Mint Condition - Fallin Apart Lyrics

[Vox 1:]
I'm Missin' You, Don't Know What To Do,
My Life Is Dark, So Dark Without You,
Need Time To Heal, Is What U Say,
From The Scars, In You That I Laid

Feels Like I'm Fallin' Apart
Damn You're Really Hurtin My Heart
I'm Losin All Control, When You Walk Outside The Door...
Forgive Me For The Wrongs I've Done
Now I Realize You're The One
I Need U In My Life
You Make Me Feel Alright

[Vox 2:]
You Moved Away, But Left Your Clothes,
And Photographs, So At Times I'm Filled With Hope,
But You're Doin' To Me, What I Did To You
This Is Torture To Me, And I Feel Just Like A Fool...


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Mint Condition Fallin Apart Comments
  1. Daryle Howard

    This song really hit hard..

  2. Ellis Island 1

    So dramatic. Good stuff.

  3. Mark Scott

    ? Jive OK I can dig it !!

  4. DJaySplitSecond

    Only Mint can pull this off, other groups won’t do a song like this bec they too afraid

    Miguel Johnson

    I got introduced to this song some years ago, and couldn't remember the name of it, but I got it now. Mint Condition can get it done anywhere at any given time

    Miguel Johnson

    I haven't seen them live, but that's a goal of mine. I don't care where they at, I'm in there


    Miguel Johnson worth every penny

  5. Nane Quartay

    Operatic! Three songs in one.

  6. _-ParmaJohn3374 Official-_

    song I knew and loved for 13 years

  7. Daniel Ryan

    not of this world love this

    Ericka Ford

    Daniel Ryan nah it ain’t...🔥

  8. Danyell Cole