Minogue, Kylie - Surrender Lyrics

Come on come one
Ooh yeh
Ooh oh

Come to me
And I'll surrender my love to you
Give in to your dreams
And remember my love is true
Come, we'll explore
Forbidden passions together

Oh baby
I surrender my love to you (surrender)
Oh baby
Just remember my love is true (surrender)

Just remember, just remember
Time is right to be together
My love with you (surrender)
Not just for one night but forever (surrender)
Come, take my hand
Let me show you everything

[repeat 2 times]

Oh, hold me close
And we can ride together
Oh, you and I lust to love
Magic moments forever

Come to me
Come come come to me (surrender)
Come to me
Come come come to me
(Surrender my love surrender)

[repeat & fade]

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Minogue, Kylie Surrender Comments
  1. Der Rammsteiner Junge

    It has just reminded me of one of those old axn series I used to watch when I was a kid. My parents used to change discovery kids (channel I watched as a kid) to put one of those Axn series I hated so much. So you are wondering what this has to do with the song? Simply the fact of the music that suddenly made me think of that case I hated axn for their boring series, just that

  2. Open Bacardi

    km94 is a totally piece of art

  3. Marc Andersen

    still have the record I bought 25 years ago

  4. Oll

    This song was almost added to GTA V... I wish it was there honestly.

    Bobby Martinez

    How do you know that?! That's cool.

    Ihsan Fajari

    this song is already in GTA V in Non Stop Pop FM Radio

    Ikken Hissatsu

    Oll Just imagine this sounding in Vanilla Unicorn.

    Ikken Hissatsu

    Ihsan Fajari it’s not, sadly.

  5. Bobby Martinez

    I love Kylie!

  6. Bobby Martinez

    So sophisticated of a song. Very sexy and appealing to all my senses:)

  7. Konstantinos Papacharalampos

    Playing with electronica and soft dance music created one of the most sleek Kylie Minogue albums. Her voice and grown-up lyrics shine all over! True art, a great Kylie reinvention in retrospect.

  8. Catherine L.

    Such a great song.

  9. DAVID Bewick