Mint Condition - Baby Boy, Baby Girl Lyrics

Give it up for my lil’ baby girl, she the only one in my world.
She’s the only one who really loves me, I can tell when she comes and hugs me..
Give up for my lil’ baby boy, the only one that brings me joy,
Me and him ride like were best friends, Me & my lil’ man till the end

[1st Verse]
It was so crazy what I came through, the headaches and drama were not cool,
I always thought, that having a baby would change everything yeah.
Don’t know why I was in and out of courtrooms, cause I was more than responsible I came through.
If I had to rewind it…all I would not change anything…

Give it up for my lil’ baby girl, she the only one in my world.
She’s the only one who really loves me, I can tell when she comes and hugs me..
Give up for my lil’ baby boy, the only one that brings me joy,
Me and him ride like were best friends, Me & my lil’ man till the end

Some people care bout’ things they own, more than there kids who have no clothes,
some lie and cheat and some are true, just ask yourself which one are you.

[2nd Verse]
My baby loves me unconditional, but the love from a stranger has come and gone…
Gotta do what’s right, make sure that they come first over everything yeah…
How do you look in a kids eyes, they look just like you but you still deny…
You’re gonna regret it, missing the first breath, first steps, you can’t get em’ back

If I was low, if I couldn’t cope, If I was broke, yeah…
You’d be right there beside me helping me up you would not deny me…
If I was low, if I couldn’t cope, If I was broke, yeah…
You’d be the one to build me up when I’m giving up..
My baby….


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Mint Condition Baby Boy, Baby Girl Comments
  1. Danielle Hall

    I'm glad I found one of my good friends played this I always think of him.and my children

  2. Jared Collins

    best song ever

  3. Darrell Alston

    I took my Baby Girl to a Mint Condition concert. Just me and her, we had a blast!!!!! I love her eyes and her smile. Good luck fellows, she's a daddy's girl and she spoiled rotten...LOL

  4. Antonio Mays

    i like it😇

  5. Bonnie Gates

    this my feeling about my son and daughters love this song

  6. Official Poa


  7. gerald ferguson

    Made me hug my daughter tighter

  8. Mariah Espinal

    I love this song sometimes it gives me tears, My dad would always play this song in the car when I was little!!😔☺️

    Gabby M

    Mariah Espinal same

  9. sydney harris

    i still am i will always love my dad

  10. sydney harris

    i cry everytime i here this song because i was that littel girl

  11. bwilkerson813

    I won't front. I was about to change the song until I heard Anthony Hamilton's voice. Love him forever!

  12. Corae Marie BreezyXD

    the end thou

  13. Ladybluvsmusik H.

    I give it up to my two My Baby Boy and Girl precious jewels...KZH and ZMH I love you two!!

  14. zoey123758

    My dad always used to sing this to me I miss him people who don't have thier fathers like me god bless u and hope u see them soon ;(((((((

  15. Tony Byrd

    This makes me appreciate my Lil man and my Lil lady so much more every time I was hear it.

  16. Butta Raspy

    Its real songs Like this I want to hear on the radio.

  17. Derek Bell

    I just heard this song a month ago.... fit's me as if it was written for me... Thanks ya'll fantasitic job if i can feel it's personally written for me lol.

  18. Blender Bronson

    @poisondestiny Yes my voice is at the very start ._.

  19. alexis smith


  20. alexis smith


  21. Blender Bronson

    My god my voice sounds so YOUNG.

  22. loving joan

    TY buzzard

  23. charlestonchewy

    Finally, a song for fathers! Much appreciated!

  24. Caermenpooh

    this brings back memories.
    This is REAL music.
    miley cyrus.. all you new crappy pop singers? GO AWAY.

  25. thia909

    -positive song & true reflection of parenthood ;)
    wish my son didnt have such a complete arsehole for a father!

  26. Zhagi

    sweet beat

  27. lovejangie1

    Good song.

  28. Choclongleggz

    All i know is they will be in Greensboro NC in march.... IM SO THERE!!!!

  29. TygaShawty

    Nice track

  30. buttlikewat

    Love it, Love it
    All day long is Mint Condition for me.

  31. Choclongleggz

    Yes, nhsjoanna,
    Mr. Isaac Hayes was a tremendous loss to the music industry. Let us not forget we have Mr. Anthony Hamilton to carry on that true talented soul of SOUL Music.... He can sing my behind to sleep every night... That man has a voice like no other...
    Dont know whats up with the industry but they are most def overlooking true talent for crap artist who have no real tunes to sing, without digitally altered voices.... They are loosing out and cuttin themselve so short!!!

  32. Choclongleggz

    thats because they want to still control folks.... i wish there was a way these artists could break away from the hands of these greedy non talented industry CEO's, old, white, and greedy!!!! menfolk.... they have to break the cycle somehow... Im still waiting for one of the pioneers to do that.

  33. Choclongleggz

    nhsjoanna, im one of those certain people because I cant keep my head still listening to MC... they are the best of the best! hands down. This is real true talent but the media and other industry rapist want fake azz wanna be artists, not reality. This is most def genuine 100% certified TALENT!!! 2 days EWF (Earth Wind and Fire)

  34. Choclongleggz

    dang can i just take Stokely and lick his entire body with my tongue.... his voice melts everything on me, and makes my neck hairs raise up.... geeezy beeeezy meeeezy

  35. Choclongleggz

    this band just makes me come alive so good... no matter what my mood is, they make me feel soooooo goood! thank you MC so refreshing!!!!!!!!1

  36. Choclongleggz

    havent seen a video and i dont watch BET but I sure hope they have a great one.

  37. Choclongleggz

    they always put out more than one version of their albums to increase sales and promote more flexibility to other audiences.

  38. Choclongleggz

    MC the hottest band in the world! An avid follower since way back in the 90's, they are the essence of Soul! Right up there with EARTH WIND & FIRE..... Always smoking, live or on plastic.... ^5
    Love U MC mmmmuuuuuaaaaaaahhhh

  39. bigrickstar

    I believe that he wanted to focus on producung his wife Toni Braxton full time.

  40. Tisha King

    Yep...there are three different versions with different bonus was released at Circuit City, one for Best Buy, and one for the Japan market...but iTunes (for instance) has no bonus tracks at all.

  41. icecoldbruh

    This is a positive song BET probably wont play it

  42. Mike Pace

    Is the video for this song on Youtube. I hope that BET is playing the video for this song.

  43. Mike Pace

    I bought the CD yesterday. I didn't know that there was different releases to it. I don't have the one with "Us" on it.

  44. Tisha King

    I guess I have to get that copy as well...I seen them last night at B.B.Kings/NYC and the show was off the chain!!!

  45. Tisha King

    I have this cd, but to anyone else who has it...have you realized that there are 3 or 4 different releases containing different bonus tracks at the end (depending on where you bought it). I have the one with "Us". I'm dying to hear the other bonus tracks!!!

  46. bigrickstar

    Aww man 'mon. These guys have been underground for so long and they've built a strong fanbase. So what if they want to do a "commercial" album, they've earned the right to get "PAID" if they choose! For far too long they haven't gotten enough credit, and just like Maze(Frankie Beverly) thay have staying power. So stop complaining and enjoy their success with them!.... By the way Stockley and Ant is like Jordan and Pippen, Bacon and eggs, Ashford and Simpson(feel free to add on if you like)LOL

  47. Adrienne Carver

    i'll be copping this cd...i'm loving this :)

  48. 36index

    With all that you guys have learned from upper echilon (Prince,The Time,Terry and Jimmy)this record is not Mint Condition "material". This particular song reeeks of purely Anthony Hamilton. When fans put on Mint Condition, they instantly think Stokely, and no one else. This record reeks of pure "corporate" thinking; or "how can I sell a lot of records"..........I never thought the Mint would have sank this low!

  49. teezah24

    Straight up!! I love this group because they play their own music and write their own music. You can tell that they take their craft seriously!! I love Mint Condition and this album is off the chain!!

  50. gotmypearls

    Real musicians, real talent....can we get some more like these, please?

  51. demfields

    This is fire.