Minogue, Kylie - No World Without You Lyrics

The sweet perfume of flowers in bloom
Remind me of you
But you're more than just a memory
The things that you do to me
If only you knew

I've tried hard, had to be strong
Now I don't know if I can go on

There's no world without you
I miss you, my friend
There's no world without you
This can't be the end

Remember the night holding me tight
Just me and you
I remember the day you went away
What was I to do
If you came home, one of these days
Would I hold back or would I say



There's no world without you
This can't be the end

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Minogue, Kylie No World Without You Comments
  1. MaksimSSM

    2k views.. hmm.. World going mad. Nice and simple song )

  2. Dwayne Pierce

    God, this track takes me back and what a beautiful little gem ♥️

  3. Mr. Damien Micallef

    The good Guys vs the demons

  4. Mr. Damien Micallef

    Factual realisation: emmotioal intelligence

  5. Mr. Damien Micallef

    Which Star we choose? Russlle crow? #russellcrow

  6. Mr. Damien Micallef

    Body guard ll

  7. Mr. Damien Micallef

    Good bye STD, drugs, lies and crime...where's the money? Global peace pack. Queen Kylie

  8. Mr. Damien Micallef

    Queen Kylie 2021-

  9. Mr. Damien Micallef

    Without the, the beginning IV

  10. Mr. Damien Micallef

    Excellent, forthright xxoo

  11. Darren Lee Sumner

    Great track, great album

  12. Serega Surin

    Good work

  13. Melómana_ FullMusic

    ❤❤❤ fromPERÚ❤❤❤
    ❤❤❤ fromPERÚ ❤❤❤

  14. Rudolf de Lang

    En keer goed in der reet neuken, kijken of ze dan nog zo kan zingen

  15. alonso Hernandez Lopez

    Excelente balada!!..I❤kylie 😍😘

  16. Alex Marinchik

    Красивый голос, красивая песня

    Максим Левахин

    неожиданная работа для Кайли)

  17. Luiz Felipe Dogz

    Calma Kylie eu só tenho um cy. ❤️


    Much love for you kylie first song I'm listen belong to you in 2005 red blood woman its best songs and tell now I'm have it in my laptop much for you dear from Iraq country your fans

  19. gengarrules777

    I love Kylie's 100th Greatest Hits album

  20. Jhonatham Vimercati

    Anjo ❤️