Minogue, Kylie - Absolutely Anything And Anything At All Lyrics

Absolutely anything and anything at all
Streakin' through the light, Jupiter in sight
Absolutely anything

You could do anything, whatever you wanna do
What would you do? And who would you do it to?
If you could be whoever you wanna be?
Am I crazy? Or did this just happen to me?

Absolutely anything and anything at all
Streakin' through the light, Jupiter in sight
This star is intergalactic
Absolutely anything and anything at all
Shinin' like a star, reignin' like a czar
Oh absolutely anything

See now I got everything, whatever you want you get
When I write a song, everyone sings along
But I can hear the thunder comin', raining down
Havin' it all was a bit of a ball but the truth keeps rollin' around

I think I'm goin' cuckoo
Tell me that I'm wrong
Hittin' me like voodoo
Yeah I'm gonna play along
I think I got the power, what you gonna do?
I'll make it happy hour, it's on you
So come on people
Get the world hot
So come on people
Give me what you got
I'm gonna get you jumpin'
Jumpin' on the spot
With a little somethin' somethin'
Somethin' that you got
So come on people

Absolutely anything and anything at all
Streakin' through the light, Jupiter in sight
This star is intergalactic
Absolutely anything and anything at all
I can see the future but I never kiss and tell
Shining in the starlight, all I wanna do is sing
Absolutely anything
Absolutely anything
Absolutely anything
Absolutely anything and anything at all
Streakin' through the light, Jupiter in sight
This star is intergalactic
Absolutely anything and anything at all
I can see the future but I never kiss and tell
Shining in the starlight, all I wanna do is sing
Absolutely anything

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Minogue, Kylie Absolutely Anything And Anything At All Comments
  1. iopharmaceutical B

    Nice song and nice movie bro!

  2. 2muchwhit1

    Rest in piece Robin Williams

  3. Mundo Se Lava


  4. Mister Prince-kun

    Amei essa música kkkkj vi no filme mesmo, e vim baixar ela

  5. SunShine8308

    I really wish this song had been promoted or used in some way. The humor is so coherent with her brand, especially the self-deprecating part at the end with them getting annoyed with her and deciding to destroy the planet at the end. tarotworldtour.wordpress.com

  6. Mark Anderson

    So fucking cool beautiful and funny you got full package women.go kylie.🙂🙂🙂

  7. in another life I was some gay egyptian goddess

    Am I the only one who thinks that all the Kylie clips should be posted one by one?

  8. spell caster

    my friends ae going to make fun of me for watching this

  9. SunShine8308

    Of course we don't know what GOLDEN is going to sound like but please consider this for inclusion on the album and possibly a tour opener.

  10. pascal

    SO Absolutely Anything ! so good for that......:)

  11. SunShine8308

    William Baker, if you are listening, what about working this song into a 60's themed segment of the next tour? It could even be a cute alien-themed opening for all we know. =) - ' tarotworldtour '

  12. Nam Phương Đặng

    she's absolutely the queen of galaxy .

  13. Albert Jr Seidel

    here beacuse no million viiews

  14. Paweesuda Henderson

    I personally like the song. Good upbeat pop song with great vocals. She looks cute in the video as well if you ignore the aliens.

  15. Antonio Dragonheart

    Good movie, good Kylie's performance.

  16. C99

    I think those male background vocals do audible wonders with her voice

  17. Caleb Soliday

    Robin Williams last movie

  18. Rodrigo Oliveira

    I Love this, the chorus is so catch 😍😍

    Keifer Bellajaro

    It's an adorable song lol

  19. Seb Cavendish

    Ridiculous video. Meghan Trainor?

  20. Eloise chandler

    this film is amazing

  21. SunShine8308

    I wish this song had been sent to radio. It has legs. - ' tarotworldtour '


    +SunShine8308 You think this song will end up on her next tour?

  22. zerosonico

    Is there anything Kylie had said 'no' to?

  23. seth2901

    The aliens destroyed the earth after hearing this song... the evidence is right there in the video itself... enough said.

  24. chasemebaby

    I love Kylie but after X she seems to be a lil lost. In my opinion (just mine) I think "TimeBomb" was her last really great song. The rest have been so so or worse. If she really wants to keep going (and it appears she does) she needs to take stock and really make something that has depth, is fun, and steps us back into her Fever , Princess, Body Language days.. she was cooking then.

  25. Darkchild0079

    this new vid.?

  26. Cleer Area

    Fuck this shit !

  27. SuperShrooms

    Brilliant movie!

  28. Ben noneofyourbeeswax

    argh! humans, it's prounced "Charon" not "Sharon" sigh smh

  29. edisonsun21c

    first !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Andy Rosiak

    I can only hope Kylie got paid a shedload of money to sing this. Although it probably wasn't enough ; (

  31. Lyn Croughan

    what an absolutely awful song ...

  32. EdunchiVEVO

    cause i'm happy!!

  33. Ricardo Kutz

    Great song, tooo bad the film is utter shite. sigh

  34. Felipe Esteves

    Kylie team should put Kylie Minogue in the title.

  35. Dexshurun1988

    The song is good and the video is okay. But the movie was horrible.

  36. Louise lee

    Em rood n on doog hol n multi tropical diseases eel on prop n moor bn b thoughts n sag leaks gains dabrrig lla turh yip n

  37. Louise lee

    Pls n thanx u always manors

  38. Louise lee

    Loco ?? Emit pasa


    Hi kayle, i need to use the music chocolate, i need your permission

  40. charlie southerton

    apart from the ending of the vid when they exploded the world its was a great song

  41. Anna-Tania Transylove

    madonna get your sillly aaas out of the way.

  42. Will Ryder

    Damn this is CATCHY..! <3 KYLIE @ 2:09 lol!

  43. Lommy

    After 3 times this is addictive and fun!!!

  44. Leia Brookes

    That's awesome

  45. Domzdream

    No saw the lads working on this project at a post production company. Looked great.

  46. 成成

    This new song is very good

  47. TxmxthyJS

    I'm happy that MIss Minogue has Christmas album coming that is strongly a disco album and features a duet between her and her sister Dannii.

  48. anthony strong

    terrible, just heard shes doing a bunch of Christmas songs with her sister.......spells the end of her pop existence! why not just retire now as a Christmas album will make her even more uncool. didn't think that was possible! garbage, ramsey street next! ha ha

  49. พิรุฬห์กิตติ์ บุญเยือง

    Absolutely melodic !! Good One.

  50. Di Liu

    I'm absolutely disappointed with your new song

  51. Manuel Luna

    Kylie is the best!!

  52. Luis Iraheta

    The song does well as a soundtrack piece that goes at the end of the film or at the final scene where everyone is happy, but I find the music video a bit awkward, and it's not really encouraging me to play it again or go to the cinema, either. I still consider Kylie's vocals to be great and the tune itself catchy.

  53. Elyta Montes

    I love you Kylie but this is just awful. sooo disliked it.

  54. add19455

    At least she looks pretty

  55. Tama Pasifika

    love Kylie but not sure about this ????

  56. Peter Proctor

    Upbeat, fun and infectious - I LOVE IT!

  57. Charles Crockett

    To all that are dissing this'name anyone that can touch her in pop.The only singer that sings live in concert.She has a great voice listen to last years live Mira verdeN(sic) radio concert.This song is catchy,different and perfect pop.She's not GaGa or Madonna-she can sing unlike madonna and unlike GaGa she isn't plagiarizing madonna's career.Kylie would do a great bond song-after Adells bellowing off key it would be a relief to get a singer.This is the only original thing I've heard this year.Get over it all you tone deaf critics.

  58. Thursday's Child

    mmmm.. ok kylie I respect you so much and I know that's only a soundtrack n.n"

  59. Muncie Robson

    first listen i was like WTF.. but this is such a grower! I love it!

  60. megan fox

    Maybe the aliens hated her singing that they destroyed Earth.

  61. Melbsvicaus

    That was fun!!!! Yay!
    It's a kids film haters!!! Why so serious?

  62. MrHumanracin

    Bit of a step backwards Kylie, you can do much better! La La La...

  63. 2DOpus

    It reminds me of some of her Light Years era stuff like "So High" and "Koocachoo". It's not exactly my cup of tea, but I think it works for the project it was made for. I'm also glad she's experimenting with her look and moving around a lot more. The scene where she's in the screen reminded me briefly of "Did It Again". If she can find the right sound and bring this level of enthusiasm to her next album, I could see her coming back from this recent slump. I was disappointed with KMO ultimately, but she seemed more alive and eager to do choreography that wasn't so stiff and boring as at had been from the Fever Tour forward. I think she's starting to figure it all out again. I'm interested in what comes next .

  64. enrique olivera calves

    ....¡¡¡¡¡ HAY QUE VERLA EN DIRECTO ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  65. enrique olivera calves

    .....¡¡¡¡¡¡ HA VUELTO.....................COMO DIOS MANDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA..¡¡¡¡¡¡

  66. George Mijail

    Queeen !

  67. Andy Pandy

    It's a fun summer track . Kinda reminds me of Koocachoo off of Light Years. So glad she left roc nation . Can't wait until the next album !!! =  )      KyLiE TiLL I DYLiE !!

  68. Moody Me

    From Crystallize onwards, Kylie has been releasing pointless songs &singles, instead of focusing on her super underrated masterpiece of an album "Kiss Me Once". I can't believe "Miles Away" was not released as a single and has never been performed!..

  69. Ander Mendez

    Flop but i love u kylie

  70. Ander Mendez

    100k visits lol and madonna 90,000,000

  71. Ever FC

    so good

  72. WhattheHusker

    Love Kylie but Simon Pegg is awful, he thinks he's Ricky Gervais and makes the stupidest movies.

  73. Rodrigo Colina.


  74. Brett Potter

    Where the comments go?

  75. Melon Farmer

    what happened to her music :(

  76. JoeBsAs

    What a f**k is this??????????

  77. Xiao-fang Ruan

    this song is actually quite catchy hahaha it's reminds me of fever and a bit of X and body language vibes which is *o*

  78. summertimeloveful

    i have almost every album kylie released from 2000 she has the songs the talent but people dont seem to take her as seriously as madonna or lady gaga and kylie should be in that category in the sales figures like those two.


    They probably don't take her as seriously be a she doesn't really seem to have strong opinions or be as open about her politics as the two of them.


    +summertimeloveful It's only because she's not American or on an American label. Western pop culture is distributed to the world on a different level than UK. But she's definitely one of Europe's and Australia's leading pop stars for over 20 yrs and has had some major worldwide hits.

    René oo

    +Lixer In Mexico and Chile she is very well loved also :)

  79. Richard Kiddle

    Yuck. Strictly for kiddies & gay men with no taste.

  80. Kim B

    This song is just great. It makes me happy.

  81. Dark Horse 2020

    why Kylie why???? you had amazing songs on Kiss me Once... why release this atrocity??

    Louise Davies

    It gives her ££££

    Dark Horse 2020

    i don't think so... it sold 6 copies...


    +Kylie Lebanon I think it has sold about that many but it's actually a good song and could attract more people to that film. Zero promotion I guess. - ' tarotworldtour '

    Louise Davies

    the film had to pay her to do this and it does not matter how many copies it sold

  82. SEL MOON


  83. Guilherme S. Porto

    Intergalactic Goddess of Pop.

  84. Marcelo Juszczuk

    Maravilloso, Kylie!!!!!

  85. windynichya

    Really getting fed up of all these 'this isn't a 'Kylie' song' statements. Until Wow/Aphrodite there was no such thing a s a 'Kylie sound' she was renowned for making catchy music but was always very exprimental until the last few years. This song isn't the strongest but it is one of the more experimental sounds she's done since she released Skirt and I hope this is a taster of things to come from what i think is turning into a full album with Fernando Garibey. I think it was clear she wanted to do an urban sounding album with Kiss Me Once before someone had the idea to step in and make it 'more Kylie'. Going from this she still wants to do an urban infused pop album and I look forward to whatever she puts out. She didn't leave her label and management for nothing.

  86. Nate Jixin Zhang

    Has Kylie just got all of us eliminated by aliens? that's ok we still love her

    James Wormsley

    lol uh-oohhhhh,that can't be good--oh well,at least we'll continue enjoying kylie minogue forever!!!

  87. Atleta Walter Zalazar

    gran cancion....super divertida!!!! super kylie!!!!

  88. Alan Greene

    WTF! No just no!

  89. John Doe

    Jokes on you aliens, you are the sillliest

  90. johnX978

    Kylie, the best in Universe

  91. walter palacios

    Me encanta una canción divertida para está película. :-)

  92. DutifulAxolotl

    prefer this kind of sound to kylie's song since it doesnt cover up her voice that much and LOL the ending...OMG ROFL WOOWOWOOWOW that really shucks hehehe

  93. Jonathan Partridge


  94. Arek Rybak