Mint Condition - I'm Ready Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Gotta Tell You Girl, What's Been On My Mind
Been Such A Big Influence, Influence In My Life.
I Know U Called On Me And I Said I Had No Time,
I Was Frontin' On You I Musta' Been Blind
Come Over Her My Dear, Gotta Get Close To Your Ear,
Cause I Wanna Make It Clear, That All My Fears Are Gone.

I'm Ready For The Thangs
(That You've Been Talkin' Bout')
I'm Ready Won't Chu Shine
(And Remove My Clouds)
I'm Ready For A Place
(Safe To Park My Heart)
Cause Lonliness Now In The World Is Off The Charts
I'm Ready For The Way
(You Wanna Rub My Back)
I'm Ready For What Happens
(After In The Sack)
I'm Ready To Quit Playin'
(Cause I've Had Enough)
I'm Ready For This Boy And Girl To Rise In¥¥love

[Verse 2:]
Playa Playa Man, I Was In My Zone
In My Freaky World, Anything Was On
But Then I Met You Girl You Were Like A Mirror
Only You Made Me See, Things Deeper And Much Clearer
About The Man Inside, Who Always Tried To Hide,
From Real Intimacy In His Life
Now All My Fears Are Gone.

People Always Said To Me¥
(That When I Meet Her, I'll Know)
Cause When You Look In Her Eyes And Touch Her Hand
(You Won't Let, Her Go)
You'd Be A Fool To Look Away
(I Better Act Like, I Know)
So My Days Of Foolin' Round Are Gone
(Now That I've Found Her That's For Sure!!!!!)


I'm Ready For The Time You Tell Me Not Tonite
Cause Now It's About Us Not Just Me It's Alright
I'm Ready For The Time When I'm Miles Away
When Temptation's Round But Instead I Pray
Ready For A Bundle Standin' One Foot Five
And See That Bundle Have Your Same Beautiful Eyes
Can't Say Enough That I'm Ready Girl,
In Every Way, Everyday, Everyday, Everyway
Everyday I Thank God For You


Let's Rise On!!!!!

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Mint Condition I'm Ready Comments
  1. Eric P

    No other group does it better!!!

  2. Toussaint Wilson

    One of the best bands to ever exist.

    Diane Price


  3. demond kennedy

    This my jam 💯💯

  4. Quinton Gray 14

    My childhood....

  5. Electric Thoughts


  6. CTG_ ThaCollector