Mint Condition - Love Your Tears Lyrics

[Vox 1:]
You Stayed For So Long And In The End I Guess He Let You Down
But You Learned, To Be Strong, Independently You Turned Your Life Around
Now I Can't, Claim To Know,
Why It Worked Out This Way For Yaw'll
But This Man Gonna Be True To You
Cause Honey I'm So Into You¥..


I'm Hopelessly Devoted, Mad About You Girl You Know This
And I Know Your Life Ain't Been All Roses
But I Wanna Love Your Tears Away
Just Believe Me Honey I'm Down
Even Love Your Baby As My Own Child
No You Don't Have To Be Alone Now
Won't You Let Me Love Your Tears Away

[Vox 2:]
For Every, Tear You Cry, Honey Won't You Realize And Know That I'll,
Always, Be Right There, You Don't Have To Hurt Again Let Me Dry Your Eyes
And Don't Give Up On Love Girl Your Whole Life's In Front Of You,
To Me You Are A Rising Star, Wanna Show You Just How Beautiful You Are¥..


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Mint Condition Love Your Tears Comments
  1. Anthony Morgan

    My jam for life ladys

  2. Straight Outta Mama

    The incomparable Mint

  3. Edward Henderson

    This song has some much passion in it I want stay devoted definitely to that special one recognize the Real . One love 💕 I need not say no more 😘

  4. Anthony Morgan

    You gotta feel this song ladys

  5. BigWill 9421

    This Song Should've Had Some 📻 Airplay!!

  6. diamond sensation star

    This song is so pretty still play it in August 2019 go stokley💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

  7. Rashaan Woodson

    The mint factory is the best

  8. Patricia Daniels

    Such a lovely message !😊

  9. Anthony Morgan

    Ladys do you feel this song

  10. frostysnow w

    Mint condition has so many good songs 😃🎧🎤🎶🎵💗💖💕💓💜💜💜

  11. demond kennedy

    I wanna love your tears away 💯💯

  12. Fiya Lyfe Ministries

    Totally Fire Yall!

  13. _-ParmaJohn3374 Official-_


  14. earnest harrison

    I never understood why this song didn't get released or put into a movie like a Tyler Perry movie

    Brothafrmdrknes .Shadow

    Dig That

  15. Anthony Morgan

    Love this song

  16. Lord Have

    Just 34 likes?? Smh