Minogue, Kylie - Finer Feelings Lyrics

The finer feelings, the finer feelings

You can't give to me
I couldn't get for myself
I have needs as much as any man
And I understand the feelings well

I can still have a true heart
With a free mind
A good life
With a good time

But what is love
Without the finer feelings
It's just sex
Without the sexual healing
Passion dies
Without some tender meanings
It ain't love
Without the finer feelings

I get passionate
Just like you
But I have a little self-control
You just show your selfish attitude
Your emotion leaves me cold



The finer, the finer
The finer feelings

(I can still have a true heart) it ain't love
(With a free mind) it ain't love
(A good life)
(With a good time) feelings

[repeat & fade]

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Minogue, Kylie Finer Feelings Comments
  1. Raí Fermino


  2. Sarah Wilcox

    Kylie Minogue is still my fravorite singer back in the 90s love her music

  3. erasure1378

    Should've been included on SBIT compilation. ❤ much love.

  4. Israel Daniel Herman

    Epic and so underrated!❤

  5. MC Chilangwa

    Song of all time

  6. Danny k 222

    I must remember to drop my shopping next time I pass someone I fancy

  7. mili V

    The most copied pop artist!

  8. Daniel Forsyth

    Tragic this is not included on the upcoming Step back in time definitive collection this is her best track by far

  9. Matt Cohen

    Hauntingly stunning still!

  10. Will Whittaker

    My second fave ❤️ Better The Devil... just pips it ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Jorge Soler

    i'm so used to the abbey road sessions version that this one sounds odd now


    the abbey road sessions version is the superior one though

  12. adam geary

    A timeless classic from the past, that could pass for today. Happy 27th birthday.

  13. Mario Abate


  14. Lommy

    Happy 27th birthday to this song today.

  15. Daniel

    Underrated as fuck

  16. David Molyneux

    Beautiful woman

  17. alan fox

    does anyone like me thinks the man in the video in certain angles look like morronnharket fromnaha thecsingle remix was done by brothers in rhythm who kylie work with later in her career.

    David Molyneux

    Alan yes he does ☺

  18. David Molyneux

    Amazing song

  19. Alcides Brito

    her Best song

    David Molyneux

    One of defo to


    Maravilhosa essa música....

  21. Pearl Ford

    Love this song 💙

  22. Paskal Vertacnik


  23. Chris Lee Carey


  24. Raphael Borges

    So glad we finally get the Kylie videos from PWL era officially on YouTube! Thank you so much! This video in particular is one of my favorites from queen Kylie❤️