never that you never know
It's crazy just how love can go
With the never that you never know

Cause you never know
Cause you never know
Never know
With the never that you never know

Cause you never know
Cause you never know
Never know
With the never that you never know

The only never that's for sure
Is the never that you never know
It's crazy just how love can go
With the never that you never know

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Mint Condition The Never That You'll Never Know Comments
  1. Yvette MC

    I play this song over and over in Dad finally went Ham on me..LOL to stop playing this forward today 2013..I play this song over and over and over again..timeless song and music..

  2. e-boogie

    Omg!!! I sooooo love mint condition they had music industry on lock for a long time and to be honest I miss them and their music... I lovvvveeeee this song!!!!! Great band!

  3. OJORE

    it's up to guys like you to tell your children know to pass the torch so to say. Keep loving real music my brother!

  4. Karlyn Ervin

    When I first heard this song, I knew it would be a hit. They just didn't give it any airtime on the radio too much.

  5. EMR80

    I'm kind of disappointed in todays music. I understand what my father was telling me now that I'm older. Theres is not any emotional content, so you don't feel any internal when you listen to these new folks. I'm 32 so I'm glad I seen some of the real music.

  6. Helen A. Myers

    Stokes your on my mine all the time, with your fine self! The never you're never know. Your body is on POINT...Get it..Whoever if folliwng the post.

  7. Andre Baker


  8. Neicy Swift

    Mint Condition is awesome, I love this song because it gets down into my spirit "The Never That You Never Know" Lovin it.

  9. CaronAplus

    I use to play this song so much.. still not tired of it..loveloveit :))

  10. Maria Lopez

    this is the mix of feeling and sex put together on a song,just out of this world,

  11. shaolinwootang

    Best EVER!! PERIOD...

  12. Termaine Johnson

    The break @ 2:45...classic Mint Condition!

  13. steven dixon

    so true about me.

  14. Lion Rumble 81

    Mmmmmm Music Like This Is Truly Mint Condition Priceless...... Craaaaank It!!!

  15. darrell campbell

    crank it

  16. R. Nathaniel

    Mint Condition kills the game...everytime you bring up MC in a convo around HBCU band folks, its almost like you said Earth, Wind and Fire lol



  18. wr513


  19. scoota g

    this was one of my favorite songs mintcondition is the bomb

  20. D-ball Senior

    thanks for this post this was a very great song and group

  21. soulja king

    i know stokley is the main character to mint condition but do any of the supporting cast even have names........just saying

  22. Craig Sanders


  23. KSS76

    This is the modern day Earth Wind & Fire = BAND
    Much Luv MC!!!

  24. JinakiSweetness

    3 people need a remedial music appreciation course!

  25. Chris Stenehjem

    if only r&b were more slow like this nowadays instead of soundin like techno all the time

  26. MrKevin619ism

    All That! Mint Condition never got the props they deserved. I had their back since day 1 !

  27. Branden Garcia

    I like how MC hits that note on 3:40

  28. Branden Garcia

    Im only 19 years old and definetly a fan of Mint Condition

  29. Choclongleggz

    Still in love with Mint Condition in 2011.... A lifetime relationship never to lose!!!! Greeeeeeaaaaaaaaattttttttt song!!!!
    Love u 4 life MC...... Fan4Life

  30. Taybee Ferragamo

    The Orange Cd....the whole album was on fire! This song is soooooo romantic!

  31. Mark Simmons

    Hot to death

  32. oldsoul

    Ugh I LOVE them. The 90's period man REWIND

  33. Ashley Delespin by the 5th word!!!

  34. ❣️LoveWithLynn

    love it

  35. MrElMatic1

    Mint Condition says it all. The name that is.

  36. Delle Dean

    You know a band is good when it can describe your emotions at the time when you can't say the words yourself.

  37. Daniell Allan

    this remind me of highschool...

  38. Shon Walker

    @Tabu360 ....Very Underated for an Actual Band!!!!

  39. LBREE2E

    look me up at LBREE2E i have some hot music up

  40. Summer's Child

    @MsReed2009 lol..that's how it doesn't it? true talent never gets the recognition it deserves

  41. Summer's Child

    Had this album - this is one of the best on the album

  42. Jabbar Hasan

    Love it!

  43. MsReed2009

    Seriously???????????????????? 53,756? But Justin Bitcher And Lady Garbage Have 300, 000, 000? The LORD must be coming back sooon. lol......end of times.

  44. Old Skool Music Lover

    @MrLgraham41 Not sure why this has happened with this band!! Their music is about love,relationships and yet i cannot remember them sweeping music awards!! But the artist or band that is degrading women,pants hanging off their butts,crouch grabbing 1 hit wonders..are having their music played on every station! I will NEVER understand the music industry!!

  45. Old Skool Music Lover

    Big Fan!! This band has always have mantained excellent story telliing with their music!!

  46. larry graham

    These brothas are awesome!!! It's ashame that they don't get the publicty that they've earned.

  47. Timeka Green

    Im Crazy in love with Stokely, Rick and Jeff....especially Jeff!!!

  48. Timeka Green


  49. Arthur Jankins

    This is an incredible song! Could go on about how screwed up the music industry is nowadays, but that ain't needed. Besides, I'd rather enjoy the song:)

  50. Tunisia23

    aahhhhh! I am loving this right now!

  51. Apollos1824

    @LONBOX ITs already up!

  52. MrKevin619ism

    "Definition Of A Band". The best Mint Condition album in my opinion, but I love them and I buy their stuff even though they were always slept on. They are cold beasts. and they still in the game since 1991.

  53. derrick yaseen

    @LADY69in first, 2 damn real for most people, second, they staid true to there music and didnt turn it into a tool for big money marketing cons and ploys. hands down, top to bottom, true skills. and there from twin cities! i got to watch there career grow from when they were just local talent. thanks for listening to my rants, i feel better know! peace. big ups minneapolis!

  54. Mz.TimaaJ

    idk how this group didn't get the fame they deserved man. one of the best bands ever!!!!!! st8 real talent here. hope they make a strong comeback soon

  55. shyshotcaller27

    They don't know nuthin' bout this here. Love it! Still plays in the deck. Fo sho!

  56. Tammie T

    this is a bad song sit back listen to words

  57. bob billingsworth

    This is R&B at its best. Music isn't like this anymore. Boyz II Men, Mint Condition, Jodeci, and 112 held it down. I mean they all have their own style and were actually singing about something. Im a product of the 90's and I'll tell you. This is the stuff right here.

  58. Mackey Villegas

    try t0 watch "south b0rder band" fr0m philippines!!its influenced by MINTC0NDITI0N...

  59. EMR80

    I'm only 29 but I grew up on this kind of music and I must say the R&B game sucks now. I love when these guys come to Minnepolis. The Caboost Club be poping when they come back home.

  60. buttlikewat

    Their lyrics are so smooth, that's what got me hooked!
    These brothers really should be "larger" then what they are. I been a fan 20+

  61. tulsa4life

    there great all there music rocks..this one is no different!

  62. TheMonolith75

    This my "sing-a long" song!! Soooo smooth,with passion!!! LOVE IT!!

  63. lavanit19

    this song take me back to the good ol days damn do i miss the 90's real soul musics

  64. Tracy Smith

    Exactly how i feel bout my boo right now :) I LOVE MINT CONDITION!!!!!

  65. TMTSM

    I feel like I'm floating....I love them...I love this song....I want to cry right now.....

  66. Screamingdk

    The media gives the great ones no play if they can't control or own them

  67. Tabu360

    Dam i love the hell out of this song. Mint Condition is underated.

  68. EMR80

    Dam I love this song I feel that way about some one right now she got my head spinning and shit. Iove is blind and makes you feel crazy you do things you will never think you would do.

  69. Eddie

    this song brings me back to the first love

  70. Venus Se7en

    DAMN! My mother played this CD until it fell apart. One of my favorites and one of the best.


  71. lavanit19

    dang! i love the heck out of this song!!! always and forever the 90's! mint condition is the bomb!

  72. ohhriginal

    she's back in my life now. (thank you GOD)

  73. Frank DaChauffa

    I can't express how much I respect these guys musically, their originality, their musicianship, they are truly the LAST of their kind.

  74. deaconkb

    all i can say is WOW!!! an absolutely incredible song.
    This neva gets old!!!!

  75. PeekaPeep

    'Definition Of A Band' still remains my most played Mint album to this day because of strong, memorable tracks like these. I mean every song on there was so good I literally ended up knowing the lyrics to ALL of them in a matter of days just from playing the cd out so damn much, lol! From a '90s perspective, they were one of my Top 5 favorite bands along with Fishbone, Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, Jamiroquai, and The Black Crowes. THANK GOD they're still recording and touring...

  76. ohhriginal

    omg! i remember when i was so into this woman! DAMN! i played this everyday!

  77. if only uknew

    I agree with you, also the Millenium collection. I listen to From The Mint Factory, daily.

  78. if only uknew

    I like the way he switches up his tone @2:23-2:27. Very Nice, Mr Williams :-)

  79. buttlikewat

    Mint Condition Performing Live in
    Baltimore, Maryland Nov.15 @ The MeyerHoff
    ( downtown B-more) f/ Angie Stone.

  80. if only uknew

    Aah I, wanna go out on a limb and say that Def of A Band is their best work, but I can't. All of their CD's are great..Yet something about this song and Aint Hookin Me Up and Change Your Mind AND both versions of Def of a Band are just sooo darn musical!! Mint is the truth

  81. Buzzy Jackson

    Don't gag on his TIP...LOL!! That's a pretty bold statement. Surely you're overlooking a few. Great vocalist, though! I like 'em too.

  82. Frank DaChauffa

    Man these dudes can put songs together, they just sick wit it. Man stoke is one of the baddest male vocalists ever, hands down!!

  83. sta2479

    a hip e.w.f

  84. sunshine2481

    OMG!! Love Mint Condition!! I saw them live 2 times!! Stokley! Stokley! Stokley!!! Makes no damn sense how talented he is!!! (And fine too! lol!) Hell, how talented all of them are!

  85. Metu Neter Decoded

    this cd is so fire i remmember that i lost it once and bought a new copy the next day,then that one got scratched up so i bought another one!!lol anything for real classic music

  86. Metu Neter Decoded

    my song!!!!well damn this hole cd was fire!!!

  87. hollyveeta

    Whew!!!! Talk about a band!!!!!! this is what you call LIVE music!!!!!!!

  88. charles parks

    black2skin: The answer to your question is
    like they say It's the never that you'll never know,but seriously speaking Mint condition is totally awsome. My man stokley
    got some serious range .

  89. charles parks

    black2skin: These are some talented brothers. They be pipen their ass off.

  90. Frank DaChauffa

    Seduction at its finest.

  91. TrinaGettinTight Aight

    MY SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. buttlikewat

    I love me some Mint!!! Sing it baby .. sing it.. ( Stokley)


    There best song by far is .... IF YOU LOVE ME.. PERIOD!! I like all of they stuff but thats my favorite.

  94. nishanorth

    tis is my most absolute favorite mint songs EVER, i heard it first when i was 14, and it's classic to me, that and timeless. mint is that fire-go copp they new album "E-Life" it is that deal!!! Love you lawrence Waddell( Keys/piano) for writing this song!!

  95. Metu Neter Decoded

    i love 10 million strong,sumthin about that song just makes me feel better when im down

  96. Richard West

    Wow... I thought I was the only person who loved 10 million strong... Man mint condition is one of the greatest groups ever.

  97. DNICKS

    Yeah they are great live! Saw em live in Detroit in July 2005, and they rocked it. Hopefully I'll go see em in Detroit again this year on July 30th at Chene Park with After 7! I know that show is gonna be hot!

  98. Trevin James

    Man this is 1 of them MC jams that I go crazy for. Stokley is a bad mofo. I can't wait to see this guys in concert.

  99. Eddie

    my top ten would have to be.. hrm

    1. So fine original
    2. What kinda man
    3. the never that you'll never know
    4. Make me say it again girl
    5. im Ready
    6. Pretty lady
    7. If you love me
    8. my dear
    9. love your tears
    10. pretty brown eyes

  100. Hamid Abubakr

    thanks a million!