Mint Condition - Just Can't Believe Lyrics

Hard to believe that you’re still by my side
This love profound transcended space and time
I’ve never seen or felt a thing like this in my life
Just can’t believe your love for me…

[1st verse]
Girl till I me you long ago, never dreamed someone would match my soul..oh no..
We’re more alike than we’ll ever know…
So many lovers bit the dust, and so many more upon the cusp..say what’s
Our secret, I’ve got this wondering it’s just…

Hard to believe that you’re still by my side
This love profound transcended space and time
I’ve never seen or felt a thing like this in my life
Just can’t believe your love for me…

[2nd verse]
I don’t know what the future is, I just know that God gave me a’re it..
Picked from a sea of lonely fish…
Never said that it’s been easy though, cause we’ve had our share of bumpy roads, we know… cause even through some red lights we had to go..
I ain’t been the..same
Since I’ve said
Baby girl it’s never..changed..
I can’t believe yeah, yeah…

When I look in your…eyes
You brutally tell no…lies
So I really don’t know…why
But I can’t believe…


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Mint Condition Just Can't Believe Comments
  1. Jills Kiss

    dayum..9 years ago...time just flew..but i have beautiful memories to last a lifetime💚💚💚💚💚

  2. Sheree Dupree

    This album my my my

  3. mzl9292

    this album and band are both sooooo underrated!!! ughhhh

    Jeffrey Rainey

    I was off-put by this album when it came out, as it came off so corny; trying to be trendy and cool and relevant - "with where the kids are at." But I was going through my MC collection recently and decided to revisit it. This one completely flew under the radar. Besides, even at the time, Moan was always the best tune from E-Life, followed by Nothin' left to say. And now this.

  4. Birdman 247

    Reminds me of Switch...

  5. Lady V Ann

    L♡VE THIS ! ♥♬

  6. Cicely Renee


  7. LaToya Osborn

    😚this song is absolutely beautiful. ..

  8. Niltondavi Davi

    da hora.

  9. Albert Rilley

    keep up the good work. Thank you. L&P always.

  10. Christi Toliver

    I love this song and I love this band.

  11. MsBrown191596

    this not an oldie, but maybe for you if your under 25, Hhmmm!!

  12. youngdmv28

    lol they saying oldies! lol!

  13. capria mcghee

    ok so im 14 and im listening to old school music when people ask me who i listen to i say mint condition they be like are you serious no you dont but i do and im proud of it os. my dad is the one who had me start listening to the oldies

  14. liltcup76

    This band should be as big as Earth,Wind & Fire ...they are that great and then some. Go back and listen to any album. They are truly The Definition of a BAND. LOVE EM

  15. Roderick Grayson

    Gotta respect M.C. for keeping it together

  16. Michael Hankins

    I been looking for this song for a long time! I heard it at work and had to get it!

  17. Rome

    This is how I feel about my baby!!!! Thanks for putting it in words for me.

  18. tjfarri1

    LOVE THEM!!!!

  19. LBREE2E


  20. karenisaG


  21. karenisaG

    this aint old this good shit

  22. Vincent Coleman

    lovely song

  23. denienec123

    These bruthas are THE TRUTH!

  24. rensta12

    itz frm 2008

  25. Briaa Briaa

    This is my song even doh 4 some reason i don't listen 2 Oldies

  26. Momogirl99

    They should have more airtime! Forget all the new R&B singers and rappers. Mint Condition is the real thing!

  27. milan5389

    i love this song

  28. ohhriginal

    this is the definition of music. these men truly are artists.

  29. expertonmyself

    did you know t-pain plays piano and guitar? i'm not knockin' your comment because i don't like him either. i'm just trippin' that someone w/ such skill will opt to use the voice machine. i really don't know if he has a good singing voice so maybe that's why. still, i think he (tp) could serve in a better musical capacity using the guitar and piano.

  30. DNICKS

    I aint been the..same
    Since Ive said
    Baby girl its never..changed..
    I cant believe yeah, yeah
    When I look in youreyes
    You brutally tell nolies
    So I really dont knowwhy
    But I cant believe

    My fav line of the whole song

    Maxine Vaughn-Ayala

    DNICKS Mine too!!

  31. winkie1234

    so sad mint cant ge the recognition they so rightly deserve, fuck t pain,and the rest!!! This is real music by a real BAND!!!