Minogue, Kylie - Rhythm Of Love Lyrics

With the rhythm in our lovin'
There ain't nothing I can do
When I feel the beat of love
Go on and on and on with you
I don't have to worry
There ain't nothing you won't do
To give your love to me
And I give my love to you

I know what you like
You know just what to do to me
The rhythm is right
We have fun with harmony
You got the bass, I can pick up the pace, yeah
There's no time to wait

A perfect love is what you make of it
When our bodies move we're syncopated
I never knew that two could be
Like you and me


So good together
Some people work better solo
But I could never
Be without you oh no

I'd muss you touch, as it is
I can't get enough yeah
I'm in heaven above
I give you a melody that's always new
You've got a good beat, I can dance to you
Spinning for as long as we can
Come on let's jam

[repeat 2 times]

Le beat de jour c'est le beat d'amour


[repeat & fade]

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Minogue, Kylie Rhythm Of Love Comments
  1. RetroBlasting

    One of her best classics. An underappreciated track from the best singer of our generation.

  2. tahuaroa

    Mita O Te Aroha - Rhythm Of Love... my fave kylie jam!!!

  3. Dwayne Pierce

    Before I leave this realm I will make sure that I will leave my mark on digital media to say that I love this Kylie Minogue song.

  4. Patrick3183

    “I’ll give you a melody that’s always new...”