Mint Condition - It's Hard Lyrics

It's Hard, When You're All Messed Up
And You Got No Where To Go
It's Hard, When You Beat And Cheated Everybody
That You Know
It's Hard, When Your Woman Then Left You With 3 Kids
Now I'm Alone
It's Hard, When I Think Of All The Wrong I Did

[Vox 1:]

Never Kept My Promises , Was A Slave To My Selfishness
Forgive Me, Relieve Me, Receive Me Today
Girl I Mell You We Were One
Shoulda Stayed Home And Never On The Run
Sorry I Lied To You, I Was A Fool, I Cheated You, Yeah¥..


[Vox 2:]
Now I Got So Much Respect For You
Cause I'm Doin' All The Things That You Used To Do
Carin' For The Kids, Carin' For The Crib,
Hard To Handle It All Alone
If I Had The Chance To Do It All Again
I'd Spend More Time With My Family And Friends
I'd Sacrifice, I'd Care For Life, Now I Realize
I Would Treat You Right


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