Minogue, Kylie - Put Yourself In My Place Lyrics

I can't take this situation
It's making me feel so blue
One moment you walked into my life
And now
You're saying that we're through

I hear that you're in love now
Baby, don't know what to say
I can't believe that I still feel this way
I hear that you're in love now
Baby, don't know what to say
But before you decide
You won't be mine
Put yourself in my place

You know something will come around
You're gonna put yourself
(Put yourself) in my place
When your lovers bring you down
And there no-one else around
You're gonna put yourself
(Put yourself) in my place

There's no rhyme or reason
(Rhyme or reason)
That keeps me playing along
(That keeps me playing along)
I guess, that I'll just keep on believing
Inside you love will;
Know right from wrong


[repeat 3 times]

In my place (put yourself) in my place
Oh (put yourself)

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Minogue, Kylie Put Yourself In My Place Comments
  1. Sweet Spirit

    Barbarella!!!! 😊👍 Kylie is so awesome!!

  2. sebestyen tiberiu

    Look, dont Whant To Know About The Pantihouse! Period!

  3. sebestyen tiberiu

    Like Hell, Barbarela!

  4. Habibti Roya

    Who's here in 2020?🙂

  5. John-Paul Smart

    Ooh Very Nice!.

  6. sunday Floater

    Did someone notice that she is putting off the left sleeve twice and after doing that the right arm is naked? I`ve seen this video about 20 times before I realized it - just was blinded by her ethereal beauty.

  7. Louise Hillen

    A brilliant album and 2 amazing singles, Confide In Me and Put Yourself in My Place.  If you haven't listened to KM94 recently, I urge you to. It's joyous.

  8. Looks like a vibrator flying through the galaxy 0:00

    sunday Floater

    ... and at the end gliding in a huge va......

  9. Jimmy The Clown

    Partial Nudity is an underrated Art Form
    full frontal nudity will never be as sexy or artistic

  10. Jimmy The Clown

    Why are Australians so God damn beautiful??

  11. Ksenija Ignatjeva

    Kylie best song,very sexy,beutyfull end secret...

  12. Keith Pasco

    If I seen this when it came out in 1994 it would have blown my 12 year old mind.

  13. Jonathan Suares

    Esta canción y breathe again de tony braxton, me parecen la acciones más amorosas del planeta!

  14. Assaad Hattab

    My favorite Kylie song ever. She got naked but oh in such a classy way. Nothing to do with the vulgar nudity in the videos nowadays.

  15. jianan lee

    Gosh, back in 94 Kylie was already half naked in her MV, and a decade later the Americans blamed on Janet 😒😒😒

  16. Raí Fermino


  17. Abhilasha Rai

    She is my queen of POP after mj who is king of pop. Britney is princess of pop.

  18. Andy O


  19. Kin To

    Sexy woman

  20. Cary Barnes

    .....oh and the video 😇 got so used to the continuous and we are spoilt quality 😇🌈 forgot to mention hon 👍👌🙏 perfectamant 🌟🙏 “go girl go”

  21. Cary Barnes

    Superb this is just the best and your vocals shine perfectly Kylie 👍 never disappoint and thanks for sharing just great music we are blessed to receive thank you 🙏 namaste

  22. the king

    I have been in love with Kylie since her days in Neabours. Love her 💖💖💖💖💖💖 so Hot & Sexy 💖

  23. worker999 all time

    The one of the best clips of the young Goddess!

  24. worker999 all time

    THE GODDESS singing! No equal in the 21 century!

  25. Mark Riley

    What an amazing, beautiful song. Fantastic vocals, sending chills down your spine, Kylie looking gorgeous and tastefully sexy and the far out music. Listen to this in the dark with headphones on and you are in another world-heaven! This is my personal fourth (narrowly) favourite Kylie song. Maybe not fair to put in only 4th place! Lets just say it's one of the best. And when music videos had become an art form- Kylie's videos are all a work of art!

    Asif Farooqui

    What are your top three

    Mark Riley

    @Asif Farooqui 1. Confide In Me; 2.On a Night Like This; 3. Right Here, Right now (with Giorgio Moroder) :)

  26. m. mache

    Sweatnes in the music industry best dancer best bottom body's in the music industry a Queens Kylie Minogue stunning me baby I Absolutely love it just in 10 times 10 billions like it 5 stars * * * * * strongly recommended for entertainment purposes only congratulations by Hollywood mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube International? Mo?

  27. Michael Plein

    One of my favourite songs by Kylie, maybe favourite.

  28. Detective Landa

    I would like to live in her right eye.

  29. Elin B

    Blå ögon men farfar blockar mitt mörka hår

  30. kidautism

    This stupid blanket ruins the whole video :D

  31. Dicho Kusarov

    When the kids were saying "Did you see new Ariana Grande video where she is in space and undress," I was w8 a sec.

  32. Mario Abate


  33. Miyuki Reizen

    Boys are in Awe while watching this, i bet XD

    But i love Kylie's song until now!~❤❤ Love her so so much!!

  34. Oll

    A very memorable music video.

  35. Jack

    Bath music

  36. deeg x

    Looks like a Star Trek starship with the nacelles. Better than the Discovery!

  37. Julie Burton

    Love it the lyrics awesome 😍😍

  38. jenny taylor

    I could just imagine Peter Kay parodying this. : )

  39. lolalina star

    So great

  40. Pat Simon

    HD plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...!!

  41. ZD433

    That’s how I’d like to space travel, trapped in a rocket floating round with Kylie while she divests herself of a shocking pink spacesuit ! Absolute bliss !

  42. Alex D

    One of my favourite Kylie's song💘

  43. C A

    Got to be my all time favourite.


    🌉🌌 👀! Exploration of Space!

  45. Martin Zeta

    Muy lógico el video, porque Kylie aqui parece de otro planeta 🚀

  46. Ally Jay Bowie

    The savage reality of heartbreak, encapsulated in one single song. Her best.

  47. José Enriquez

    I’m only 20yrs old. I wish I was 20 when this came out.

  48. Adz Monroe

    This is far best one of Kylie's best songs ever. It's amazing.

  49. Tony

    One of most underrated tracks ! A great song and video that wouldn’t look out of place today ! Beautiful 👍

  50. mani biegert

    123 dislikes, seems death-metal blokes also hanging around here..

  51. Ottó Lipák

    One of my childhood favourites. Nice to hear it again. Oh, my teenage years...

  52. Darren Lee Sumner

    I adore everything about this

  53. Raichenok Karpova

    С днём рождения, Кайли! Самая восхитительная! Девочка на все времена!

  54. samuel lucas nascimento

    nossa eu amo esta musica curti muito na minha época

  55. Dermacrosis

    Funny thing is this is the phase when she lost a lot of her so called fans. They didn't like that she went away from the bubble gum for the brain pop. The opposite was true for me as this is when I actually started to like her.

  56. Edmundo Roman

    Waiting for You best
    Song, in my place!

  57. Chi Kin Li

    this music video is nudity

  58. David Murphy


  59. sw33tsoul

    2019 baby!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  60. Peter Price-Patrick of Penkridge

    Ariane ripped this.

  61. SoLA489

    I wanna go back to ‘94... I was only 5.

  62. Bruno Castelo Branco

    2018? "when your lovers bring you down and there is no one else around youll gonna put yoursel in my place" That's so true. Love, Kylie! Thank you for this! <3

  63. Sabrina Zapata

    Totally what I am going through in 2019

  64. mani biegert

    nice alessi-juicer spaceship.

  65. Louise Romero

    She is a goddess in this!

  66. Tracey Arifi

    I'm in love with kylie. Just gorgeous.

  67. Serkan Önde

    1995 Kylie 2017 Ariana

  68. Loic Reviews

    God damn it Turps.

  69. Blau Ruma

    Our precious queen Kylie doing it the Barbarella style!! So perfect #KylieMinogue #JaneFonda #Barbarella

  70. Maria Regina

    I love the barbarella reference

  71. Stu Bailey

    Kylie's best song. Looks awesome in this video also!

  72. treg1980

    Why from 2000 on Kylie started singing in a more baby-like voice and not in this mature voice I will never understand. Was it because of Britney's success that singers like her and Madonna all of a sudden choose a baby voice? Sad...


    She went back to pop and also a more nasal head voice seems to be healthier when singing.
    Belting the voice continuously like in her early career could damage her vocal chords, she just became more technical. Actually, that more nasal voice is her natural tone and she isn't faking it like Britney did, it's poppy, breathy, seductive, somehow like Diana Ross.

  73. Otter Pop Culture

    Ariana's Break Free mv was definitely inspired by this video. Bless Kylie!

  74. Gearoid Mcginley

    I'm wanking over this now

  75. Gearoid Mcginley

    I wanked over this when I was in primary school

  76. KylieFan6252

    Kylie + orange hair = beautiful.

  77. Rich Piet


  78. Producer1998

    Wow, I thought it was En Vogue this whole time.

  79. Sergio Minogue

    #Kylie #KylieMinogue #cheko #lover #KylieGolden #GoldenTour #Dancing #PutYourselfInMyPlace 😍😍😍

  80. Nicky james

    25 years old today 😊

  81. Tobias Burrell

    24 years today! 🙏

  82. Andrew Ward

    Very James bond theam she should sing a James bond theam

    David Molyneux

    James bond theme yes

  83. David Molyneux

    Love this

  84. sorlee1

    I could really cry out my eye balls to this song after a break up :(

  85. Dan Tyler

    Kylie has great legs and her voice on this song is amazing

  86. David Molyneux

    Christmas 🎄 memories

  87. David Molyneux

    This woman is absolutely gorgeous

  88. David Molyneux

    Beautiful woman 👩 love thissong

  89. sunny days

    Brilliant track and brilliant voice. God old school was good

  90. feeel_x_goood

    Kylie was always my light! Thx.

  91. Charlotte Pringle's

    The air goes away with this video

  92. Neon Angel

    Pure Barbarella vibes

  93. Open Bacardi

    one of the most beautiful songs ever made

  94. Stephanie Cabrera

    Put Your Hearts Up by Ariana Grande

  95. Daisy's World Love

    Madonna is shite and kylie is pure class.

  96. Picnicl

    Along with Confide in Me from the same album, this was a landmark kind of song for Kylie Minogue. The colourful visuals make it clear that moving on a bit from so-called 'bubblegum pop' does not mean dismissing its 'pop art'.

  97. Chels Ryan

    Absolutely love this song. One of my favourite and it is definitely one of her best songs!! ❤️❤️