Minor, Derek - Love Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Uh, what up girl, it's been a long time
Since I picked up this pen and told you I'm glad you're mine
Forever together, nothing can separate us too
And if love is scary, baby you my Boo
First time I saw you my homies said I was crazy
My mind is an art gallery, pictured you with my baby
I took your hand as we walked through the sunshine, lady
Said "get from under that tree, them other dudes are shady"
See I was broke, didn't care about my profit
So that sealed the deal, I looked for rings like signing
You held me down in this love, I swear that I ain't forgot
You deserve diamonds on your finger the size of Ring Pops
And when my shoe was untied, they said the boy was trippin'
She looked past it all, straight patient with him
You a thief girl, you stole my heart
I ain't goin' nowhere till death do us part

[Verse 2:]
See we in love that's strong, what it mean
She independent, but don't mind still calling me king
They say it's old school for you to be my only queen
Well if we primitive, you fly as Pterodactyl wings
Uh, I know I do some things you don't prefer
I'm a chiropractor, get all on your nerves
We get in arguments, sometimes we say some hurtful words
But through that, we see the way that Christ loved the church
I'll protect you girl, your man's loyal
And Lord have mercy on anyone who put they hands on you
We one, and when they hurtin' you they hurtin' me
Never wanna see you cry to me, that's an emergency
Your superhero chop the dark night, Batman
Or call me Superman, nothing like your X-Man
I can't believe the Lord put this gift in my hand
Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh, woman

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Minor, Derek Love Comments
  1. Asc3nding7 Li0N*

    Who's still listening in 2020💯🔥

  2. Antran Taylor

    That's song Derek Minor ft. JC Love You Better 💯💯😀😀🔥🔥👍👍👊👊🙏🙏 My Favorite Derek Minor Quotes is Jesus paid my debt, I ain't worried about what I owe.

  3. Dj jr

    Wedding song !!!!! 🙌🏾💍🥂💯😍

  4. Jeronimo Herrera

    Don't give up.

  5. Jeronimo Herrera

    Thanks for looking out friend.

  6. MiMi Hill

    The ending was the best part to me

  7. Honest000w

    now you got a rock band...so cute lol

  8. Gee Squad

    nice song but what was up with the ending


    the tempo went slow and thats my favorite part of the song

  9. dterik

    dancing to this song in the truck with the wifey for sure. love the beat.

  10. xo.leemaaa

    In love omg

  11. Avery ben

    yo dats a sick beat

  12. Jeniece Mulan

    I loooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeee this song! He is so sweet to write this song for his wife. Supporter! Thanks for coming to my school, UT Arlington, to perform!!!

  13. Chris Breezy

    lol someone like chopped and screwed music?

  14. K Drop

    First of all, I would like to know where all this is written, you can't just quote something without quoting where it is written from. Second of all Derek minor is speaking in simple language, such language that the worldly people can understand and relate to.

  15. Jordan Jasnoch

    wrong. “Again you have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not swear falsely, but shall perform to the Lord what you have sworn.’ But I say to you, Do not take an oath at all, either by heaven, for it is the throne of God, or by the earth, for it is his footstool, or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the great King. And do not take an oath by your head, for you cannot make one hair white or black. Let what you say be simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything more than this comes from evil"

  16. Kenyatta Rodriguez

    You already know Derek. Fiya!

  17. Austin Miller

    Whoops, I wanted to say that in the line that many thought controversial I believe he was saying that he meant that their marriage was not just between them but also toward God. Kinda like the relationship triangle. Yes, he could have chose better words but I believe that's the message there

  18. Austin Miller

    @ maniacbenkie

  19. Alexander Akpodiete

    James 5:12- My brothers and sisters, don’t take an oath when you make a promise. Don’t call on heaven(God) or earth or anything else to back up what you say. Let your “Yes” be yes. And let your “No” be no. If you don’t, you will be judged.
    God's word to your mother!

  20. demetriusmurch

    I like how gospel artists make love songs for the married couples. Keep it up man. God bless!!

  21. nandi12341

    sounded like Drake at the begining like the beat

  22. Gilgeous XBEATS

    no dude
    buy the album...it's money well spent.

  23. Nicole Aquino

    this song >

  24. victor negron

    How much is the album again i might just download it from YouTube

  25. nicalos mckennon

    dis beat is siicckk. one word: SWAG

  26. melvin brim

    i luv it bout to buy full album

  27. Bryan Boliver

    I'm talkin ill cuh

  28. Bryan Boliver

    I'm talkin ill cuh

  29. Jon Skehan

    The song is fire and the slowed up end is genius....except...when it skips during the word "better"...I don't understand that...they should have just let it play out. The skip throws me off. I think it is the only flaw on the album.

  30. Mariah Monique

    I love this one!

  31. holly garceau

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!

  32. Brionna

    The way the beat drop at the end.. is just jaw dropping...

  33. maniacbinkie

    And I meant I know what he was sayin like makin a promise

  34. maniacbinkie

    @ K Drop I know that the bible talks about promises in proverbs its just something that we shouldn't do no matter how serious...u feel me? Like even people in the world would be like don't swear on your life or no ones life...and its like why would u swear to God u know?

  35. Edward Boo Stephens

    Loving the new album!!!!!!!!!

  36. IS Music

    I knew as soon as I heard the beat

  37. K Drop

    Lol, swearing to God doesn't mean to actually swear as in curse words, but make a vow or a promise. Don't judge too quickly.

  38. maniacbinkie

    Bro derek...wuts up with the swearing to God...thats we shouldn't be swearing to God...no matter how serious the bible talks about swearing and just that alone is bad...but just be careful brother

  39. fastbud5k

    love it!!!

  40. Gilgeous XBEATS

    whooooooooooooooo!!!! fireeee

  41. Ethan Robinson

    Best love song i ever heard. Def gon show it to my future wifey