Minogue, Kylie - Secret (Take You Home) Lyrics

Rushing up on you like a freak in the fast lane, I'm on a mission to whip
you into a hurricane, And when I overtake I'm gonna be in pole position,
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, Are you ready for the change, If I let you stay, If I
let you play, Will you lose or win, You can't kiss and tell, Will you pass
it or fail, Let the games begin, Here's my secret, I'm a girl who likes her
fun, And if you can keep it, Then you just might be the one, To come and
party baby, But don't be misunderstood, I'll be cool would you be cool, I
wonder if I take you home, Nature should explore the physical, But don't
confuse emotion with the pleasure principle, Just let me take a ride and
educate the corners of your mind, Yeah yeah yeah, Buckle up baby, feel my
speed, Take you from zero to sixty, Driving so hot like a criminal, The
chase is irresistible, Gonna twist you round and manipulate, Watch you
hyperventilate, That's just the way I get my kicks, So take it in baby, deal
with it, Buckle up baby feel my speed, Better not brake or you'll miss me,
Driving you hard subliminal, 'cause you're so irresistible, Let me pump you
up with adrenaline, Get your head space into a spin, Ocause that's the way I
get my kicks, So take it in baby, deal with it.

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Minogue, Kylie Secret (Take You Home) Comments
  1. David O'sullivan

    underrated AF

  2. Juan contreras

    Una de mis favoritas! Siempre kylielover👑😍😍

  3. Mario Pulido

    Body Language?

  4. Rainbow77Girl

    feel like driving way above the speed limit at night to this song

  5. More than words

    kylie at London Apollo she looks like Brigitte bardot 😚😙😗

  6. Red Stead

    It took 6 people to write this track? Seriously?!

  7. cami vasquez

    My favorite album♡

  8. Nelson Tu

    Very nice. Love it anyway

  9. Neurotripsicks

    This is a masterpiece in pop

  10. Wesley Nascimento

    Rainha do POP!

  11. Jeff Eastwood

    It took 9 people to write this song lol


    It uses a sample of Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam's "I wonder if I take you home" and there was a whole bunch of them given writing credit, then all of their names are listed in Kylie's credits so it looks like a massive collaboration but it's not quite as monstrously designed by committee as it looks

  12. xxxTIN0xxx

    It's unbelievable that this song wasn't released as a single. It has whatever it takes to be a hit, it's original and varied (electronic beats, pop melody, catchy lyrics, spoken-words, infectious chorus). A video for this song would have been iconic, I always imagined a video which stars Kylie 'VS' a man in a car race.


    I'll be cool wichu. Be cool. I wonder if I take you home ❤️ let's make our own video 😉


    Actually it was released as promotional single, in Taiwan... with Promises.

  13. DPRD JZ

    Body Language is one of her essential albums. I don't care if it sound so urban but Kylie takes urban in a different level.


    Absolutely one of her best.

    Christian Faltinsky


  14. Ken Kaye

    Ty for sharing, love and light to you nasmaste. .

  15. StrickenWithFear

    Definitely feel like this one had potential as a single.

  16. Bobby Martinez

    Buckle up baby through my thpeeeed :p

  17. Soaribb

    One of The Best ones

  18. Aunica Hanson

    rushin up on you like a freak in the fast lane. I allways play this song when I get a new guy in my car and put the petal to the fucking metal lmao. freaks them out and turns me on ha ha

    José Enriquez

    Aunica Hanson weirdo

  19. xxxTIN0xxx

    Love this song, one of my favorites from Body Language which is my favorite Kylie album.

    Jordan Lester

    +xxxTIN0xxx Mine too!! the production is so crisp. Definitely underrated

  20. SolidusSnake604

    Kylie <3

  21. Alguien

    1:26 I love this talking-rapping part * - *


    +No-se Sabe me too! it's amazing :D I wish Kylie did more of that in her songs! ._.

  22. Gonzalo Cadiz

    so sexy!!!

  23. Aleksylie

    Oh my god sooooo many memories !!!

  24. somechick73

    This is a great song.

  25. JamesMitchellTV

    One of my all time favs <3