Minogue, Kylie - If You Were With Me Now Lyrics

[* Keith singing]
[+ both Kylie and Keith singing]

*Without you standing by my side
*Love and good fortune passes me by
And you were my guiding light
It seemed so easy
+When we said goodbye

+How different would the world be now
If only we had worked it out somehow
+What kind of fools are you and I
+There would be stars up in the sky
+If you were with me now

*And I know I may go astray
*But who's to say that we can't change our mind
My love burns stronger each day
If I'm sure of one thing

+One love at a time
+How could we throw our love away
*When we had so much more than words can say
+The darkest clouds would fade away
+To bring the light into my day
+If you were with me now

If loving you is right
Then turn back the hands of time
*I'd do anything to make you mine
There'snothing that I wouldn't do
*I could make you feel my love for you
+If you were with me now
+If you were with me now
+If you were with me now

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Minogue, Kylie If You Were With Me Now Comments
  1. Cempaka Ayu

    Never get bored of this song. I just love everything about this song💙

  2. Remy Azhary Yosef

    My gawd! Kylie looked like she's out of a Guess jeans shoot. Talk about Bridgette Bardot incarnate.

    And can I say that my first girlfriend looked exactly like her...till I go for "my own team".

  3. nadya aul

    Still loving this song in 2020

  4. Elaine Silva

    Beautiful song 😍

    Dean Rideout

    Mine to xx

  5. Diane Koepke

    Our little ozzie Beauty. What a lovely duo.

  6. Rafaelly Braga

    estou aq pq o Shawn mendes estava escutando essa musica
    algm mais?

    Katie Delaney

    Rafaelly Braga yuppp

  7. Hemily Oliveira

    Vim pelo shawn mendes

  8. jherrenor

    Kylie was my first crush. Fell in love with her voice before her looks.

  9. James B

    She is Marilyn Monroe beautiful.

  10. Elaine Melrose

    Still one of my favourite Kylie songs


    E ovviamente Nicoula non potevi mancare tu stanotte che mi mandi i video di Kylie Minogue che non conosco

  12. Raí Fermino


  13. Евгений Лукьянов

    почему мать вашу никто из постеров не указывает какого года видео??!!!

  14. Claudia Tredoux

    Love this song... love kylie beautiful lady

  15. Jamashad Alam

    Perfect for broken hearted fellows n I am one of em ,familiar enough compo in my labyrinth 💎

  16. jf 840 four the love of trains

    i just love kylie

  17. Esneyder Toledo

    28 years lol

  18. Maxine Baker

    God, haven’t heard this in years. Brings back memories. Loved it then, still love it now.

  19. Cempaka Ayu

    Love this song so much 💙

  20. Teva Bruce

    2 0 1 9

  21. Josef Malinowicz

    Love this music forever and ever xxxxxxxx

  22. Rudy Hidayat

    But you werent with me.....

  23. Darren Hutton

    How under rated was this song back then? ....Guess what? ....It's still seriously under rated now! 👌

  24. Donny Ariyono

    Great duet.

  25. tahu Tahu

    there are not evough stills or behind the scenes footage of this shoot. thank god for the smash hits magazine/video in ‘91 with Kylie hosting & there’s tinyest bit of bts footage

  26. Alejandro Ayer

    Is it just me or is she pulling off a young Liz Taylor? Her beauty is only comparable to the greatest stars of the past. Great vocals and effortlessly stunning looks.

  27. John Melville

    Two amazing voices and a really good video. Definitely an all time favourite for me

  28. Matt M.

    I will never recover from those eyes. Love my KM!

  29. Jesse Jones

    Hands-down one of the greatest love songs of the ‘90s and maybe ever. Fight me

  30. Stefano Cau Tavera

    Kylie has always had a great voice.

    Her range is extensive, and she is always in tune and effortless in her live performances.

  31. neilcier valerio

    Underrated song..

  32. Dwayne Pierce

    I ♥️ you Ashley Anderson 🥃🥇🤗😙✌️

  33. Kenneth Studdert

    the darkest hours would fade away to bring  light in  to my day if you were with me now.

  34. Aretha Franklin Whitney Houston

    Not heard this for years

  35. Mart diva1979

    Listening in 2O19

  36. Dwayne Pierce

    Happy Birthday Gurrl xoxo

  37. Joe

    the best old songs of Kylie have the less views on youtube

  38. Dwayne Pierce

    Phenomenal and stunning xoxo, my younger self favourite Kylie Minogue song.

  39. Indun justindun

    How i love this song

  40. Rinia Douglas

    If you were with me now my love. Miss you so much.

  41. lazyeejay

    Cool fact, they never recorded this song together. They were in different countries and the vocals were mixed together but to watch the video you'd never think it.

  42. erdem uysal

    2019 still listening?

  43. lazyeejay

    Keith's voice is incredible, Kylie looks incredible, the song is incredible and well everything about this is incredible.

  44. Rinia Douglas

    If you were with me now my love. Ill never forget this period. Thanks for this song.

  45. Smooth B

    Pretty teeth

  46. Nikki Hart

    Beautiful song..

  47. Noni Ngcobo

    Still listening in 2019, Keiths voice though, Oh my God, he is extremely gifted. This combination with Kylie is everything.

  48. EW Machu

    Listening March 2019...and wishing you were here with me now 😪

  49. rayman fan2008

    Love this for 1991 sound like a 80s

  50. timmons jeff

    Alwayz fave to fave to fave... falling to falling to falling in love again..

  51. Lasvegas Fund

    Going to see kylie Dec 3rd dublin and belfast 5th Dec....luv thon girl yeooooooooo this is 17th time we've seen ere...bless x

  52. Lasvegas Fund

    Luvvvvvvv this song....seen kylie 15 times in concert and it's never played...luv it belfast xx

  53. Joe

    Kylie best video

  54. Steven Meszaros

    She looks hot in stockers sweet Jesus 🇬🇧😎

  55. feeel_x_goood

    Kylie was always my light! Thx.


    My Fav. song in 1991 from Kylie and Keith....

  57. Khyirul Omar

    I was newly arrived in London back in 1994 and this is the song that i firstly heard when walked around at Oxford St. Me from Malaysia

  58. Ratna Tri Rahayu

    Masih jadi lagu favorite sept 2018

  59. Kiky M Priatna

    Kylie is very beautiful

  60. Lallawmkimi Hnamte 소년 미친

    Still love this song

  61. Miki Maus

    Beautiful song👌💙

  62. J 0


  63. Mark Anderson

    Unreal eyes jus this morning,
    An jus this arv, yesty last week,
    An wot seems like fukkin ternity
    Singing this. Thank mizz
    Beautiful women.

  64. Andy Rosiak

    Kylies looks in this outfit are so underrated. Every single shot she looks ICONIC!!

  65. Steve

    How lovely does Kylie and Keith sound together. One of my favourite songs ever. Kylie sounds enchanting with her gorgeous voice and tones. Makes me feel nostalgic and sentimental at 67 y/o. Thank you

  66. juanita traynor

    Kylie Is So Pretty In This Video. Beautiful Song.

  67. Aaron Bynum

    Kylie Minogue is so underrated as a vocalist as a visionary musically how she crossed color lines sound so effortlessly.

  68. -jade Grioli

    omg break up songs...i listened to kylie with beginnings of relationships to the endings of one

    Dean Rideout

    Me to x

  69. J Robertson

    Happy 50th Queen Kylie - our rainbow! XxX

  70. petmitsu

    Damn, those eyes of hers are gorgeous.

  71. tracy duggan

    don't worry about Kerry Armstrong

  72. RichieB

    Last shot.. stunning.......!

  73. ld4743

    Perfection in every way

  74. Luis Quevedo

    I love all her styles in this video... she has been always the best!!

    Dean Rideout

    Still looks lovely for her age

  75. Hawthorn Arsenal

    Still loving this in 2018.

  76. cheryl Martin

    How gorgeous is she in this video

    Peter Hartono

    Love her brown eyes, eyelash, light brown mole, shawl, blonde and curly hair.. ev'ry thing about her gorgeous voice..

    Danko Sekulic

    @Peter Hartono
    Brown?? LOL... her eyes are blue!


    i think 90s fashion made women look gorgeous, of coz she is

    Danko Sekulic

    Fashion was nice, but I have yet to see a ssweeter face and more captivating pair of eyes! Fashion is not that omnipotent!

  77. Lasvegas Fund

    FABULOUS song....luv this song xx from beast yeohhhhhhhhhhh

  78. Dwayne Pierce

    Still my ultimate favorite.

  79. Winnie Kamau

    An all time favourite.

    sylwia grodzka

    Winnie Kamau ja też ją uwielbiam😍😍😍😍😍😍

  80. Samaritan2000

    охуенная песня !!!

  81. Daddybear James

    After peaking at no.4 in the U.K. I don't understand why this wasn't included on the Ultimate Kylie album.

    Adam Adams

    Daddybear James I need a Christmas version of this gorgeous song with added sleigh bells! 🎅🎄

    Tinkle Bell

    Daddybear James Been listening to his music since yr99

    Dean Rideout

    I thought the same thing did not know this record existed until my ex played it one night


    And why she/they choose to include a cover song (Give Me Just...) instead of a song she co-wrote herself. I never really cared for GMJALMT, so I was very disappointed when that was the only song that represented the Let's Get To It album on Ultimate Kylie.

  82. Fabianminogue

    After the poor
    performance of "Word Is Out", this beautiful ballad returned to Kylie in
    the top 5 UK ... one of the best (or best) single of the album "Let's
    Get To It" ... No I understand why I left for Kylie in
    oblivion ... after 91-92 never again she sang live ... will the lyrics
    have something to do with their separation from Michael Hutchense? ...
    is sad but at the same time very beautiful song

  83. Juano Peteréz

    Very nice

  84. Chris Lee Carey